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Team Lists- 2011-12 season

Happy New Year Coaches!

Please find a list of teams for the season located here. If this link is broken  you can find the the latest post at 

See you all next weekend!


Congrats SBX team!

what awesome results our snowboard team had at provincials! Congrats to the entire team. check out this wicked video that was put together by one of the team members! pretty cool eh? doesn’t that make you want to strap your board on and join them???

Semi Finals

Hi Team

I did forward along groupings and hosting clubs for semi finals races this afternoon but as promised I am also posting it on the BLOG and including some additional information:

First off, please familiarize yourself with the League Rules on Semis and Finals (you can find these under the additional events/races section of the 2011 rule books).

In case you haven’t seen the hosting schedule, check out this link.

Lastly, if you are an apprentice- you should come out and help on whatever day you are NOT racing. MHRC is hosting on Sat and Sunday so we can use all the extra hands we can get on both days! Thanks all

Good luck at semis and let me know if you have any questions, etc..

Week 7 update- sorry for it being late…

Hi Team,

Finally, I am able to send out this week’s update. So sorry folks for the delay; we moved this weekend and didn’t have internet access other than on my phone until last night. Plus I was burried in between boxes- so this morning back at work, I finally have a chance to send out the schedule for the week! Hope everyone is doing well. Again, this past weekend, we had some pretty amazing results! Congrats to all teams who continue to remain undefeated and to those who fought a great battle on the weekend as well! Great reults continue for MHRC and I look forward to see what Semi’s has in stores for us!

Without any further delay- this week’s schedule:

Tuesday- TNT night! we will be setting 2 GS courses-0ne on race hill & other on old t-bar lane

Wednesday- we will be setting on our race hill–> we will most likely be training Full gate SL-unless there is a change in the discipline for semis (which I hope to find out/confirm soon)- 2 FULL gate courses (one inside and other oustide of the tower)

Thursday- we will train Kombi for NG on OLD t-bar lane and ____ for the K1’s on race hill (depends on what AOS tells us semis will be..)

Friday- GS training away at Moonstone for NG and K1’s.

Saturday/Sunday is currently unknown until we hear about the semi/hosting schedule. JHL will train as usual on Saturday morning.

As soon as I hear from AOS, I will post the info for the upcoming weekend on the blog-so make sure that you check back often!

Have a good week all and stay away from all the rain that they are calling for!

K2 and J league teams

are posted on the website. check it out. congrats to all racers for great performances. cheers