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Week #4 Update

Good evening Coaches!

Happy Week #4! We are officially mid-way through the season- didn’t that just go by like a flash!? Looking at the weather ahead for the week- it seems like we may have another few warm days so please continue to be flexible with your training plan pending conditions and weather.

A few things this week:

–       A reminder that mid-season evaluations must be handed out to your athletes by the weekend. Please speak with your training group leader regarding when they would like to see your evaluations before they go out. A shout out to Dave for all of his hard work on the new template!!! Thanks Dave for your hard work- it makes our jobs much easier!

–       A reminder to be checking your pay and make sure that what you are getting paid makes senseJ

Here is what we have planned this week:

Monday: N/a

Tuesday: TNT- adult program. We will be setting a dual Slalom. Please set-up on OLD T-Bar lane with banner and no nets (use 3 banners to make it all of the way down the run). This is a better lane for a dual and will also make it easy to do safety.

Wednesday: U16 & U18 will both be training GS. Set-Up Crew to set-up 2 blue nets at the bottom of our usual race run, banner and 1 GS course, if there is enough snow, perhaps you can set 2 course (one on the inside and one on the outside of the tower).

– Jacob & Emily will be in charge of setting up for HS racing- please meet each other at the time specified in my email, and follow the plan that was sent.

Thursday: U10/U12: Stubbie SL & U14: GS

Set-Up crew to set 2 blue nets and banner on our usual racing lane- Stubbie SL on the outside of the tower & GS in the inside.

Friday: Friday extra training: GS at Moonstone. If interested, sign-up on www.miltonheights.com cost for the day is $100 and it includes ticket costs. Sign up quickly- spots fill up fast!  Confirmed coaches are: Scott, Martin & Myself. Marija- I’ll let you know by Wednesday if registration requires another coach.

Saturday: JHL is having their 1st REAL race! JHL athletes, please check your email as you should have received some instructions for race day from your coordinators.  U12 Hawks are at home training. Will P will be running the race. U12 can set a course over on drop zone for the morning during the race- please make sure that the course is torn down after the morning- once the race is over, you can set in the usual lane for the afternoon. I’ll be heading with the U18’s to Mansfield for the day.

Sunday: U16’s are training at home and your coaches will confirm discipline on Wednesday evening. Coaches, please ask athletes to be on snow for 8am to help us set- I will meet you at the gate cabana for 8am.

Note: All other teams are away racing on the weekend.

Have a happy Racing week everyone


Weekly Update: Feb 27

Hi coaches!

I apologize for the delayed weekly post- it must be the last week eh?! First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all coaches and athletes who raced this weekend from NG athletes to J and K1 racers who attended finals! Everyone skied well and had a great race! Congrats to all!

As mentioned above in my first line, it is the last week of program: all leagues will finish this week (Wednesday and Thursday) respectively and Tuesday night adults will wrap-up next Tuesday with their last training date and pot luck dinner. A few details about this week:

Tuesday: TNT and Master’s last race. Set-up Crew, please set a FULL gate GS on our regular race lane with proper tower and finish nets for safety. Please also set a banner on old-t-bar lane with a stubbie GS/SL for training and usage in between runs. Coaches doing the certifying sessions, you will be meeting Will P at 7pm in the clubhouse for your session. A reminder that Award Nominations are due today at the end of the night. Please make sure to nominate at least 1 person who you think is deserving! Thanks for your help with this.

Wednesday: GS for all K2 and J athletes. We will be setting a DOWNHILL COURSE. Set-up crew, please set 2 B nets for the finish along with the other regular netting, 2 nets around the tower and I will arrive around 5:30pm to help with the set. If time and snow permits, we will try to build a jump in the course as well, like a REAL downhill. If anyone is available to come out and help shovel, please be on snow for 5:30pm and meet at the top of the course. Thanks:)

Thursday: NG/K1- please tell racers to bring their GS skis. same deal as Wednesday. Again, if anyone is available to come out and help build a jump, please be on snow for 5:30pm and meet at the top of the race course. Last Training session for the snowboard race team as well.

Friday– Nothing. No extra training is scheduled for this day

Saturday– Family Fun Race. coaches confirmed to work that day are the following: Tyler W, Chris D, Graham M, Tim R, Rick, Will and Kent. Please be on snow for 8am. A reminder that we will also be doing radio return in the clubhouse that day, so even though you are not working, you will need to return your radio or send it with someone else (please remember your charger and both radios (if applicable)).  Details for the family fun race goes as follows: registration from 9am-10am, race starts at 10am and wraps up around 12noon hopefully, tear down and home time around 1pm.

And that is all folks!

A few other details:

  • Racer evaluations are due this week
  • Supervisors- coach evaluations are also due this week
  • Banquet is on March 31st. Families can purchase tickets on the MHRC main website and coaches should send their RSVP’s to Louise at larayner@cogeco.ca as soon as possible so we can plan for the extra bodies and make sure we don’t hit capacity for the barn!
  • Another reminder that award nominations are due tomorrow
  • Radio return is on Saturday for all coaches
  • Mileage is due this week.
  • Uniform return will be communicated via Glen Eden when a date has been established

Thanks to everyone for another successful season completed. Let’s make sure we give the racers one last final FUN training night!



Weekly Update: Feb 20

Happy Family Day everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying your day off- I know I am:) First off, Congrats to the K1 Jaguars and the J Red and White teams for making it to Finals!!! We are all so proud of you- Good job! I know everyone has been working hard this season, and we are almost at the end. We have 2 more weeks of evening training and  1 more weekend of training before our Family Fun Race on March 3rd! I know most of you are tired after 8 weeks of skiing a few days/week but we only have a few weeks left of the season. You have all done a tremendous job this season and  I want to thank you all again for all your enthusiasm, dedication and effort! I know all the success we have achieved this season is thanks to your amazing coaching!

So onto, this week’s breakdown:

Monday– NOTHING- Happy Family day!

Tuesday– Adult Houseleague and Masters Training. We will be setting a GS down Challenger (please keep the banner narrow at the top) & a stubbie SL down old t-bar lane (again please keep the banner narrow at the top as to not create a funnel effect for skiers skiing out of the course on the pitch).

Wednesday– GS Full gates for J’s heading to finals on challenger- off the ramp. Full gate SL on old-t bar lane for all K2 teams- just for fun:). Again, set-up crew, please make sure that you keep the banner narrow on both ends on the pitch.

Thursday– GS full gates for K1’s heading to finals on challenger- off the ramp. Kombi set by Claire and Harrison beside it on challenger.

Friday– Training GS at Home for K1 Jaguars, J red and white racers. I am waiting to hear back on numbers, but is there anyone wanting to work if they are needed? send me an email.

Saturday– JHL end of season race. A reminder for all JHL coaches that end of season evaluations are to be handed out today. NG teams are away racing. DD racers will be fore-running the JHL race. K1 teams at home, think of what you would like to have your racers do in the afternoon- we can set whatever you would like:)

In other news:

  • We are awaiting the finals schedule. as soon as it is available, I will post it on the blog and distribute it to the teams in question. A reminder that if there is a conflict for the coaches/racers, please organize yourself in advance to find a replacement for the day for your coaching team.
  • NG, K1, K2 and J teams- evaluations will be due next week night training- so please get started on those. PLease use the template and info you entered in mid-season as a guideline/template for these. A reminder of my last blog post with the information here.
  • Family Fun Race is on March 3rd: I need 5 coaches who would be interested in working that day to email me- first come, first served.
  • Banquet is on March 31st- keep that date opened in your calendars.
  • A reminder to submit athletes in for award nominations- the nominations close on Feb 28th. You can find the online nomination here.
  • Radio return will happen on Family Fun Race- so if you are not coaching that day and are not planning on coming out, you will need to leave your radios + chargers with me on the week of Feb 27th at evening training.
  • Stay tuned for end of season uniform return, as soon as I hear back from GE, I will let you know.
  • Pay stubbs have been organized in the a-frame kitchen, in alphabetical order by last name if you are interested.

I believe that is all for now. Enjoy your day off and let me know if you have any questions




Weekly Update: Jan 30

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a great racing weekend. We have lots going on this week so please pay special attention to this week’s weekly update.

Monday, Jan 30: Appleby Racing (SL full gates): Heidi, Jacob & Tyler to meet each other at the gate cabana at 4pm. Please set on our regular race lane: SL full gates, banner and 2 nets at bottom. There is no high school racing this evening, so please tear down after their regular training time 5:30-6:30pm.

Tuesday, Jan 31: TNT. Pending snow condition, please set GS on race lane with 2 nets and tower net & SL full gates on old t-bar lane with banner, no nets but make sure that the course ends before the banner at bottom. Evaluations due to Will P at beginning of the night, He will re-distribute at the end so you can hand out to racers.

Wednesday, Feb 1: Same set-up as Tuesday’s TNT. Racer evaluations due to Emilie at beginning of the night- they will be handed back to you at the end of the night for distribution to your racers.

Thursday, Feb 2: Same set-up as Tuesday’s TNT and Wednesday training except for Full gate SL on old t-bar lane, please set stubbie SL. Is anyone available to come out and help with set-up crew this day? please email me asap! thanks! Racer evaluations due to Kent/Emilie at the beginning of the night- we will hand them back to you at the end for distribution to your racers.

Friday, Feb 3: K2 & J training day at Moonstone- GS. Coaches confirmed so far: Rick & anyone else wanting to work, please email me. Do note that the preference for coaching will be awarded to coaches who coach K2 and J first.

Saturday, Feb 4: JHL race #1- DD group will be fore-running. Teams training at home will be free skiing in the morning during the race and training in gates in the afternoon.

Sunday, Feb 5: Away Training day to Moonstone for racers not attending All stars: includes Snowboard, Freestyle, K2 and J racers: coaches confirmed: Kent, Heidi, Tyler, Dylan, Hans? and Dave? Please note that MHRC will be absorbing the cost for tickets and lane space for this training day.

Hosting J ALL stars: so far coaches confirmed: Rick, Meghan, Will, Emilie. if anyone else is available to work this day, let me know- I’ll be sending an email to the coaches working with a timeline for the day’s events.

And that is all, so like I mentioned, we have lots on the go this week! A reminder that when you are getting your shift covered due to a coaching conflict or other, you must email myself letting me know of the switch- thanks.

If you have any questions. let me know!