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In Search of a Radio- do you have one?

It is time folks to clean out your bags and get things ready for the swap- what are you selling this weekend? If you opened your ski bag for the 1st time today since your last day on snow and are realizing that you have a radio at the bottom of your bag- no sweat, just bring it to the swap and give it to myself or Randy! Randy has been working REALLY hard at updating and fixing all the radios so we can have ALL radios in full functioning capacity this season! Unfortunately, it seems like we are short a few radios and wondering where they went. Please, please let us know if by mistake you still have yours! thanks so much!


Radio Returns, etc…

Please bring your radios and chargers in the bag that you got them and give them to Randy next Saturday at the clubhouse during the Family Fun Race. Thanks everyone, do let me know if you have a radio and if you cannot make it to bring it back. If you are in contact with another coach and that you know that they will be in attendance on Saturday- please ask them to bring your radio in for you. It is really helpful if we can have the radios at the end of the season as opposed to later in the summer- especially when many of them need repairs.

thanks for your help with this