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Dealing with frustration

Ah ski coaching… profession where we have to take on the role of teacher, ski tech, boot fitter, personal trainer, role model, friend and… psychologist.  This last role is sometimes the hardest to fill because each athlete thinks VERY differently and although critical, it’s sometimes hard to get inside the athletes’ heads and really find out what makes them tick as people and how their thoughts and feelings affect their athletic performance.  Here’s a good article written by a ski racing psychologist that tries to help athletes (and parents) overcome the times in our sport when they feel frustrated with not being able to acheive their goals and how to manage this negative feeling.  I have specific athletes on my team that have recently, or are undergoing these feelings right now and it spoke to me powerfully as their coach.  Please read it and share it with your teams or with individual athletes/families that might benefit from it.