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Online Pay Statements

Hey Everyone,

I have added a new document to the Docs To Go page. It is instructions on how to set up online Pay Statements. It is very easy and does not take long. This will mean you will no longer have to track down Emilie or wait until the next training day to get your pay stub. It will arrive in your inbox before you even get paid.

Please try and set this up as soon as possible, you will need a paper copy of one of your previous pay stubs to get your employee number etc.

This will make everyone’s life easier!



rewind that last thought…

1. pay stubbs will be at the hill on Thursday night, so if you are not back at the hill until next week and you want to make sure that you were paid what you were owed last pay period (before submitting your hours on Monday night for next week’s pay)… send me an email and I’ll email you what I submitted for you.

2. RUTS race was cancelled for this weekend- thank you to those who offered to help out. will be postponed until the end of the season, Tuesday #9 for TNT in March. more details about this coming your way shortly

Let’s hope for more snow to cover up the rain’s damage:)


I will bring the ones I have and leave them in a plastic bin in the clubhouse on Tuesday evening. Please, please and please remember to find yours and take them home! thanks!