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Semi Finals

Hi Team

I did forward along groupings and hosting clubs for semi finals races this afternoon but as promised I am also posting it on the BLOG and including some additional information:

First off, please familiarize yourself with the League Rules on Semis and Finals (you can find these under the additional events/races section of the 2011 rule books).

In case you haven’t seen the hosting schedule, check out this link.

Lastly, if you are an apprentice- you should come out and help on whatever day you are NOT racing. MHRC is hosting on Sat and Sunday so we can use all the extra hands we can get on both days! Thanks all

Good luck at semis and let me know if you have any questions, etc..

Holiday Camp- MHRC

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all ready for the holidays and it is literally just around the corner! Today is the 1st day of Winter but luckily we have been blessed with cold weather and lots of snow for almost the entire month of December! Which if course means an awesome Holiday camp- it will be folks!

A few gentle reminders:

– ALL coaches should be on snow, at the gate cabana with skis on and full uniform on the 26th at 8:00am. For every 5 minutes that you are late, you will be docked an hour of pay so please please, be on time! I want to pay you as much as you want to get paid so sets your alarm clocks, wake up your parents and make sure you are there on time.

– A little HOMEWORK for you all. In order to help me better prepare the rest of our coaching sessions for the week, please bring along with you a sheet of paper that clearly outlines what you think are limitations for you to reach your maximum potential as a skier and as coach.  Please also write down some possible solutions to get around these limitations- i.e. tactical- turn shape and line in a steep course (limitation because of our usual training terrain at Glen Eden & how you would get around this limitation. EX- maximize training on steeper and longer slopes after races at other clubs, etc…)I would like you all to use the TTPPEE approach- if you are not sure what that is… look through your coaching books or ask a friend. Please put some thought into this- you will be handing it in to your team leader on the 26th at 8am; team leaders you can hand yours in to me.

– SL is the plan for the 1st day of training- please make sure that you lead by example and have proper equipment on the 1st day of coaching- Twin tips are NOT ok to coach in and helmets other than your racing helmets are also forbidden. Make sure your skis are adjusted- dims and skis are tuned and ready to go.

– My plan is to do as much gate training as possible over the course of the camp, if you would like to set at all over the camp, READ the rules for your league and be familiar with course setting guidelines.

– Coaches who are also racers will have the ability to do some extra gate training from 3-4pm on December 27th & 28th after coaching. If you are interested in doing this extra training- please come with your proper equipment- reminder that you cannot ski gates with your coaching jacket! & be prepared to help re-set and tear down at the end. If either of these days, coaches are left to tear down on their own, this will be the last time that we extend this opportunity- 27th will be SL training for sure and 28th TBD.

Thanks everyone! wishing you all a happy holiday! Hope you enjoy your break and see you all on the 26th! A reminder that if you have any questions pertaining to league OR rules, your questions should be directed to myself and/or your team leader 1st.




League and Rules

Of course, you all know how important it is to know all the league rules for the league you are coaching for, well here’s your chance to catch up on all the news during the week leading up to Christmas camp- I know many of you are heading somewhere to ski, and I am sure that you need some reading materials in the car or in the plane, right? well, here’s the answer to all your prayers:

2010-11 AOSD League Rulebooks have be completed and are attached – they are also posted to each League page on the AOA website.  Printed versions will be ready just before the holidays and I will contact each club in regard to distribution.

A reminder that you will have meetings and sessions with your team leaders every morning before the start of Christmas camp which means that you may be TESTED on these rules… mmmhmm, another incentive to read up on them! Trust me when you are at a race and trying to fight a rule, it is helpful when you know what page that rule was in… I also encourage EVERYONE to print these off! For those of you who are planning on setting this year or would like the opportunity, you must know the rules for setting any type of race at your league level. cheers guys.