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Sunday K2 and J training re-located

Hi all, see below the email I sent out to coordinators this evening with updates for Sunday Feb 6th/ plan:

Hi everyone,

First off, I want to thank you all for your patience in waiting for details. As you know, we are hosting the J All stars race this weekend which means that the clubhouse will be very busy. In efforts to continue to provide good quality training for the K2 and J athletes that are not involved with the all stars- we have decided to have a training day at Mount St Louis Moonstone. The day will include free skiing & lane space with gates (stubbies and brushes) available on the Moonstone side.  Coaches: Meghan, Kyle and Peter are expected to take on their teams as usual and plan on training at the away location. The club will pay for lift tickets for all K2 and J racers as well as for the lane space for the day. Racers and parents are to be aware that lunch and extra tickets will have to be purchased at their own cost:
youth: $36/day
adult: $43/day.
Coordinators- please send out the information to all families and athletes right away and please ask them all to get back to you confirming their attendance before the end of tomorrow, I would like to be able to arrange payment to be sent with one of the coaches for the morning.
If anyone has any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Coaches are expected to meet athletes at the Base lodge for 8:30am on Sunday February 6th, 2011, training will run from 9am-3pm that day. Racers should plan on bringing both SL and GS skis for the day (we will start off with SL and end the day with GS); please note that we will only be bringing stubbies so shin guards is all the equipment racers will need for Sl training.
Looking forward to a successful training day and a good usage of steeper and longer terrain!
Best wishes to all training and racing this weekend

Gooch Cup

Racers/coaches, I know that it is 1 full month away but let’s start thinking about this now. Have your racers email their K2/J coordinators if they are interested in attending. we want to make sure that everyone has the proper equipment to attend- must be on a ski that is at LEAST 19M radius and MIN length of 175- if you don’t have the right gear, lots of us have GS skis kicking around and would be only happy to have someone borrow them for the event. Check out the race notice for more info.

Season Passes

Good afternoon coaches,

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for making it out to the GE training over the weekend. Second, I wanted to remind you all that training is a condition of employment and for those of you who choose to act disrespectfully during a training session- you should note that nothing goes unnoticed- so for those of you; you know who you are and consider this a warning. Every season, I get more and more applications from certified and qualified coaches and the competition for a league team is becoming more and more difficult every year, how you carry yourself throughout the ski season and pre-season training etc, certainly contributes to the coaching opportunities that will be offered to you.  I know that everyone’s idea of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon does not include sitting in a training session for 4 hours- but as mentioned above, it is a condition of employment, in addition, you should also respect the amount of hours that the trainers have put in, in getting this training organized for you all.

So, onto the topic of this blog post, most of you who attended training over the weekend would have given in an updated waiver to customer service and if you are a new coach or apprentice, would have gotten a new picture taken. You are probably wondering when do I receive my pass, well folks, good question. You will be receiving your pass at your 1st MHRC on snow training session at GE. That being said, GE is scheduled to be open on December 11-12, should you want to hop on the slopes that weekend, you will be able to pick up your pass down at customer service that morning, otherwise again, you will be getting it from us at the training!

Uniform- 2nd pick-up date… not sure yet, so if you don’t have yours, keep your eyes open for more info about this.


Entry level trained–> Certified

Happy TGIF afternoon everyone!

As a follow-up from last week’s training, I mentioned that I would be posting something on the blog about this program… It is for all coaches who are entry trained and are looking to obtain their certified status, anyone looking for some professional development as well as some skiing/coaching improvement skills. A reminder that coaches interested in this program MUST commit to 5 out of 8 Tuesday evenings 7-9pm on snow at the hill with Ian. If you are interested, please reply indicating that you would like your name to be added to the list, please do not send emails, just reply back on the BLOG, this way Ian and I can both keep track on interest and monitor numbers.  Lastly, as part of the completion of this program, you will be required to present a lesson plan and lead the group through your lesson- more information about this when the program starts. Once you put your name here, consider yourself registered, you will then be expected to be on snow for the 1st Tuesday in January unless told otherwise. Lastly, should you have any general questions, please post them here as everyone can benefit from my response to them

Have a good weekend everyone & Happy Halloween! OH and if you are coming to dryland on Sunday- think about dressing up?!

The week before Halloween update

Hi Coaches,

Thanks to everyone who made it to training and brought all the required paperwork for contracts & hiring. For those of you who still owe me documents or information such as SIN #s, proof of paid dues, proof that you are licensed & banking information… your last chance to get them to me is this Sunday at 9:30am at the dryland meeting spot. I have to head up at 10am to take a look at the equipment from last season to put in an early season order for this upcoming one, so you MUST catch me before 10am. I hate to be blunt and strict, but note that this is your ONLY chance, I do not want to be running around after people for information, paperwork, etc… If you didn’t make it to training either on Tuesday or Sunday of last week, again your LAST chance to get hired for the season is to meet me at 9:30am this Sunday before dryland with all the information you need for your contracts.

Onto more fun and interesting things- I am sure you all remember how we talked about our brand new “tuesday coach certifying program”, please reply back to this post should you be interested in doing this program. A reminder to all interested coaches that you must commit in attending 5 out of the 8 Tuesday sessions in order to be able to participate- Ian will be tracking attendance- your commitment is on snow for 7-9pm. If you are interested, I suggest you reply back quickly as we would like to keep the groups relatively small for this program.

Uniforms & Passes

A reminder that returning staff- your picture from last season will be used so you don’t have to get another one taken. New coaches & apprentices, you will have to get a staff picture taken for the upcoming season and you can do that from 9am-4pm on Sat & Sunday Nov 13-14, so around your GE 1 training date. Coaches, you will also be able to pick-up your uniform then, more details will be posted on this shortly.

That’s all for now folks, remember to keep checking here often!


How do I maintain my officials certification OR how do I become certified?

Good question. I know what you are thinking, more certifications, more courses and really just “more to think about” BUT Officials certification is so important and also manditory for all MHRC Coaches. So here is what you need to know in a nutshell:

1. What is Officials Training & certifications? –> Here is what is posted on the alpine ontario website as objectives for the program:

Objectives of the Officials Program 

  • To standardize the methods and techniques of organizing and officiating at ski races
  • To ensure that ski competitions are fair, safe and consistent with prescribed standards
  • To ensure uniformity with respect to rule interpretations
  • To ensure that required numbers of qualified Officials are available at all races.
  • To offer opportunities to anyone, anywhere to become an alpine ski Official
  • To offer opportunities, through established programs, for Officials to progress from club Officials to International Officials.
  • To establish criteria for Officials certification which reflects the current standards in racing
  • To offer recognition to Officials for their achievements 
  • To offer support to Officials as they apply theory to practice i.e.: The inexperienced become experienced.

Basically, just think of it this way, how can you fight for your coaching rights, the rights of your athletes, how can you train them to know and understand the rules of the sport if you don’t understand fully? Understanding the rules of the sport goes far beyond just learning on what “command” you should leave the start gate, it goes as far as explaining the difference between types of netting and how they should be properly set, etc… Officials certification course can also count towards licensing credits to make your certification active for the season.

2. What types of certifications are there? They advance in levels very similar to the CSCF and the CSIA certification pathway. The only difference is that you can be a level 1 CSCF but a level 3 officials, therefore the relationship is not parallel between the two, you can advance in one without the other.

Now, most of you returning coaches should have already had taken your level 1 (minimum), this would have been manditory on your 1st season coaching at MHRC.  Every year MHRC has a training session for new coaches, parents and coordinators/managers to attend, this training usually takes place in the clubhouse. The level 1 course is only 3 hours in length. Remember that this is MANDITORY for all coaches- last season I made it manditory for all coaches coaching a team but this season I would like to request that ALL MHRC coaches take a course.

Team leaders & coaches who would like to coach K1 and above MUST take their level 2 officials certification.

This season, we have arranged courses, with the help of one of our lifetime members who teaches the course, John Grell, to be held at the clubhouse at the end of November. We will be offering both level 1 and level 2 courses at the clubhouse at the end of November. You can register for courses at ; once you take the course and pass, MHRC will reimburse you for the fees of the course at the end of the season when reimbursing mileage for the season. Courses will be held at MHRC on the following dates:

Saturday, November 27th 9:00am-12noon LEVEL 1

Sunday, November 28th 9:00am-4:30pm LEVEL 2

Lastly, if you have taken a certification course a few years ago, you should log-in and see if it is still current, certifications expire after a few years. You should log-in   and pay your annual officials dues ($11/year).

That’s all in the officials department, if anyone has any questions, you know how to get a hold of me!

have a happy Turkey weekend!

Ski swap is just around the corner!

Hi everyone, please read the below email that is circulating amongst the MHRC families. You will notice that there is a new website for the ski swap this year, address found below, it is now up and running:) Secondly, our board has worked hard in getting a new and improved website up and running for the season check it out, you’ll notice that it is much more user friendly than the previous. Registration is now up and running and everyone MUST create themselves a new log-in and password as it is a new system. Reminder that we will have registration in the clubhouse for the 1st 3 sessions of dryland October 17th. 24th and 31st prior to the early bird pricing deadline which is October 31st for MHRC & November 8th for Glen Eden passes! Check out the email below:


Volunteers Needed

Milton Heights Racing Club’s

Annual Ski Swap

Attention MHRC Club Members!

It’s time to start thinking about skiing again, and what better way to kick off the season than to reconnect  with old friends, find some great  bargains and help out at the Annual Ski Swap?

The Swap is once again being held at the Gambrel Barn at the Country Heritage Park in Milton from November 5th to 7th.

For more information and hours of operation refer to the following websites;

Our Ski Swap is the club’s largest fund raising event, and requires the support of a large number of volunteers to make it a success.

Please mark your calendars…….We need lots of people to help out with set-up, equipment, cash and food sales for a few hours at a time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s a fun-filled, fast-paced event that should not be missed!



Last year, many of our K2 and J racers had a great time helping out with the Ski Swap while receiving high school volunteer hours for their time.

Please e-mail or phone us if you’re able to help out and if possible, specify which day(s) you can help out.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Margaret and Tom Hayes