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Uniform Return & More

Hi Coaches!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic March Break! I look forward to seeing everyone at the banquet this weekend; March 31st at the Gambrel Barn!

I am taking this opportunity to let you know of the uniform return dates, for those of you who do not check the GE blog regularly, here is the information that was posted today:


We will be accepting uniforms for return at the following times:

Wednesday March 28th – 5:00 to 7:00 pm – A FRAME

Saturday March 31st – 10:00 am to 12:00 noon – A FRAME

Sunday April 1st – 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm – A FRAME

Staff are asked to return their uniform, name tag and tip connectors (if issued) to the A-Frame in the same condition as it was issued to them.

Your Credit Card impression slip that was taken at the time of sign out will be DESTROYED unless you contact us in advance in order to request it.


if you are unable to return your uniform at this time, it is your responsibility to email Jen and schedule it at another time

thanks for your cooperation!


Uniform Pick-up

This message is for coaches who have recently been on course or for those who do not yet have their uniform- you can pick it up tomorrow, December 29th at the west concession building at 3:30-4:00pm. First off, you will need to go to visitor’s services during the day and pay the $10 cleaning fee via credit card. You will need the slip that VS gives you to show Marcel in order to be able to get your uniform. This goes for Apprentices also. thanks guys

Training Questions: Answered

Coaches and apprentices,

For the past few weeks, some of you have been inquiring about training and what the timing is for the mandatory dates, finally, I have this information for you! wohoo!

So here it is:

Training session #1 (choose one of the following):

November 12th- 8am-1:00pm @ Museum Barn (directly across from the hill)

November 13th- 10am-3:00pm @ Museum Barn (directly across from the hill)

*For these 2 training dates, your snow school application should have prompted you to select one of the two dates. If not, please email as son as possible to let them know which dates you would prefer to attend.  You will also be reminded by a mass email next week which date you are registered to attend. This is an ALL staff training date, when you arrive, please make sure to sign-in, if you don’t, then I won’t know you attended and I won’t be able to pay you! Apprentices, unfortunately, you won’t get paid this year but this is also mandatory and please do sign-in as well this way I know you were there! Do make sure to indicate when you sign-in that you are with MHRC, as you can imagine, there will be a long list of attendees and this will make it easier for me to scan the list to identify  MHRC folks.

Training session #2

November 26 10:30am start. I will be able to provide more detail around the timing for this day. we will start off with the snow school instructors to cover off mandatory information for everyone and then break off to do our own MHRC training. More details to come.

Uniform Pick-Up & Passes

You will be picking up your uniform on the weekend of the 12th and the 13th in Sunset Chalet- after/before training (times TBA). Please make sure that you have a credit card available for your cleaning $10.00 deposit. I have not received any more information about this, as soon as it comes in, I’ll share updates on the blog.

Passes– I do not have details so far. I will post as soon as I do.

Missed Training or Make-Up Training

If you are away at school or just unable to make the training date on the 12/13 or 26th. You should email me to let me know. We will be putting in place a few alternate training dates so do keep your calendar fairly open the last week of December prior to the holidays as it will most likely be scheduled for one of these days.

Lastly, just a reminder, that attending training is mandatory and a part of your condition of hire, so if you do not fulfill this requirement, your offer of employment will be revoked.  For those of you, who are new coaches or have not yet received your contract, you should be receiving it early next week.

A reminder that contracts are due at the latest next weekend! If you will be around the swap this weekend, you can drop it off to me then!

thanks everyone!




Banquet & Radio Return

Good afternoon coaches!

I hope everyone is doing well. Did you all put away your equipment for next season yet? or  get a few more runs in thanks to the “winter weather” these past few days?

Either way, I hope you all had a great march break. Good luck to those who were competing at Mansfield today (J)- hope you had enough snow 😛 On my end here, just wrapping a few things up. We have now passed the deadline for you to be submitting expenses and mileage for the 2010-2011 season, so if you forgot…. my suggestion is to send me a “begging email” ASAP!

I hope everyone is excited for our annual end of season banquet next weekend. If you forgot, here’s your friendly reminder- April 2nd, 2011- that is next Saturday! This is a great opportunity to see everyone again, have some end of season bonding time with your athletes and coaches and of course enjoy some food and the awards. I hope to see all many of you there… and make sure that you have already RSVP’s to Louise R.

On other topics, if you still have a radio at home in your boot bag… PLEASE bring it to the banquet- they must be returned to Randy C on this evening at the LATEST. If you happen to forget to bring it that night or maybe you are unable to come this evening… it is your responsibility to communicate with Randy and get the radio to him! As you all know, we had  a few radio issues this season and we want to make sure that we have working radios in time for next season so it is especially important for everyone to return theirs so we can fix all the problems!!! Thanks for your help with this…

OH and last minute reminder about uniform return that is happening this weekend… if you don’t want to have your credit card charged for the uniform being late, make sure you get it in this weekend- check out my previous post for more details.

And that’s all for this Friday afternoon! I am hoping to have somewhat of an idea on who is returning for next season so if you are thinking about coaching again for the 11-12 season, could you make sure to let me know, either via email OR at the banquet in person!

Have a good weekend and see you on the 2nd


Uniform Return

Check out the latest info about uniform return. Please make sure that you follow the steps outlined and if you cannot return it on any of these dates, ask a friend to do so for you. Thanks for an awesome season and hope you all have a fantastic March Break!


To anyone and everyone who has not yet picked up their uniform (this includes coaches and apprentices)- your very last chance will be December 31st at 4-4:15pm. Please see one of the earlier posts for the steps to take to get your uniform. what I suggest is starting with payment for the $10, cleaning fee and filling out your “uniform contract” from the main chalet’s customer service (if in doubt, ask for Rob- he knows where these are!) before 4pm this way at 4pm, you can meet Marcel at the building where the uniforms are kept, across the street from the parking lot. any questions, let me know or email Marcel at


Holiday Camp- MHRC

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all ready for the holidays and it is literally just around the corner! Today is the 1st day of Winter but luckily we have been blessed with cold weather and lots of snow for almost the entire month of December! Which if course means an awesome Holiday camp- it will be folks!

A few gentle reminders:

– ALL coaches should be on snow, at the gate cabana with skis on and full uniform on the 26th at 8:00am. For every 5 minutes that you are late, you will be docked an hour of pay so please please, be on time! I want to pay you as much as you want to get paid so sets your alarm clocks, wake up your parents and make sure you are there on time.

– A little HOMEWORK for you all. In order to help me better prepare the rest of our coaching sessions for the week, please bring along with you a sheet of paper that clearly outlines what you think are limitations for you to reach your maximum potential as a skier and as coach.  Please also write down some possible solutions to get around these limitations- i.e. tactical- turn shape and line in a steep course (limitation because of our usual training terrain at Glen Eden & how you would get around this limitation. EX- maximize training on steeper and longer slopes after races at other clubs, etc…)I would like you all to use the TTPPEE approach- if you are not sure what that is… look through your coaching books or ask a friend. Please put some thought into this- you will be handing it in to your team leader on the 26th at 8am; team leaders you can hand yours in to me.

– SL is the plan for the 1st day of training- please make sure that you lead by example and have proper equipment on the 1st day of coaching- Twin tips are NOT ok to coach in and helmets other than your racing helmets are also forbidden. Make sure your skis are adjusted- dims and skis are tuned and ready to go.

– My plan is to do as much gate training as possible over the course of the camp, if you would like to set at all over the camp, READ the rules for your league and be familiar with course setting guidelines.

– Coaches who are also racers will have the ability to do some extra gate training from 3-4pm on December 27th & 28th after coaching. If you are interested in doing this extra training- please come with your proper equipment- reminder that you cannot ski gates with your coaching jacket! & be prepared to help re-set and tear down at the end. If either of these days, coaches are left to tear down on their own, this will be the last time that we extend this opportunity- 27th will be SL training for sure and 28th TBD.

Thanks everyone! wishing you all a happy holiday! Hope you enjoy your break and see you all on the 26th! A reminder that if you have any questions pertaining to league OR rules, your questions should be directed to myself and/or your team leader 1st.




last chance for uniform pick-up

Last chance to get a uniform in 2010 will be December 23, 2010 from 4:15pm to 4:45pm. Please follow the same instructions as the last couple of times:

1. First take your credit card to Visitor Services or the Private Lesson Office in the Main Chalet

2. Get the card swiped, or if you don’t have a credit card, deliver your post dated (March 31st, 2011) cheque made out for the full amount of a uniform, season pass, tip connectors. The cheque will be returned at the end of the season. Without a credit card, you will have to pay cash, or debit the $10 cleaning charge.

3. You will then receive your Uniform Contract.4. Go to the West Concession and get dressed.

Please be early, we will close at 4:45pm sh

thanks everyone.

Parking, Communication, Uniform, etc…

A quick note to remind you that you SHOULD be checking the BLOG at least once/day from now until the end of the season. There will be lots of communication and you need to make sure you read it frequently. Please make sure that you flip back to the latest post that you read as we may be posting 1,2,3,4 or even more posts per day so you may have more than 1 to read when you log on.

A reminder that GE opens on Friday, December 17th- this means that all coaches and instructors must park in the staff parking area. You must obey the uniform rules:
1. Pants must be pulled up so that your rear end does not look like it’s about to fall out and so that you can walk and demonstrate ski and snowboard skills properly.
2. Keep all those undergarments hidden from sight under your jacket – no visible hoodies, or other garments dangling down from your jacket. Keep your jacket zipped up.
3. Attach your season pass now. You will not be permitted on the lift without your pass.
4. Attach your name badge now – and please don’t add stickers or graffiti.
5. Gentlemen – please either have neat facial hair (Ken Nix has the neatest facial crop that I have ever seen) or be clean shaved.
6. Ladies and Gentlemen – keep long hair tied back and take off any facial jewelery that could be unsafe

Remember, that these rules are in place to ensure that everyone looks professional- not to upset you or make you conform. Please act respectful and ensure that you are obeying these simple uniform guidelines.

Lastly, to re-iterate, keep checking the BLOG often! Once it is posted; you are responsible for ALL the information on here. thanks guys!