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New equipment has arrived!

Hope you are all as excited as I am! This post is simply a reminder that when you are putting this back in the gate cabana OR timing hut, that it should be TIDY and that items should be in their proper place. Drill batteries should ALWAYS be put on the charger when drills are put back, even if they are not dead. This is crucial, because without batteries or drills, we can have as many gates as humanly possible but no course will be set. When batteries are charged, PLEASE remove them from the charger and place them in the “CHARGED BATTERIES” pile. Re: gates, stubbies, etc… You will notice that a few of us spent an entire day cleaning up the gate cabana and that it is everyone’s job to make sure it stays as clean as it currently at the end of every day! Gates that are the same should be bundled together and if you are not sure what the difference is between a long and short screw, ask a friend! As you all know, equipment is very expensive, so please be careful when using it all. All broken gates that can NOT be brought back to life should be left inside the gate cabana and a team leader or I will dispose of them afterwards. Any questions, ask…?