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In Search of a Radio- do you have one?

It is time folks to clean out your bags and get things ready for the swap- what are you selling this weekend? If you opened your ski bag for the 1st time today since your last day on snow and are realizing that you have a radio at the bottom of your bag- no sweat, just bring it to the swap and give it to myself or Randy! Randy has been working REALLY hard at updating and fixing all the radios so we can have ALL radios in full functioning capacity this season! Unfortunately, it seems like we are short a few radios and wondering where they went. Please, please let us know if by mistake you still have yours! thanks so much!


Banquet & Radio Return

Good afternoon coaches!

I hope everyone is doing well. Did you all put away your equipment for next season yet? or  get a few more runs in thanks to the “winter weather” these past few days?

Either way, I hope you all had a great march break. Good luck to those who were competing at Mansfield today (J)- hope you had enough snow 😛 On my end here, just wrapping a few things up. We have now passed the deadline for you to be submitting expenses and mileage for the 2010-2011 season, so if you forgot…. my suggestion is to send me a “begging email” ASAP!

I hope everyone is excited for our annual end of season banquet next weekend. If you forgot, here’s your friendly reminder- April 2nd, 2011- that is next Saturday! This is a great opportunity to see everyone again, have some end of season bonding time with your athletes and coaches and of course enjoy some food and the awards. I hope to see all many of you there… and make sure that you have already RSVP’s to Louise R.

On other topics, if you still have a radio at home in your boot bag… PLEASE bring it to the banquet- they must be returned to Randy C on this evening at the LATEST. If you happen to forget to bring it that night or maybe you are unable to come this evening… it is your responsibility to communicate with Randy and get the radio to him! As you all know, we had  a few radio issues this season and we want to make sure that we have working radios in time for next season so it is especially important for everyone to return theirs so we can fix all the problems!!! Thanks for your help with this…

OH and last minute reminder about uniform return that is happening this weekend… if you don’t want to have your credit card charged for the uniform being late, make sure you get it in this weekend- check out my previous post for more details.

And that’s all for this Friday afternoon! I am hoping to have somewhat of an idea on who is returning for next season so if you are thinking about coaching again for the 11-12 season, could you make sure to let me know, either via email OR at the banquet in person!

Have a good weekend and see you on the 2nd