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WEEK #6 Update

Greetings coaching team

Hope everyone enjoyed the snowstorm we had at the end of last week- it is pretty obvious that winter decided that it is here to stay! Good for us- always nice to have a little powder to ski on!

We have a few things happening this week so read below for a detailed daily update:

Monday: n/a

Tuesday: Tuesday Night Adults Program. Dual SL is the plan for a set- I recommend setting down old-t-bar lane it makes coaching easier and a more consistent fall line to train on. No nets are needed at the bottom, just a banner on the side of the lane.

Wednesday: Both U16 & U18 athletes will be training Full gate GS. If there is enough snow on the ramp, I would recommend setting off it. Set-up crew, we will be setting down our regular race lane, so please set the banner and nets (bottom & Tower).

Thursday: U12/U10 racers will be training Full Gate GS whereas U14 athletes will be training full gate SL. Both courses will be set on our regular racing lane. Set-up crew, please set wide so you can fit 2 courses in.

Friday: U10 GS training at home- Extra Friday training. Please register on the website at http://www.miltonheights.com

Saturday: JHL will be having their second fun race. U10 (non-travel) will take part in the JHL race. In the afternoon, we will set  coaches’ request on our regular race lane.

Sunday: We are hosting a U12 GS race. U16 & U18 athletes will be training coache’s request in the afternoon- freeskiing in the morning. U14 panthers will also be training at home.

Wishing everyone a great week in racing!

See you on snow


Week #5

Good afternoon coaching staff team!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I had the opportunity to get away to the U18 race this weekend and I had a blast. I heard from most of the teams and it looks like another successful racing weekend under our belt- great job team!

We have officially passed the halfway mark to the season! Wohoo! At this time, we tend to observe/notice some fatigue in athletes, therefore, I ask each and every one of you to make sure you are keeping a close eye on this during the training sessions. If you find everyone’s focus is off, take the advantage to go inside and watch a video, review the last race or do some cool down or free skiing out of the course. Thank you for your attention to this.

As mentioned this week, please provide us with some feedback on the evaluation template for the athletes- any changes you would like to see for next year, please let us know so we can make a note of it now and ensure that the next template reflects your comments & suggestions! Once again, a big thank you to Dave for enhancing the eval- great job! We will be using the exact same template for the end of season evaluation- so if you are keen and you want to start populating some of the info as we enter the next few weeks so you can be ready to hand them out on week #8- please do so!

Here is this week’s breakdown:

Monday: HS Racing- Marija & Jacob

Tuesday: TNT Adults Timed evening. GS Course to be set down our regular lane with full fencing at the bottom. Will P will be there to run the timing.

Wednesday: GS training for both U16 & U18 athletes. Set-up crew; please set the banner down our regular racing/training lane. Please set the banner wide away from the tower so we can try to set 2 courses, one in the inside and one on the outside of the tower. Please set a B-Net on the tower for safety.

Thursday: We will be training Stubbie SL for the U12/U10 & Full gate SL for the U14 racers. Please set down Old-T-Bar Lane and set wide enough to fit both courses in. Set-up crew; please use one of the small blue nets to net separate finishes at the bottom of the race course but you do not need a net at the very bottom for the exit. Apprentices- you will be in a session with Chloe.

Friday: U14, U16 & U18 Full Gate SL extra training at Glen Eden & coaches are Scott & Chloe. I am looking for another interested coach from the above age group interested in coming out? Numbers have been rather high for Friday trainings lately and 3 coaches will be necessary to help set the courses.

Saturday: U12 Kestrels & Eagles are home & JHL. Plan for the day will be as follows: 2 courses to be set on old-t-bar lane.

–       Morning: GS course for JHL & Stubbie SL for the U12

–       Afternoon: Re-set (coaches’ choice) for the U12 with a hope to get perhaps the portable timing set.

Sunday: U14 Cougars are at Home. Full Gate SL will be the discipline of training.

That’s it for now! Have a great week everyone. Please note that I will not be at the hill on Thursday but will be available via email or phone for questions or emergencies as I am having minor surgery.



New CSCF Video- Picket Fence drill twist

Hi Team. What a great video from the CSCF using a drill that we have all seen done before:) Enjoy

Week #3

Hi Team,

Welcome to the start of week #3! Wow does time fly, we are almost at the halfway mark! You know what that means- evaluations for mid-sessions are coming up soon… more details on that later. I am hoping that after a successful weekend of racing; everyone feels good about the changes and more comfortable with the new system. So to re-cap: Great work to the JHL coaches on a well run “practice race” & congrats to everyone for some more fantastic race results!

Before getting into what this week has in stores for us… I do want to take a second to thank everyone for their commitment and hard work thus far! Your training group supervisors and I are so pleased with how the season is running so far- so Thank YOU!

Here is what we have planned for this week:

Monday: Coach PDP session with Karson. Please meet him at the A-Frame for 7pm.

Tuesday: Coach PDP session with Karson. Please meet him at the A-Frame for 7pm.

– TNT adults Timed nights. I ask that coaches set-up a Full gate GS in our regular race lane, down sidewinder with proper banner along the side of the course and 2 blue nets for the finish. The GS course should be set in the inside of the tower as this is where there is the most snow. Will Parsons will be helping with the timing this evening. Coaches, please use the timing as a training tool, so more of a tactical decision making lesson where the athletes can have a feel for what is “faster or slower”- no bibs but if possible, please type out the times as folks like to see where they land amongst the rest of the group.

Wednesday: U16 & U18 training. U16 will be training Full Gate GS and U18 will be training SL. Course are to be set on our regular race lane, set-up crew: set banner and 2 nets at the bottom, make sure to go wide after the tower so we can set a course in the inside and a course on the outside of the tower.

Thursday: U10/U12 will be training Kombi & U14 will be training GS. Set-up Crew, please set down our regular race lane; same as above, banner along the side of the course (setting wide outside of the tower so we can fit a course inside and outside of the tower) & 2 nets at the bottom.

Friday: U10/U12 Stubbie SL @ Home. Coaches are Chloe & Lora. Please meet each other at 8am at the clubhouse. Course will be set on old-t-bar lane- banner, no nets and a few training courses.

Saturday: JHL will be training @ Home (set on drop zone) stubbie GS- this course will be used for the other U10 & U12 athletes for the afternoon. For all U10-non travelling athletes; we will be hosting a U10 invitational race on this day, schedule is as follows: 10am start for the Kombi (1 run), lunch (provided), 1pm start for the GS race (1 run) and then awards and prize draw on the deck.

Sunday: U14’s are training at home. Emilie will be travelling with the U16’s to their race & Scott will be travelling with the U18’s to their race.

Other than this, we will have 8 U14 racers to the Podborski Cup with Scott on Wednesday-Friday. Marija will be attending the race on Friday with Scott as a secondary coach.

As mentioned above, your training group leaders will be communicating with you shortly regarding the mid-session evaluations. Wishing everyone a great week in racing!

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know!

Thanks Team


Head Coach Update: Week 1

Hi Team!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their first day of training with their final 2013 training group! I believe we had a very successful weekend of training & racing! Thanks to all the coaches, training group leaders & apprentices for making it all work! I know that the 2013 season will be a great one!

 I will make a habit of blogging weekly updates to everyone, much like I did last year so I will apologize in advance if any of these get lengthy. I’ll do my best to keep it to a point-form format, which makes it easier to read the sections that are applicable to you!

 Coaching Philosophy: We have been chatting about this a lot over the last week or so. Please continue to encourage your athletes to think critically about their performance, ask open ended questions and set up drills and your lesson plan up to help enhance tactical decision making.

à I wanted to bring awareness to something that I often catch coaches do… sometimes, coaches are positioned at the bottom of a race course and you may see athletes from another group come down. If you choose to comment on their run, be mindful of what they are working on, their psychological, personal and performance goals. In addition, what you witnessed from their run may not be enough evidence to provide proper feedback (they could be having an off-run, maybe they have been asked to do something different by their coach, etc…) I am not saying NOT to talk to the athletes if they are not in your group… just make sure that your feedback is supportive of their individual goals.

 Here is a weekly Breakdown of what this week has in stores for us:

 Monday, January 7th: Nothing

Tuesday, January 8th: TNT, Tuesday night training for adults. Training runs from 7:30-9:30pm. Coaches are: Rick, Kyle & Scott. This week, they will be setting Stubbie SL on our race hill (Challenger)

Wednesday, January 9th:  Full Gate SL for the U16 & U18.

– 2 Full Gate SL courses to be set in our regular race lane, Full finish with 2 blue nets, B-net around the tower & banner.

Thursday, January 10th: Paneled SL for U14 & U12/10.

– 2 courses to be set on our regular race lane with full finish (2 blue nets), B-net around the tower & banner.

Friday: January 11th: U10/U12 Super Slalom Training @ Glen Eden.

Saturday, January 12th:

–       9:00-10am: Stubbie SL for U10 non-travelling for JHL over on drop-zone

–       10am-12:30pm Stubbie SL for JHL racers over on drop-zone

–       1:00pm start for U12 Hawks race- Paneled SL

–       All other U12-10 teams are away at races

Sunday, January 13th:

–       10am: start for the U12 Eagles race- Paneled SL

–       U18 Full gate SL training (afternoon)

–       All other teams racing.

 Thanks team for a great first week! Looking forward to seeing most of you at some point this week. As always, let me know if you have any questions! Good luck to all of the teams racing this weekend!


P.S. A reminder that coaches are expected to be on snow at 6:30pm (unless otherwise arranged) during an evening training session & 7:30am on snow for weekend training.

Sunday, Feb 5th- training for K2/J & Freestyle at Moonstone

Hope everyone has had a great week! We have finalized details for families heading up to Mount St Louis on Sunday. A reminder for K2/J and Freestyle families, that Sunday’s regular training at Glen Eden has been moved to this new location- this is to ensure that everyone has a quality training day. With us hosting the J all stars back at home, we would not be able to offer up any terrain for the teams at home- this is a much better alternative! I know some of you have been inquiring about details; so here they are:

Sunday, Feb 5th

Training disciplines- K2 & J- Full gate SL, Freestyle participants will be training in their  terrain park

Meeting location: Moonstone Lodge

Meeting time: 8:30am

Additional details: for all league racers, please make sure that you have your full slalom training gear, face guard, shin guards and pole guards. Milton Heights will be covering the cost of the lift tickets for the racers for this day. Any parents interested in skiing, you can purchase tickets at a group discount rate for $44.00 for the day. We encourage racers to bring a lunch for the day, to ensure that they are not waiting a long time in line to purchase something and able to maximize their training opportunity. Training will from from 9am-3pm.

For any questions on the day of the training, speak with Steve R, Race director or Kent R, a MHRC supervisor