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Thank YOU

Good evening Coaches! Last post in 2011!

Can you believe Christmas camp has come to an end and that we are about to start the year of 2012?! time sure flies by! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for what was another successful Christmas camp. You all did a fantastic job with remembering all the racers’ names, keeping them entertained, being creative with our ever-so-changing-plans, and keeping smiles on the racers’ faces- so THANK YOU! I know that this week had its challenges but I do think that you all did a fantastic job with keeping everyone’s attitudes positive and this certainly made my job much easier.

Thanks to the K2 and J coaches for helping run a successful day of time trials at Mount St Louis yesterday. I also heard that the NG and K1’s had a good, but foggy training day yesterday. I hope you all enjoyed your day off today:) and it was well-deserved! Thank you to all the coaches who came out and coaches during Christmas camp! We could not have done it without you- thanks for all your help.

I will be working on the list of coaches for Monday Night HS as well as set-up crew in the next 2 days and emailing those who will be working separately. Please do let me know if you are interested in either one of these 2 working opportunities. I hope you all have a great week and a reminder that programs all begin the weekend of January 7th and 8th. I will ask that coaches (all league) please be on snow for 7:30am (unless otherwise noted later on this week on the blog) and JHL coaches to be on snow for 8am.

Happy new year to all and a reminder that team lists will be posted tomorrow on the parents’ blog. I’ll link the document to this blog so you can all know who is coaching what and who is on your teams.

Once again, thanks for all your hard work, it certainly did not go unnoticed.

see you in 2012.


Weekly Update: December 12

Good afternoon Team!

Hope you are all doing well and eager to get on snow. I know that some of you drove a fair bit this weekend to find some white stuff– please send pictures along and I can post them on the blog! So, another week has gone by and it is time for another update…

Training make-up: Hope those of you who missed the training on Nov 12/13 have already RSVP’s to the training on the 20th. This is mandatory and a condition of your employment for you to complete this training. I am still waiting on a date for the Nov 26th make-up training date, as soon as I have it, I’ll make sure to post it on the BLOG.

On-Snow Training Update: I am sure most of you have been watching the weather network as much as I have and you have noticed that the 14 day trend is showing a few cold days but also some warm ones. If you have had a chance to drive by the hill, you would have noticed that they have had the opportunity to make a fair amount of snow… however in order to preserve their snow efforts through the next few hot days, GE has decided to postpone their opening date to December 23rd, 2011. What does this mean? Well it means that you have all weekend to do your christmas shopping and that you don’t have to be at training! Please note that we will NOT be scheduling a make-up session for this weekend’s on-snow training, we will do our best to cover the information that was planned for the session during Christmas camp.

What’s next: The next time, we will be seeing each other will be 8am on snow on the 26th. I will keep you posted on any updates or changes from this on the BLOG so do make sure to be checking it on a regular basis.

Christmas camp schedule: In the next week, I will be working on a Christmas camp schedule that I will email out to all league coaches and christmas camp fill-in coaches. Please make sure to be checking your emails frequently as I will want immediate feedback on the schedule once you receive it. Thank you for your help with this.

Apprentices: You should have already received an email about our weekend training being cancelled, we will make this up on Sat Jan 7th. This will be your first apprenticing shift and you will be expected to arrive and be on snow for 7:30am.

Lastly, a few housekeeping rules:

  • I will be sending offers of employment for Monday High School Racing sometime this week or next, do respond if you are still interested
  • I know that other resorts may decide to postpone their opening day as well, if this affects you as you registered for a course, a reminder that you must be certified and must be licensed prior to your first shift. If you think that you will not be able to fulfill this requirement, do let me know. In terms of other licensing options- a reminder that you can also complete online modules. For all level 1 courses that are cancelled, do note that they will be reschedule and that it is your responsibility to sign-up for a new course.
  • If you are interested in working set-up crew, please let me know asap as well as your days of availabilities. Set-Up crew is from 4:30-6:30pm from Tuesday-Thursday.

I do believe that is all for now. Thanks for keeping yourself updated through the BLOG. A reminder that if I have not received an email back from you with an acceptance of your offer of employment, unless we have spoken in person or via email, your offer has now been revoked. Should you still be interested in working for the season, an email outlining why you were late responding will be necessary for consideration.

Since we will not be seeing each other until after Christmas. Hope you all have a happy and safe start to your holiday season. Best wishes to those of you registered for a course!

Think snow!





October 31- Update

Happy Halloween y’all!

Candy, chocolate and costumes; what could be better eh!?

It’s time for another update. I did want to suggest to you all to “subscribe to the BLOG” this way you will have all new blog posts sent to your email directly! You will be able to read them off your smart phone or click to be re-directed to the blog page. I know that it can be challenging to remember to check the blog on a weekly basis and subscribing to it- providing that you check your emails frequently is a good way to consistently stay updated!

What’s new:

  • Coach Contracts: Most of you have probably received your contracts through email from the snow school. If you have not, it is either because you are a new coach OR because you did not complete the snow school application! If that is the case, do send me an email to let me know this. I do want to clarify that receiving a contract does not guarantee you your top choice in coaching- this will be determined at  a later date (based on registration numbers). As always a coaching position is pending a few details:
  • CSCF due paid & licensing credits obtained and up to date for the 2011-12 season
  • attendance at all mandatory training dates (see calendar for details)
  • Submission of your contract on time.
  • Satisfactory Performance Appraisal (for returning coaches) from the 2010-11 season.
  • SKI SWAP: As you know (hopefully): this weekend is our annual ski swap. Hopefully, you have already emailed Erin to give your name in for volunteering! (details in an earlier post about this). As you know, the success of our swap is essential in keeping our membership and race fees down as well as to be able to purchase new equipment, support coaches going on professional development courses, etc… So the more you can help, the better! I do plan on being there for most of the weekend and hope to see many of you!
  • Training Update: I hope that you have all been keeping yourself updated with the Calendar of important events and have booked off the important training dates in your calendar. A reminder that you MUST attend one of November 12 or 13 as well as November 26th and on-snow MHRC training on Dec 18-19. If you have to miss a training date, YOU MUST let me know!
  • Stratton Update: Yes, we are heading to Stratton again this year. This trip will take place on the 2nd weekend in December and I am looking for some experienced coaches interested and available to coach for the 3 days. Email me, if this is something you are interested in!
  • CSCF licensing credits: Hopefully, you have been reading ALL of my blog posts about this and have a plan to get your credits completed prior to the start of the season. IMPORTANT: when you submit your contract back to the snow school, you will be prompted to provide Jennifer (snow school administrator) with a copy of your “MY PAGE” on the CSCF website showing that you are active, paid and licensed for 2011-12 season”. If you are not listened, you will NEED to print off your registration confirmation for the courses you plan on taking in order to get licensed. I cannot stress this enough, if YOU ARE NOT up to date, you will not have a coaching position this year. Again, if you are confused about this or need help with figuring out how you can get your credits, check out my earlier post or contact me via email and I’ll give you a hand.
I think that is all for now. If you have any questions, let me know! If not, enjoy your Halloween and see you all very soon!