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Start List- what’s that?

Good question- if you are racing this weekend, make sure you send your coordinator/manager a start list ASAP. Start Lists are always due the Tuesday before the weekend race and MUST be sent via email to your coordinator and manager. When I used to coach, I would form my start list immediately after a race and hand it in to my manager, that way I knew it was IN and ON time! It is completely unacceptable for managers and coordinators to have to email you reminding you that your start list is not ready, they have enough on their plates. In previous seasons, I have even received phone calls from hosting clubs on Wednesdays asking why they had not received a specific start list, then I had to figure out which team it was far and contact the coaches- please, please, please save us all the hassle and make sure you follow protocol on this!

NEW League coaches– you may choose the method that works best for your group for start lists. You should however note, that most clubs, especially from K1 and onwards- girls are always ahead of the start list and boys are last. You may wish to reward your racers who did well at the previous race or did well training and place them first in the order. You may also wish to do one start list and ask your manager to rotate it through for your 4 races. Like I said, up to YOU! All I ask, is that you be fair and consistent with your teams. You may also want to consider psychological factors of your racers; for example, you may know that Bob gets anxious if he has a late bib # as he worries about the course conditions- if you know that, you may want to give him an earlier bib??? and vice versa if you have a racer who is apprehensive about being 1st, maybe giving her a middle placement is better. So bottom line, give it some thought, if you want to, chat with your team leader for some ideas!

Hope this helps.