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Have a GREAT summer

Good afternoon coaches!

Hope you are all having a great summer! I hope this blog is still on some of your RRS readers… as I hope to keep the same address for the upcoming season! I hope you are all enjoying your summer and I am sure skiing is NOT in your mindsets right now but a reminder to keep checking the BLOG periodically as I will be posting information about re-applications for coaches for the 2011-12 season!

Until next time, stay cool, enjoy the summer!

Your head coach, Emilie

Welcome Back Coaches!

Hope everyone has had a fabulous summer & I hope that you are starting to think about the winter and the upcoming ski season! I am excited to get this season kicked off and ready to go! I have already started to get emails from some of you stating your interest to come back to coach at MHRC this season which is GREAT! Most of you are probably wondering, how do I apply? Well folks, it is that simple:

Step #1

1. If you have coached with MHRC last season as a JHL or League coach, simply send Emilie an email at stating if you would like to return this season as well as your preference (in order) of the team(s) you would like to coach. Note that if you are interested in getting involved in one or more programs/leagues, include it ALL in ONE email please! as you can imagine, my email account gets clogged up pretty quickly with emails so the more clear you are, the better!

2. If you were an apprentice last season or have never coached with us before. Please send Emilie an email at including the same information as required from the returning coaches & include your resume in the email as an attachment (only word OR pdf documents please).

Step #2

Now that you have gotten the application out of the way; look on the blog under the “docs to go page”, see the MHRC coach calendar for 2010-2011 and notice all the training dates for this season. Make sure you read it carefully- everyone MUST attend one session of GE 1 and GE2 & also MHRC 1 (you will notice respective training dates for new & returning coaches) & MHRC 2 (on snow training last weekend of December before holidays & other training listed on the calendar (such as early morning on snow training before the first 4 days of xmas camp, etc…).  All training is MANDITORY and a condition of employment so make sure you book it off your work and are able to attend everything that is required of you.

Step #3

You must make a habit of checking this BLOG on a weekly basis (for now- minimum) and daily basis during the ski season for updates, information, training dates, changes to schedule, etc… I also highly recommend that you create yourself a Twitter account (if you don’t already have one) and add me at for instant updates. It is your responsibility to check the BLOG as I will NOT be sending emails unless it is an urgent matter, under no circumstances will missing training or important information be accepted if your excuse is “I forgot to check the BLOG”. Be friendly, if you see an important post and you know that your co-worker is not always the greatest at checking the blog, send him a text or email reminding him to check it.

This completes the “how to apply” portion of this blog post. Up next,; some more important information, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with:

  • Last year’s apprentices– you will all need to register for your CSCF level 1- check out here what course are available and make sure you sign up for one ASAP! when you have done so, let me know through your application process that you are registered in a course.
  • Liscensing requirements: As you know everyone must complete a certain amount of educational & risk management credits every year in order to be liscenced (certified)- this includes level 1 and entry level trained & certified coaches. How do you know if you are liscenced for the upcoming season? Good question- log onto your account  with your CSCF ID # and your last name onto and check your account to see what you are missing. There are various ways to obtain these credits; you can attend in-class conferences, coach on snow update sessions, mentor courses, officials courses & there are also a variety of online courses available, check for more details.
  • While you are figuring out what you need to do to get liscenced, make sure you also pay your dues for the season. remember that you will need to do all  of this prior to the 1st MHRC training date and I will need proof that your dues are paid (either through your new card or a printed copy of your “active status”.

In terms of other working opportunities:

  1. Dryland training: I am looking for 5 coaches who are interested in working dryland. it starts on October 17th, runs Sundays 10am-12noon for 7 weeks, your time committment would be 3 hours/week. if interested, I need to know ASAP as it starts soon!
  2. Highschool racing- as per previous years, we will be running the highschool racing program on Monday evenings & I am looking for some coaches who would like to work 4 mondays 6:30-9:30pm. interested? let me know
  3. set-up crew- what a success this was last season. I am looking for 2 organized & reliable coaches who would like to work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays 4-6pm to help set-up nets, banner & course for the evening programs. if interested, let me know…
  4. TNT- looking for some senior coaches who would be interested in coaching our adults on Tuesday evenings? interested? let me know
  5. Friday training- also looking for some coaches who would have some availability during the day on Fridays and would be interested in coaching athletes looking for some extra training, let me know…

That’s all for now folks. if you have any questions, send me an email! Please be prompt with your emails back and your request for hire for the upcoming season. I look forward to hearing back from all of you very shortly!

For those of you back at school, hope it has not been too painful! Have a great rest of the week & weekend.

your head coach, Emilie