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Subs & Notice

A few reminders about subs:

  • It is your responsibility to find one.
  • You must email the change in coaches to your immediate supervisor and CC myself on the email.
  • It is your responsibility to confirm with the coach that is covering for you
  • If evaluations are to be handed out that week and you are missing it- you MUST make sure that you connect with your replacement in order to ensure that the evaluations are made available to him/her and handed out on time.
  • All coaches were emailed a Contact list at the start of the season, the contact list has names, phone numbers and emails for the entire staff team. I encourage you to contact people ahead of the week that you need coverage for.
  • JHL coaches: there should be 2 coaches per team which means that if you have a coaching/racing conflict- you must find an alternate coach to fill in for you regardless of if your co-coach will be present or now.

Thanks to everyone for your attention to this.

Need a replacement???

Scott Can help! email him at  if you have a conflict or need an evening or day off coaching. He is not coaching a team and has lots of availability for the next month or so! so if you need a sub- give him a shout! thanks guys!