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PDP tonight

Hi team,
A quick post reminding you all that this evening we have our second PDP session of the season with Karson. For those of you interested in attending: there is no cost associated and no registration is necessary- please meet Karson at the a-Frame for 7pm. The session will run for 2 hours and tonight’s focus is on “DL course prep”.
Oh and a few of you asked me when your Xmas camp pay will come through/ that should be tomorrow!
Thanks everyone

Thursday- Jr race ski demo

Hi NG and K1 coaches, please read my latest post on the parents’ blog about a race demo for JR race stock skis at GE this Thursday. Please encourage your racers to demo at least 1 pair of skis during that evening as we want to encourage the reps taking time out of their night to attend.

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, Feb 5th- training for K2/J & Freestyle at Moonstone

Hope everyone has had a great week! We have finalized details for families heading up to Mount St Louis on Sunday. A reminder for K2/J and Freestyle families, that Sunday’s regular training at Glen Eden has been moved to this new location- this is to ensure that everyone has a quality training day. With us hosting the J all stars back at home, we would not be able to offer up any terrain for the teams at home- this is a much better alternative! I know some of you have been inquiring about details; so here they are:

Sunday, Feb 5th

Training disciplines- K2 & J- Full gate SL, Freestyle participants will be training in their  terrain park

Meeting location: Moonstone Lodge

Meeting time: 8:30am

Additional details: for all league racers, please make sure that you have your full slalom training gear, face guard, shin guards and pole guards. Milton Heights will be covering the cost of the lift tickets for the racers for this day. Any parents interested in skiing, you can purchase tickets at a group discount rate for $44.00 for the day. We encourage racers to bring a lunch for the day, to ensure that they are not waiting a long time in line to purchase something and able to maximize their training opportunity. Training will from from 9am-3pm.

For any questions on the day of the training, speak with Steve R, Race director or Kent R, a MHRC supervisor

Reference Materials for Coaches

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday. Too bad that the weather isn’t cooperating for more than a few days at a time. Needless to say, for those of you working this evening…please wear a rain jacket! I have attached the course CSCF Drill handbook and Course Setting info document for your use. Please refer to this document to aid you in prepping for your session night and your training session plans with your team. I will also post it under “docs to go”. cheers!

Weekly Update: Jan 9

Good afternoon coaches!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and a great start to their week. I wanted to give you a all an update of what this week will look like. As you all know, Glen Eden is making all the efforst in the world to make snow at every opportunity that they get…based on snow availability- we will be training on one lane all week:

Monday- Jan 9–> Make sure you have submitted your hours online by end of day today. Highschool Racing Coaches- meet Emilie in the clubhouse at 6:30pm. Tonight we will be doing a ski off with the athletes and placing them in their appropriate groups- you will be free-skiing with your groups and working on ski improvement. No gates this week. Next week will be GS gates for them. There will also be a small freestyle group and the Snowboard development team in the clubhouse starting their training this evening!

Tuesday, Jan 10–> TNT night #1. Jeff will be coaching for Heidi, Tyler, Danielle, John, Rick and Will. Meet in the clubhouse for 6:30pm for a quick meeting. We will be setting a full gate GS in the outside of the tower and a stubbie SL (with lots of room) in the inside. Coaches that have signed up for the Tuesday night certifying session are to meet Kent in the clubhouse for 6:30pm.

Wednesday, Jan 11–> K2 and J teams will all be training SL. Jeff is heading up the session for this week. All coaches to meet Jeff in front of the clubhouse for 6:30pm with skis on.

Thursday, Jan 12–> NG & K1 guys- Brook will be running the session, meet Brook and Kent and I outside the clubhouse at 6:30pm with skis on. Snowboard Race Team kicks off their training this night also. Courses for the young skiers will be stubbie SL for K1’s and pannelled SL for NG’s.

Friday, Jan 13–> Friday Training for NG and K1, discipline is Super SL. I am still looking for another coach if someone is available, please contact me asap.

Saturday, Jan 14–> JHL #2. JHL coaches, please meet myself for your session at 8:30am in front of clubhouse. all teams that are at home will be training SL. All  league coaches and apprentices, please be on snow for 7:30am.

Sunday, Jan 15th–> Hosting SL for J White Team.- all league coaches on snow for 7:30am. All teams at home will be training SL in the afternoon. Thanks to Meghan and Chloe who expressed interest in helping out with the race- much appreciated!

Other business

As you all are probably aware, this week kicks off lessons for the snow school and this means that the hill will be a little busier, please use the start of the evening to remind your racers of some hill etiquette:

– making groups of 3 or 4 before lining up for the chairlift

-no horseplay in the lift lines

– in order to use the ski school line, your racers must be with a coach, no exceptions will be made for this. If you would like to have your racers cycle through fast, I encourage you to instruct them to make use of the single line.

Please also, think about where you are stopping on the hill and try your best to keep your group in one condensed line or cluster off to the side. Thank you to everyone for a great first weekend and looking forward to seeing you all on snow this week!



Coach Assignments

Good morning coaches!

Something that Will, Kent and I wanted to implement this season was an opportunity for “ALL” coaches to set and run a session during the 8-week program. I have completed a tentative schedule for league coaches for Wednesday and Thursday evenings, please read: Coach setting assignment 2012- updated Jan 2, 2012.

Let me explain further:

1. Set-up crew works from 4:30-6:30pm to set-up the banner, netting, etc…

2. Coaches who’s name appears for that night will be responsible for:

– Sending me via email your lesson plans (including the set you will be doing) by the due date indicated in the attached file above. Please make sure that you chat with all the other coaches training that night and incorporate their training needs into your plan.

– Coming at least 1/2 an hour early (6pm) to set the course with the help of the set-up crew.

– Run an on-snow session with all the coaches from 6:30-7:00pm where you will be explaining the focus for the evening and where your set fits in.

– Responsible for running a debrief session at the end of the night (9:30-9:45pm) in the clubhouse while folks change to head home. Please cover how your plan was executed, its success, comments on how teams and coaches were doing with the set… any changes you made or would have made throughout the night, etc…

And that is all.

Pretty simple right? This way, everyone has the opportunity to set and run a session which will help with your coach development. If you need any help with developping your lesson, please make use of the reference materials in the clubhouse (on the shelves near the projector screen) or ask myself, Kent or Will for assistance. A reminder that your lesson/plan for the night including your discipline of choice must be emailed me to by the Sunday night prior to your week assigned- this way I can compile a training plan for the week and include it on the weekly update both on the coach and parents blog.

Any questions, please ask? if you are unavailable for your week, let me know and I can make some changes. Please note that any further changes to this document will be made and the most current version will be saved under the “docs to go section”.




Weekly Update: December 5th, 2011

Hi Team!

Hope you are all doing your snow dance. I couldn’t believe that the weather was 8 degrees celsius this morning- let’s all hope that the weather cools off soon! Not much of an update this week but thought I would get in a habit again of writting my weekly updates on Monday, so here it is:

1. Offers of employment: you should have all received offers of employment for all programs with the exception of High School Racing on Monday nights and Friday Training. For HS, I am waiting to hear back on numbers from the school board, once I hear back, I’ll be sending out offers of employment to the number of coaches needed for the program. Friday Training, will be done a week by week basis as per last season, if you are interested in working a specific Friday Training, email me the week before, especially if it is geared towards the age group or league that you are coaching, you will get precedence over coaching this specific week providing that we have adequate numbers to run the sessions.

IF YOU HAVE NOT received an offer of employment, now is the time to send me an email and inquire.

2. Stratton: I am sure many of you have heard this news by now… unfortunately, we had to cancel the pre-season trip for Stratton scheduled for Friday-Sunday this week due to lack of snow.

3. Training Make-up: As you know, your offers of employment are pending completion of all training sessions. If for some reason or another, you had to miss training on Nov 12-13 that took place at the BARN in Milton, your chance to make it up is :

Tuesday, Decenber 6th (tomorrow night) 5-8pm  (chalet-fireplace room), RSVP by this evening for this session (December 5, 2011)

Tuesday, December 20th 5-8pm (workshop- lunch room) (RSVP by December 19th for this session)

You must RSVP by sending an email to  and to myself to let us know which session you will be attending and we will forward numbers to the trainers. A reminder to ensure that you sign-in at these sessions so we have it on record that you attended.

For those of you who missed Nov 26th training- I do not have a make-up date yet. I’ll advise you when I do.

4. Credits and liscensing: A reminder that you must complete all your required credits in order to an active coach before the start of the season- before December 26th, 2011. You must email a Print screen of you “home page” on website and if you signed-up for a course that equipped you with your missing credits, you must show proof of registration. A reminder that all this information must be sent directly to . Not to worry, Jenn will be keeping me in the loop and those of you NOT liscensed will not be working this season so PLEASE make sure that this is done asap.

5. On-snowtraining : On Decenber 17-18th, we will be holding our 1st on-snow training of the season. Please check the calendar to know when your scheduled time is for this training. A reminder that if you cannot attend, I need an email well in advance explaining why you have to miss the training. As you are all aware, training is manditory for all.

I believe that is all for now. Hope you are having a great week. For those of you in exams, good luck!

Wish for snow!


Weekly Update: Nov 21, 2011

Good morning coaches!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. Have you started on your Holiday Shopping yet? less than 25 days until Christmas! You know what that means right? Christmas camp is just around the corner! Did everyone see the white stuff last week?! Lots of things are happening this week so read below to ensure that you catch all the info:

Thursday Nov 24: Corbetts Night

If you are still looking for gear for the season, whether it is skis, boots, a helmet, tuning stuff, or even clothing… you won’t want to miss this event! Snow school staff are exclusively invited for a night with some GREAT deals. Night begins at 5pm.

Saturday Nov 26th: Training #2

This is the 2nd of 3 mandatory trainings. Training will begin at 10:30am sharp in the Sunset lodge; we will start off with all of the snow school staff for the 1st hour, after which we will break, move into the clubhouse and continue with some MHRC specific training. A reminder that this training, like all other, is mandatory and if you cannot make it, you need to let me know. Milton Heights coaches and apprentices MUST attend the 26th session while the rest of the snow school staff have the option between Saturday and Sunday. Training for coaches will end at 1:00pm.

Saturday Nov 26th: Apprentice Meeting

On Saturday, immediately following the training, at 1:30pm, there will be a 1 hour mandatory meeting for all apprentices and their parents in the clubhouse. This meeting will cover information around expectations, job responsibilities, apprentice program details, etc… Bring your questions, pen and paper.

Sunday, Nov 27: Last Dryland

Yes, it is that time again! Week 7 of dryland is coming up this weekend which means that if you are around and willing to come out and volunteer/help run the last day fun activities, please let us know! A reminder that dryland runs from 10am-12noon.

Pre-season trip: Stratton

On Dec 9-11, 2011, we will be heading down to Stratton, Vermont for a pre-season trip. If you want more information on the trip, cost, etc… check out

Lastly, last year’s apprentices should be gearing up for their level 1 CSCF (EL) course. If you have not yet registered or have any questions regarding this course, do not hesitate to let me know.

CSCF Credits and liscensing: I have posted LOTS of information about this and will review again this weekend, but do make sure that you have all of your credits completed asap. You need them in order to be able to work this season!

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!



Training this weekend- LOCATION UPDATE

Hi everyone

Hope you all had a great weekend.

First off, please NOTE that this weekend’s training will be at the Gambrel Barn (located off Tremaine Rd) and where we host our annual ski swap and Banquet at the end of the season and NOT at the museum Barn as indicated in my last blog post. Please follow the directions that you have been given through the snow school about times for the training and location, do make sure that you sign in as well so I can pay you!

Lastly. please bring your contract (complete with banking- even for returning coaches) on the weekend. I will see some of you as I will be there on Saturday!

have a good week all!



Training Questions: Answered

Coaches and apprentices,

For the past few weeks, some of you have been inquiring about training and what the timing is for the mandatory dates, finally, I have this information for you! wohoo!

So here it is:

Training session #1 (choose one of the following):

November 12th- 8am-1:00pm @ Museum Barn (directly across from the hill)

November 13th- 10am-3:00pm @ Museum Barn (directly across from the hill)

*For these 2 training dates, your snow school application should have prompted you to select one of the two dates. If not, please email as son as possible to let them know which dates you would prefer to attend.  You will also be reminded by a mass email next week which date you are registered to attend. This is an ALL staff training date, when you arrive, please make sure to sign-in, if you don’t, then I won’t know you attended and I won’t be able to pay you! Apprentices, unfortunately, you won’t get paid this year but this is also mandatory and please do sign-in as well this way I know you were there! Do make sure to indicate when you sign-in that you are with MHRC, as you can imagine, there will be a long list of attendees and this will make it easier for me to scan the list to identify  MHRC folks.

Training session #2

November 26 10:30am start. I will be able to provide more detail around the timing for this day. we will start off with the snow school instructors to cover off mandatory information for everyone and then break off to do our own MHRC training. More details to come.

Uniform Pick-Up & Passes

You will be picking up your uniform on the weekend of the 12th and the 13th in Sunset Chalet- after/before training (times TBA). Please make sure that you have a credit card available for your cleaning $10.00 deposit. I have not received any more information about this, as soon as it comes in, I’ll share updates on the blog.

Passes– I do not have details so far. I will post as soon as I do.

Missed Training or Make-Up Training

If you are away at school or just unable to make the training date on the 12/13 or 26th. You should email me to let me know. We will be putting in place a few alternate training dates so do keep your calendar fairly open the last week of December prior to the holidays as it will most likely be scheduled for one of these days.

Lastly, just a reminder, that attending training is mandatory and a part of your condition of hire, so if you do not fulfill this requirement, your offer of employment will be revoked.  For those of you, who are new coaches or have not yet received your contract, you should be receiving it early next week.

A reminder that contracts are due at the latest next weekend! If you will be around the swap this weekend, you can drop it off to me then!

thanks everyone!