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Weekly Update: Jan 30

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a great racing weekend. We have lots going on this week so please pay special attention to this week’s weekly update.

Monday, Jan 30: Appleby Racing (SL full gates): Heidi, Jacob & Tyler to meet each other at the gate cabana at 4pm. Please set on our regular race lane: SL full gates, banner and 2 nets at bottom. There is no high school racing this evening, so please tear down after their regular training time 5:30-6:30pm.

Tuesday, Jan 31: TNT. Pending snow condition, please set GS on race lane with 2 nets and tower net & SL full gates on old t-bar lane with banner, no nets but make sure that the course ends before the banner at bottom. Evaluations due to Will P at beginning of the night, He will re-distribute at the end so you can hand out to racers.

Wednesday, Feb 1: Same set-up as Tuesday’s TNT. Racer evaluations due to Emilie at beginning of the night- they will be handed back to you at the end of the night for distribution to your racers.

Thursday, Feb 2: Same set-up as Tuesday’s TNT and Wednesday training except for Full gate SL on old t-bar lane, please set stubbie SL. Is anyone available to come out and help with set-up crew this day? please email me asap! thanks! Racer evaluations due to Kent/Emilie at the beginning of the night- we will hand them back to you at the end for distribution to your racers.

Friday, Feb 3: K2 & J training day at Moonstone- GS. Coaches confirmed so far: Rick & anyone else wanting to work, please email me. Do note that the preference for coaching will be awarded to coaches who coach K2 and J first.

Saturday, Feb 4: JHL race #1- DD group will be fore-running. Teams training at home will be free skiing in the morning during the race and training in gates in the afternoon.

Sunday, Feb 5: Away Training day to Moonstone for racers not attending All stars: includes Snowboard, Freestyle, K2 and J racers: coaches confirmed: Kent, Heidi, Tyler, Dylan, Hans? and Dave? Please note that MHRC will be absorbing the cost for tickets and lane space for this training day.

Hosting J ALL stars: so far coaches confirmed: Rick, Meghan, Will, Emilie. if anyone else is available to work this day, let me know- I’ll be sending an email to the coaches working with a timeline for the day’s events.

And that is all, so like I mentioned, we have lots on the go this week! A reminder that when you are getting your shift covered due to a coaching conflict or other, you must email myself letting me know of the switch- thanks.

If you have any questions. let me know!



Weekly Update- Jan 23rd

Good afternoon everyone!

My apologies with the delay in getting this weekly update out! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for week 3 of programs?! I have a few items to bring to your attention this week but first things first, here’s a rough outline of what this week has in stores for us:

Mon: Freestyle and snowboard development team

Tue: Adult Houseleague and Masters; we have a timing night on our schedule and we will go ahead with this plan for now. I would like to use the brower timing system and simply count this a timed training night. We will set GS Full gates on race hill (outside of the tower). Depending on conditions, we can see about setting a second course for training, but with today’s rain, I am worried about snow depth. Tuesday night certifying folks & apprentices… please meet Kent for 7pm unless you are running the session, then meet him for 6:30pm in clubhouse.

Wed: Tyler is in charge of the set as it is his night to run a session- he will be setting GS panels on OLD T-Bar Lane. Please set 2 nets for the finish area. If snow allows, I would also like to set another GS course on Boomerang since all teams are racing GS this weekend.

Thur: Snowboard race team will train. Martin will be setting for the K1s as it is his night to set, he will be setting a pannelled SL course down our normal race lane. We will also be setting a FUll gate SL course for the K1 groups who are training this so do prepare your groups for full SL gear if applicable.

Fri: extra training. Stubbie SL and full gate SL training. Please push with K1 parents who need to get their kids feeling more comfortable with training full gate SL courses.

Sat: all teams are away. JHL will be spirit day. an email to come from me

Sun: all ski teams away. Snowboard race team away. Freestyle at home.

A few other details:

  • A reminder that as an employee, if you are unsure about something relating to your employment or have a question, please inquire with your evening supervisor or myself. I ask that all coaches take responsibility for their own employment. Although as supervisors, we want to provide great customer service, we will no longer be answering about coaching and employment questions through the employee’s parents.
  • Hours are due this week. Please make sure to complete hours for the pay period ending this week.
  • Coaching conflicts: I know some of you will have conflicts for the Feb 4th and 11th weekend, please refer back to the contact list I sent you at the beginning of the season and contact coaches who are NOT normally coaching on these days to fill in for you. A few suggestions: Scott, Mike B, Danielle, Heidi, Meghan, etc….and any K2 and J coaches who normally would be free on a Sat.
  • Great job making Smurf Day fun folks! thanks for keeping in with the smurf spirit!
  • All stars- as some of you may know already; We will be hosting All stars this season again and will need all hands on deck. Please email me or let me know in person if you are available on Feb 5th and can come out to help. I will be blogging about coaching arrangements and team training for this day once plans have been finalized.
  • Mid – season is upon us. Evals are due next week. I will be posting today or tomorrow more details around mid season racer evaluations.
  • Supervisors will also be completing coach evaluations this week and next and you will be asked to meet and sit down with a supervisor to go over your evaluation shortly.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask! Have  a good week everyone!



Weekly Update: Jan 16, 2012

Good morning coaches & apprentice coaches!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! It sure was a busy one! This week marks the second official week of program and here’s what we have going on this week:

Monday, Jan 16: 4-6:30- Tyler and Jacob setting up and running gates for Appleby Racing (FULL GATE GS). 6:30-9:30pm- HS racing night #2- please note that tonight’s plan will be stubbie GS, snowboarders will run the course for the 1st hour and skiers for the second.  Please meet Tyler at the bottom of the race course for 6:15-6:30pm if you are scheduled to work HS Racing.

Tuesday, Jan 17: TNT & Masters. Set-Up Crew, please set-up a FULL GATE GS on race hill & a stubbie SL on Boomerang. Please set banners on both and netting for both. Any coaches working TNT that can come out earlier to help set would be appreciated as we will be setting on both runs and this will take additional time.  Adults are to meet in front of the clubhouse for 7:15 to find coaches.  * a few notes: Coaches, do make use of both courses and have athletes move from one to another. If you have one of the newer groups who would like to work on ski improvement, please use the stubbie SL course to leave the GS one open for the master racers. Second, do educate athletes that in order to keep the course safe, everyone may be asked to do a run or two of slipping. Coaches, please slip every run to try to maintain the courses and keep up the good work!

Wednesday, Jan 18th: K2 and J athletes . we will be setting on race hill, GS full gate on the outside of the tower and full gate SL on the inside of the tower. Set-up crew, please make sure proper netting at finish (2 blue nets) and B net on the tower along with banner on the oustide of the courses.  Dylan is in charge of setting the course and running the session for this week. I will be posting on the parent’s blog that we will be training both GS and SL but please do email your parents or manager to email your team what equipment and skis you would like your athletes to bring on Wednesday.

Thursday, Jan 19: NG and K1. We will be setting pannelled SL for the K1’s on the outside of the tower & a run stubbie course for the NG. Chloe is in charge of setting the course for the week. is anyone looking for some extra hours? available to work set-up crew on Thursdays?… we are looking for one more person. Please let me know if interested.

Friday, Jan 20: JHL extra training day. I am looking for one more coach available and interested in coaching should numbers warrant having a third coach… please email me if you are interested…

Saturday, Jan 21st: BUSY DAY!

JHL practice race

NG DD will be having their first theme day- SMURF DAY. Please, please dress up and I’ll take care of some decorations and prizes….

Sunday, Jan 22– all K2 and J teams are racing! Good luck!

A few details:

  • A reminder for the coaches/racers who have a conflict with their coaching team, please find a replacement using the contact list I emailed out at the beginning of the season. Your first committment is to your racing team.
  • If you have  race scheduled for a different day than your allocated training day- a reminder that you will NOT be training on that weekend during your allocated training day. i.e. if I am a NG coach and I am meant to coach on Saturdays but we have a race scheduled for a Sunday- that weekend we will NOT be trainig on Sat, just racing on Sunday.
  • An early reminder that payroll will be due on Monday, please make sure that you are submitting for the right week- ending Jan 25, 2012 is the period you want to be submitting for. PLease check your bank accounts to make sure that you have been paid correctly.

That’s all for now folks. Calendars for JHL and NG DD will be coming out this week shortly!

thanks folks!have a good day


Start Lists- what, where, when and How

I thought I would refresh the league coache’s memory around start lists. If you coach a tean, it is your responsibility to send your team manager/coordinator a start list before Tuesday of the week prior to your weekend race. For those of you racing this weekend, please send your managers/coordinators your start lists ASAP. If there are 2 coaches on your team, do work out a schedule with your co-worker around who will be submitting for what race (there are 4 league races, so maybe you can do 2 and they can do the other 2)- this way you won’t forget and convince yourself that he/she has already done it. If you want a refresher on what a start list is or some methods of figuring out how to do your start lists, see last year’s post at:

Thanks everyone



Weekly Update: Jan 9

Good afternoon coaches!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and a great start to their week. I wanted to give you a all an update of what this week will look like. As you all know, Glen Eden is making all the efforst in the world to make snow at every opportunity that they get…based on snow availability- we will be training on one lane all week:

Monday- Jan 9–> Make sure you have submitted your hours online by end of day today. Highschool Racing Coaches- meet Emilie in the clubhouse at 6:30pm. Tonight we will be doing a ski off with the athletes and placing them in their appropriate groups- you will be free-skiing with your groups and working on ski improvement. No gates this week. Next week will be GS gates for them. There will also be a small freestyle group and the Snowboard development team in the clubhouse starting their training this evening!

Tuesday, Jan 10–> TNT night #1. Jeff will be coaching for Heidi, Tyler, Danielle, John, Rick and Will. Meet in the clubhouse for 6:30pm for a quick meeting. We will be setting a full gate GS in the outside of the tower and a stubbie SL (with lots of room) in the inside. Coaches that have signed up for the Tuesday night certifying session are to meet Kent in the clubhouse for 6:30pm.

Wednesday, Jan 11–> K2 and J teams will all be training SL. Jeff is heading up the session for this week. All coaches to meet Jeff in front of the clubhouse for 6:30pm with skis on.

Thursday, Jan 12–> NG & K1 guys- Brook will be running the session, meet Brook and Kent and I outside the clubhouse at 6:30pm with skis on. Snowboard Race Team kicks off their training this night also. Courses for the young skiers will be stubbie SL for K1’s and pannelled SL for NG’s.

Friday, Jan 13–> Friday Training for NG and K1, discipline is Super SL. I am still looking for another coach if someone is available, please contact me asap.

Saturday, Jan 14–> JHL #2. JHL coaches, please meet myself for your session at 8:30am in front of clubhouse. all teams that are at home will be training SL. All  league coaches and apprentices, please be on snow for 7:30am.

Sunday, Jan 15th–> Hosting SL for J White Team.- all league coaches on snow for 7:30am. All teams at home will be training SL in the afternoon. Thanks to Meghan and Chloe who expressed interest in helping out with the race- much appreciated!

Other business

As you all are probably aware, this week kicks off lessons for the snow school and this means that the hill will be a little busier, please use the start of the evening to remind your racers of some hill etiquette:

– making groups of 3 or 4 before lining up for the chairlift

-no horseplay in the lift lines

– in order to use the ski school line, your racers must be with a coach, no exceptions will be made for this. If you would like to have your racers cycle through fast, I encourage you to instruct them to make use of the single line.

Please also, think about where you are stopping on the hill and try your best to keep your group in one condensed line or cluster off to the side. Thank you to everyone for a great first weekend and looking forward to seeing you all on snow this week!



Awesome weekend

To say that this was an awesome weekend would be an understatement! Fantastic training, no line-ups, sun, what more could we ask for?! Congrats coaches on delivering the first official weekend of league! Congrats to the red team at their race on Sunday!

A reminder that Payroll is due very soon, please get in on the blog and submit your hours. I was reminded that I didn’t include the # of hours to be submitted for JHL,- coaches please enter 4.5.

I will be back tomorrow at some point with a weekly update. For all coaches who are working High School Racing. Can you please meet me in the clubhouse for 6:30pm.

Thanks everyone

have a great night!


League Schedule- latest version

I know that you have all been really patient waiting for this… finally here  is a somewhat final league schedule for 2011-12. Please note that I will post the schedule in the “docs to go” section as well and ensure that the most updated version is there. I’ll notify you of any changes and update the schedule on the blog to keep you updated. Thanks!

Congrats SBX team!

what awesome results our snowboard team had at provincials! Congrats to the entire team. check out this wicked video that was put together by one of the team members! pretty cool eh? doesn’t that make you want to strap your board on and join them???

Week #8 update

Hi everyone!

Wow, another great weekend filled with successes! Great semis to everyone who raced this past weekend! who could have ever imagined that two of our J teams would advance to Tier 1 finals?!How cool is that!? I would like to encourage as many of the racers/coaches to come out and support all teams attending finals if possible, let’s get as many cow bells in the crowd as imaginable!!

Sadly, my the title of my blog post, as all great things come to an end, so does the season… this is our last week of program. In case there was any confusion; all teams are wrapping up evening training this week & weekend training this Sat/Sunday (all teams except for the snowboard race team which extends their season until next week due to provincials). For those of you advancing on to finals, let’s keep the kids engaged and focus in training this week and for those who are just playing around- let’s do just that “play around”, use this last week to have fun with your groups. Use your creativity in setting up & planning drills, sets that will keep them engaged even if all of their races are over for the season.

A few Housekeeping things:

– Final evals are due this weekend, so please make sure that your team leader sees them either on Wed/Thursday this week so you can hand them out on the weekend. Please, I know I am repeating myself but ALL racers need to be receiving either a snowstars evaluation or one of these ( Racer evals) no later than this weekend.

– Due to Family Day this week, I must submit payroll early so please make sure that you submit all of your hours for the past 2 weeks latest tomorrow at 12noon.

Family Fun Race: This is a super fun event and all the racers sure appreciate it when coaches are present for all the fun. The race will take place on March 5th (next Saturday). I am asking for 4 coaches to give me a hand with set-up for that day- please email me if you are interested.

MHRC Banquet: Please make sure that all coaches get their tickets from their managers for this day. The magic date for this season is Sat April 2nd. Please let me know if you are not able to attend- again another great event!

Most improved racer– if you have not done so already, please email your most improved racer to your coordinator (NG- Alison, K1- Helen, K2-Steve, J-Fred, Snowboard- Kelly, Freestyle- David & JHL- Lisa) ASAP as we are working hard to get the awards ready.

As usual, this week’s plan so your teams/racers can plan ahead:

Tonight- Fun extra training to make-up for the snow day we had (a few Wednesdays back).

Tuesday- Dual SL stubbie on OLD T-Bar lane and SL full gate & GS full gate on race hill

Wednesday- GS on race hill for those training for Finals & Dual Stubbie SL on OLD t-bar lane

Thursday- KOMBI on race hill (on outside of the tower) & Dual stubbie SL in the inside of the tower (from the corner)

Friday- away training day- freeskiing for GOOCH Super G training day

Sat/Sunday- Sat is our last JHL timed race, all teams are either at home for training OR away at finals. If you are home, please let me know what you would like to train so we can plan ahead for this

Monday/Tuesday next week- GOOCH CUP- all racers attending are asked to meet coaches in the TSC chalet for 8am on Monday morning, if you have not yet arranged skis for the event, do ask your coach or myself and we will do our best to find something for you.

And, I think that is all for now. Thankfully, the weather seems to be more cooperative for us today so let’s hope this keeps up. On Tuesday March 8th, we will also be having our annual RUTS race at the hill and I invite all coaches interested to take part in it!

Have a fantastic last week everyone, I will  be at the hill on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so should be able to touch base with many of you.

Good luck to all teams advancing onto finals

Rock on MHRC

Week 7 update- sorry for it being late…

Hi Team,

Finally, I am able to send out this week’s update. So sorry folks for the delay; we moved this weekend and didn’t have internet access other than on my phone until last night. Plus I was burried in between boxes- so this morning back at work, I finally have a chance to send out the schedule for the week! Hope everyone is doing well. Again, this past weekend, we had some pretty amazing results! Congrats to all teams who continue to remain undefeated and to those who fought a great battle on the weekend as well! Great reults continue for MHRC and I look forward to see what Semi’s has in stores for us!

Without any further delay- this week’s schedule:

Tuesday- TNT night! we will be setting 2 GS courses-0ne on race hill & other on old t-bar lane

Wednesday- we will be setting on our race hill–> we will most likely be training Full gate SL-unless there is a change in the discipline for semis (which I hope to find out/confirm soon)- 2 FULL gate courses (one inside and other oustide of the tower)

Thursday- we will train Kombi for NG on OLD t-bar lane and ____ for the K1’s on race hill (depends on what AOS tells us semis will be..)

Friday- GS training away at Moonstone for NG and K1’s.

Saturday/Sunday is currently unknown until we hear about the semi/hosting schedule. JHL will train as usual on Saturday morning.

As soon as I hear from AOS, I will post the info for the upcoming weekend on the blog-so make sure that you check back often!

Have a good week all and stay away from all the rain that they are calling for!