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Racer Evaluations- Mid Season

Hi everyone!

As mentioned in yesterday’s weekly post, it is that time again for us to be thinking about mid season evaluations for our racers. In the next 2 weeks you will be receiving a coach evaluation from your supervisor or myself, and it is your turn to write some for the athletes on your team. What we are looking for is for you to orchestrate this with your co-coach, maybe you can complete 1/2 and they can complete the other 1/2 or you can do the mid-season and they can do the end of season ones… either way, BOTH or all coaches should be involved in these evaluations.

Next week, is- YES “evaluation week”. For all , JHL, NG & K1 coaches, please take a look at the Snow Stars information- as of now, we have not yet received booklets so you should all plan on printing your own evals from the website.  You will be completing a Snow Stars evaluation for each one of your racers.These evaluations are extremely important and I am asking you all to put some effort into them. A reminder, that they should be reviewed by your evening supervisor next Wed/Thursday before going out next weekend Feb 4-5th, 2012. I encourage you to look at the website thoroughly, there are videos available so you can gage what levels your athletes are in. Please talk with other coaches coaching similar age groups to see which levels they are giving their athletes and to ensure consistency. Here is a link to the snow stars levels and technical videos which will help you assess your racers: http://www.vivatexte.com/eprep/cscf/husky/husky_home_en.htm

K2 and J coaches are to be using the following evals found final evals.

Please use the sandwich approach when formulating evaluations (areas of strengths/improvement/strengths).

I understand that these evaluations are time consuming but they are important and part of your duties as a coach. Please approach, Will, Kent or Myself if you are having trouble with these or are unclear as to what needs to be done.  In the clubhouse, we also have some snow stars booklets for your reference as well as a video on snow stars which would be good for you all to watch if you can arrive a few minutes early on Thursday. Do note that for the newer coaches; we will be focussing this Thursday & Saturday sessions on evaluations so bring any questions you may have.

Happy eval-uating!