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Offer of employment= please respond

Hi everyone

quick post to remind those of you who have yet emailed me back either accepting or declining your offer of employment- the deadline for this is tomorrow. Please remember to reply back “accepting all conditions of the employment”.

Thanks everyone

have a good night



Training Questions: Answered

Coaches and apprentices,

For the past few weeks, some of you have been inquiring about training and what the timing is for the mandatory dates, finally, I have this information for you! wohoo!

So here it is:

Training session #1 (choose one of the following):

November 12th- 8am-1:00pm @ Museum Barn (directly across from the hill)

November 13th- 10am-3:00pm @ Museum Barn (directly across from the hill)

*For these 2 training dates, your snow school application should have prompted you to select one of the two dates. If not, please email as son as possible to let them know which dates you would prefer to attend.  You will also be reminded by a mass email next week which date you are registered to attend. This is an ALL staff training date, when you arrive, please make sure to sign-in, if you don’t, then I won’t know you attended and I won’t be able to pay you! Apprentices, unfortunately, you won’t get paid this year but this is also mandatory and please do sign-in as well this way I know you were there! Do make sure to indicate when you sign-in that you are with MHRC, as you can imagine, there will be a long list of attendees and this will make it easier for me to scan the list to identify  MHRC folks.

Training session #2

November 26 10:30am start. I will be able to provide more detail around the timing for this day. we will start off with the snow school instructors to cover off mandatory information for everyone and then break off to do our own MHRC training. More details to come.

Uniform Pick-Up & Passes

You will be picking up your uniform on the weekend of the 12th and the 13th in Sunset Chalet- after/before training (times TBA). Please make sure that you have a credit card available for your cleaning $10.00 deposit. I have not received any more information about this, as soon as it comes in, I’ll share updates on the blog.

Passes– I do not have details so far. I will post as soon as I do.

Missed Training or Make-Up Training

If you are away at school or just unable to make the training date on the 12/13 or 26th. You should email me to let me know. We will be putting in place a few alternate training dates so do keep your calendar fairly open the last week of December prior to the holidays as it will most likely be scheduled for one of these days.

Lastly, just a reminder, that attending training is mandatory and a part of your condition of hire, so if you do not fulfill this requirement, your offer of employment will be revoked.  For those of you, who are new coaches or have not yet received your contract, you should be receiving it early next week.

A reminder that contracts are due at the latest next weekend! If you will be around the swap this weekend, you can drop it off to me then!

thanks everyone!




September 25, 2011 Update

Good evening coaches!

I hope you are all settling into your September routines nicely; October is fast approaching! And you know what this means… ski season is just around the corner. For those coaching dry land, a reminder that training will be held at the clubhouse next Sunday, October 2nd, 2o11 @ 10am-12noon. Dryland will start the Sunday after thanksgiving– same time 10am-12noon, meeting spot will be the upper parking lot (usual spot).

At this point, I have heard from most of you via applications to coach for season 2011-12. Thank you to those who have completed the forms on time. If you have not yet completed the snow school application, listed in my last blog post, please do asap. The information in the snow school application is needed in order to create a contract for you. Please complete it as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

In terms of training, you are probably all wondering, when is training? Good question, please see the attached MHRC Main calendars 2011-12 season (also available in the DOCS to go section of the blog). You will note the following training dates that you must attend (if interested in coaching this season):

November 12-13– day long training. information around times TBD, this is general staff training and you must attend one of the days (please select your preference when filling out your online snow school application)

November 26- this is the COACH specific training. Please keep this date free in your calendars. More information to come around timing for the day. we will start off with the instructors for some general training and move on to some MHRC specific topics.

Please note that attendance to these 2 days of training (choice of Nov 12 or 13 & Nov 26) is mandatory in order to work this season. 

In addition:

– We will be hosting a level 1 and level 2 officials training course on Oct 22 & 23rd, 2011. Reminder that all coaches coaching a league MUST have a minimum of a level 1 officials certification. You can register for the course here.- (in a few days, the course will be posted and you will be able to register)

– I will be scheduling a standard first aid course– which if you are needing some risk management credits in order to be licensed this season- you will be able to attend. More information about this coming shortly.


1. Please pay your dues on

2. Please sign-up for modules or courses in order to be licensed for the season. you will notice on your account page on if you are licensed or not and how many credits you must complete in order to be able to work this season

3. Please sign-up for courses. I highly encourage all of you to attend courses, if you are interested in attending/completing the DL certification, please let me know and perhaps the club can sponsor a part of your course.

I believe that is all folks. if you have any questions, as always give me a call. From this point on, the blog will be our main tool for communication so please check weekly (minimum) to stay updated with the latest information.

Have a great week!

see you all soon!



Coaches Application for upcoming season

Hi coaches,

As promised, I have developed an online coaching application form for you all to submit your coaching requests for the upcoming season. Please note that this form is due before September 1, 2011. You can find it under Coaches: How 2 Apply or here . If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contct me at Cheers and I look forward to seeing your applications come in within the next month!


P.S. Keep checking the blog regularly as I will start to update the schedule and will continue to blog about important information!


To anyone and everyone who has not yet picked up their uniform (this includes coaches and apprentices)- your very last chance will be December 31st at 4-4:15pm. Please see one of the earlier posts for the steps to take to get your uniform. what I suggest is starting with payment for the $10, cleaning fee and filling out your “uniform contract” from the main chalet’s customer service (if in doubt, ask for Rob- he knows where these are!) before 4pm this way at 4pm, you can meet Marcel at the building where the uniforms are kept, across the street from the parking lot. any questions, let me know or email Marcel at


Christmas Camp Coaches & contact list

Check your emails- you should have received a contact list for all league coaches & coaches working Christmas camp exclusively, you should have received an email with a job offer. If you have requested to coach Monday night HS- you should expect an email in the next week or so with an offer of employment… I don’t have the final numbers yet which is why I cannot send any offers of employment. Lastly, I am still looking for someone to do set=up crew on Thursday evenings 4-6pm. please email me if you are interested- 1st come, 1st served.

A few things

A reminder that this weekend is COACH ON SNOW training. Returning coaches are to attend Sunday 10am-12noon and NEW coaches (this includes JHL, apprentices and new to league coaches) on Saturday, please check the calendar for all the information before sending me an email (as you can imagine, my inbox does get quite full with over 50 coaches!) Ian will be running training and he will have the clubhouse opened by 9am- you are responsible to be ready ON SNOW in front of the clubhouse (in uniform-as this is a coaching session) for 9:50am latest. Ian will have your season pass and will hand them out then. In preparation for this training, I would like to request for everyone to think of a few goals that they have for the season (these goals can be personal, coaching, etc…). There will be race committee members available to take your picture on the weekend after/or before the session as it was a goal to have a coaching board with everyone’s pictures and names to make it easier for families to find their coach during the week- so please be co-operative.

A reminder for coaches who are also racing that you will be coaching for the 1st three days and racing for the last 3. Coaches MUST be on snow for 8am at the gate cabana with skis and uniform on the 26th of December, ready to load the lift, we will be doing an on-snow session prior to camp starting.  Lastly, a reminder that time trials will be held on December 30th and 31st for both K2 and J, at this point we will do GS on day 1 and SL on Day 2. For all K1 coaches, we will also be having K1 time trials on the 30th- more details to come.

A reminder that prior to coaching you MUST have all your licensing credits, if you are still missing some or you have not paid your dues yet you MUST do this prior to your 1st day on snow.

Thanks for your help, I look forward to a great season! Check your emails this week for a coaches league contact list. A reminder that when you are not available, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Merry Christmas everyone and see you on the 26th. I will on course this weekend until Wednesday next week, unavailable by phone but available by email if you have any questions

see you on snow on the 26th


Coaching Christmas camp?

Hi guys

quick post, if you thought you were coaching Christmas camp/filling in for coaches who are racing for the last 3 days of Christmas and your name is NOT on this list, please email me…


Alex Ha
Tyler M
Mike B
Alex Hi

thanks guys. I’ll be sending out details about who is coaching what and for whom and when soon.

thanks for your patience



I am missing training??

Hi everyone

blogging from Stratton! the snow is amazing! this is day 1- the temperature was chilly in the morning (close to -18) and warmed up in the afternoon. As you all know, GE opens up on December 17th to its regular schedule- I encourage you all to get on snow before Christmas camp! Get some mileage in. A reminder to check the schedule as this upcoming weekend Dec 18, 19th is when we have our on-snow training- look the schedule on the BLOG for your appropriate day to attend. Lastly, I know some of you missed GE training #2, your last chance to go through it all is on December 14th from 4:30pm- in the main chalet. Please email me if you are able to attend this one- this is GE training #2- AODA training and Bill 168 and H&S. I won’t disclose any names, I get attendance from all the sessions so if you missed it, you know who you are and this is your very last chance to be employed for the ski season by attending this training. You will also be able to pick-up your uniform, if you haven’t yet before this training, here is the latest blog post from the snow school with info about this:

Tuesday Dec. 14, 2010 4:00pm to 4:30pm West Concession

If you are a certified instructor (uncertified have to wait for their Level 1) working at Glen Eden this season, you have one more opportunity, Tuesday December 14 4:00pm to 4:30pm, to collect your uniform.
Follow these instructions on Tuesday:
1. First take your credit card to Visitor Services or the Private Lesson Office in the Main Chalet
2. Get the card swiped, or if you don’t have a credit card, deliver your post dated (March 31st, 2011) cheque made out for the full amount of a uniform, season pass, tip connectors. The cheque will be returned at the end of the season. Without a credit card, you will have to pay cash, or debit the $10 cleaning charge.
3. You will then receive your Uniform Contract.
4. Go to the West Concession and get dressed in Blue.

That’s all for now folks! have a good weekend- off to enjoy the white stuff!



Uniform pick-up, last chance…



Saturday Dec. 4, 2010
11:00am to 1:00pm

West Concession

Got your uniform yet? No. If you are a certified instructor (uncertified have to wait for their Level 1) working at Glen Eden this season, you have one more opportunity, this Saturday morning, to collect your uniform.

Follow these instructions on Saturday:

1. First take your credit card to the Private Lesson Office in the Main Chalet

2. Get the card swiped, or if you don’t have a credit card, deliver your post dated (March 31st, 2011) cheque made out for the full amount of a uniform and season pass. The cheque will be returned at the end of the season. Without a credit card, you will have to pay by cash, cheque or debit the $10 cleaning charge.

3. You will then receive your Uniform Contract.

4. Go to the West Concession and get dressed in Blue


REMINDER that this is your last chance to receive your uniform, so please make sure that you can make it or send a representative on your behalf. thanks