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Sunday, Feb 5th- training for K2/J & Freestyle at Moonstone

Hope everyone has had a great week! We have finalized details for families heading up to Mount St Louis on Sunday. A reminder for K2/J and Freestyle families, that Sunday’s regular training at Glen Eden has been moved to this new location- this is to ensure that everyone has a quality training day. With us hosting the J all stars back at home, we would not be able to offer up any terrain for the teams at home- this is a much better alternative! I know some of you have been inquiring about details; so here they are:

Sunday, Feb 5th

Training disciplines- K2 & J- Full gate SL, Freestyle participants will be training in their  terrain park

Meeting location: Moonstone Lodge

Meeting time: 8:30am

Additional details: for all league racers, please make sure that you have your full slalom training gear, face guard, shin guards and pole guards. Milton Heights will be covering the cost of the lift tickets for the racers for this day. Any parents interested in skiing, you can purchase tickets at a group discount rate for $44.00 for the day. We encourage racers to bring a lunch for the day, to ensure that they are not waiting a long time in line to purchase something and able to maximize their training opportunity. Training will from from 9am-3pm.

For any questions on the day of the training, speak with Steve R, Race director or Kent R, a MHRC supervisor

Atomic Race Ski Gear- Demo Night!

If you are interested, on Tuesday, Jan 17th- ATOMIC will be demo-ing some race gear at Glen Eden! If you are in the  market of some new gear or just want to try out their new race stuff- bring your ID and credit card and see you Tuesday evening!

Age Category Change for 2012-13 season

Hi Coaches,

I know some of you are aware of this change while for others, this will be brand new information so I thought I would spend some time to explain this.

You may have noticed that ski leagues/categories and age splits were unique to our sport. Recent efforts have been made from coaches all over the world (different sports and different levels) to bring all sports in line with the same categories and age splits. The idea behind this switch is that we can focus on the individual levels by adapting their learnings to fit their developmental stage. For those of you involved in other sports like soccer, hockey, etc… you will notice similarity with what we will be adopting in the skiing world for the 2012-13 season. To see what the age category chart will look like, visit this link:

What does this mean?

Good question! Well this fancy chart can translate to the following in MHRC vocabulary:

  • Dynamite developments- Under 10 years old
  • Nancy Greene- Under 12 years old
  • K1- Under 14 years old
  • K2- Under 16 years old
  • J- Under 18 years old

Furthermore, let’s use the example of a 10 year old racer who technically without this change would be moving up to K1 next season…. because of the age change, he/she will remain in NG for one more season (under 12) before moving up to K1.  Makes sense?

All and all, anything to make things more uniform accross the board is a positive thing! Our jobs as coaches is to educate parents and racers about this positive change so that they don’t become frustrated about their “delayed” graduation to the next level. If anyone has any questions around this change or would like more information; do not hesitate to ask me. A communication will be going out to our families shortly but I wantes you guys (our leaders) to know about it first!

That’s all for now! Have a good day and let’s all pray for some cold weather! 


Weekly Update: December 21, 2011

Good morning coaches!

Let me start off my apologizing for a delayed weekly update- I will do my best to have these up on Mondays for consistency. Hope everyone is doing well- I know many of you are done exams and hopefully almost done your Christmas shopping (as the malls are CRAZY nowadays!). A few updates for this week:

  • Opening date for Glen Eden: I know some of you are aware that GE has delayed their opening date to December 26th- this decision was made to preserve their snow making efforts. For more information on snow condition, check out their website or see my post on the “parent’s blog” for some pictures of snow coverage So what does this mean for us? Glen Eden’s snow-making crew has been working night and day and extremly hard to make snow during every possible opportunity and I am confident that we will have a fair amount of open terrain to work with on day 1 of camp. So bottom line- don’t worry… we will be skiing on the 26th!
  • Congrats! To all the newly “trained” EL coaches! Looking forward to having you as part of our team  this season!
  • Coats and Passes: Some of you have been sending me panic emails asking “when you will be getting your season’s pass?!!” No worries, Visitor’s services are printing all coaches and apprentice passes as I am typing this post and I will have them available for you on day 1. Coats on the other hand will be available for pick-up for coaches and apprentices on December 29th. I am awaiting some more information regarding times- as soon as I have this info, I’ll spread the word!
  • Licensing Credits: I received an updated file from Jennifer from the snow school with information on who is and isn’t licensed for 2011-12 season… I sent out an email last night to all of you who appear to still be “unlicensed” for the season. A reminder that you have until the end of the week to provide Jenn and I this information via email ( in order to be working this season.
  • Start time on day 1: I would like to request that ALL coaches who are working December 26th (this is all league coaches) to be in the clubhouse for 7:45am on December 26. Start time for 26th will go as follows: Assessments will take place from 8:45-9:30am and camp will run from 9:30am-3:00pm with 1/2 lunch. We will discuss who is taking lunch when,  on Monday morning during our meeting. It is imperative for everyone to be in the clubhouse at this time (7:45am)- we have a LOT of information to cover since our last time together.
  • Christmas Camp Teams: Coordinators are working on christmas camp team lists (if you are curious how the teams are formed- it is completely random using a formula) and will be emailing them to you by the end of the week. A reminder that teams will be rotating in order to provide racers the opportunity to ski at least 1 day with every coach at their league level- I will communicate to you how this change will work.
  • Your team: You are probably wondering “when you will find out which team you are coaching? ” Great question! Just as we will be posting the teams on Jan 1st at 12noon on the blog we will be posting coache allocations  at the same time. Keeping this information quiet until the 1st of Jan will ensure that all racers and coaches are treated the same during camp.   

I believe that is all for now. If you have any questions about this information, don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and see you on Boxing Day!


Weekly Update: December 5th, 2011

Hi Team!

Hope you are all doing your snow dance. I couldn’t believe that the weather was 8 degrees celsius this morning- let’s all hope that the weather cools off soon! Not much of an update this week but thought I would get in a habit again of writting my weekly updates on Monday, so here it is:

1. Offers of employment: you should have all received offers of employment for all programs with the exception of High School Racing on Monday nights and Friday Training. For HS, I am waiting to hear back on numbers from the school board, once I hear back, I’ll be sending out offers of employment to the number of coaches needed for the program. Friday Training, will be done a week by week basis as per last season, if you are interested in working a specific Friday Training, email me the week before, especially if it is geared towards the age group or league that you are coaching, you will get precedence over coaching this specific week providing that we have adequate numbers to run the sessions.

IF YOU HAVE NOT received an offer of employment, now is the time to send me an email and inquire.

2. Stratton: I am sure many of you have heard this news by now… unfortunately, we had to cancel the pre-season trip for Stratton scheduled for Friday-Sunday this week due to lack of snow.

3. Training Make-up: As you know, your offers of employment are pending completion of all training sessions. If for some reason or another, you had to miss training on Nov 12-13 that took place at the BARN in Milton, your chance to make it up is :

Tuesday, Decenber 6th (tomorrow night) 5-8pm  (chalet-fireplace room), RSVP by this evening for this session (December 5, 2011)

Tuesday, December 20th 5-8pm (workshop- lunch room) (RSVP by December 19th for this session)

You must RSVP by sending an email to  and to myself to let us know which session you will be attending and we will forward numbers to the trainers. A reminder to ensure that you sign-in at these sessions so we have it on record that you attended.

For those of you who missed Nov 26th training- I do not have a make-up date yet. I’ll advise you when I do.

4. Credits and liscensing: A reminder that you must complete all your required credits in order to an active coach before the start of the season- before December 26th, 2011. You must email a Print screen of you “home page” on website and if you signed-up for a course that equipped you with your missing credits, you must show proof of registration. A reminder that all this information must be sent directly to . Not to worry, Jenn will be keeping me in the loop and those of you NOT liscensed will not be working this season so PLEASE make sure that this is done asap.

5. On-snowtraining : On Decenber 17-18th, we will be holding our 1st on-snow training of the season. Please check the calendar to know when your scheduled time is for this training. A reminder that if you cannot attend, I need an email well in advance explaining why you have to miss the training. As you are all aware, training is manditory for all.

I believe that is all for now. Hope you are having a great week. For those of you in exams, good luck!

Wish for snow!


Weekly Update: Nov 21, 2011

Good morning coaches!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. Have you started on your Holiday Shopping yet? less than 25 days until Christmas! You know what that means right? Christmas camp is just around the corner! Did everyone see the white stuff last week?! Lots of things are happening this week so read below to ensure that you catch all the info:

Thursday Nov 24: Corbetts Night

If you are still looking for gear for the season, whether it is skis, boots, a helmet, tuning stuff, or even clothing… you won’t want to miss this event! Snow school staff are exclusively invited for a night with some GREAT deals. Night begins at 5pm.

Saturday Nov 26th: Training #2

This is the 2nd of 3 mandatory trainings. Training will begin at 10:30am sharp in the Sunset lodge; we will start off with all of the snow school staff for the 1st hour, after which we will break, move into the clubhouse and continue with some MHRC specific training. A reminder that this training, like all other, is mandatory and if you cannot make it, you need to let me know. Milton Heights coaches and apprentices MUST attend the 26th session while the rest of the snow school staff have the option between Saturday and Sunday. Training for coaches will end at 1:00pm.

Saturday Nov 26th: Apprentice Meeting

On Saturday, immediately following the training, at 1:30pm, there will be a 1 hour mandatory meeting for all apprentices and their parents in the clubhouse. This meeting will cover information around expectations, job responsibilities, apprentice program details, etc… Bring your questions, pen and paper.

Sunday, Nov 27: Last Dryland

Yes, it is that time again! Week 7 of dryland is coming up this weekend which means that if you are around and willing to come out and volunteer/help run the last day fun activities, please let us know! A reminder that dryland runs from 10am-12noon.

Pre-season trip: Stratton

On Dec 9-11, 2011, we will be heading down to Stratton, Vermont for a pre-season trip. If you want more information on the trip, cost, etc… check out

Lastly, last year’s apprentices should be gearing up for their level 1 CSCF (EL) course. If you have not yet registered or have any questions regarding this course, do not hesitate to let me know.

CSCF Credits and liscensing: I have posted LOTS of information about this and will review again this weekend, but do make sure that you have all of your credits completed asap. You need them in order to be able to work this season!

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!



Weekly Update & Ski swap volunteering?

Hello coaches!

A few updates for this week:

1. Dryland begins this Sunday 10am. Please join us if you are keen in getting in shape for the ski season!

2. Make sure to have looked at the important dates on the calendar for training, etc… on the BLOG. do let me know if you have any conflicts.

3. A few of you have been emailing me re: Stratton trip; I promise that I will provide details as soon as I have them! I hope that we can nail down details this week so we can promote registration at dry land.

4. If you have not yet paid your dues, please do so asap. A reminder that everyone MUST complete educational and risk management credits in order to be licensed for the season. A reminder that it is NOT enough to just pay your dues, you must also complete these credits in order to be ensured as a coach for the ski season. For those of you signing up for your CSCF level 1 coaching course, your membership dues and your licensing requirements are included in the fee of the course for the 1st season- you will have to worry about this next season!

5. I highly encourage you all to register for the RaceLINE articles if you have not yet done so. This is a great way to stay updated on what is happening at a high level in AOA.

6. Coaches’s Conference is happening on Fri October 28 & 29. We would like to ensure that we have a good MHRC representation at this conference so do please take a look at your schedule and see if you can attend. Please send me an email if you plan on attending so I know who will be there from our club.

7. Planning on attending a coaching course this season? If so, please send me an email letting me know when you think you will be attending and which course you are interested in… a reminder that the club does reserve some funds for dedicated and senior coaches who wish to continue their professional development.

8. Prospective apprentices- please ensure that you have submitted your resume and cover letter to me via email along with your interest to apprentice for the 2011-12 season. Please do take a look at the required dates for training on the calendar in “important dates”. do let me know if there are any conflicts.

9. Our ski swap is fast approaching and as you know, we are always looking for some wonderful and keen volunteers like yourselves! so please read the info below and email the correct person if you are interested in volunteering:
For those of you who haven’t experienced this event…. the MHRC Swap is the
2nd largest in Ontario….. run by volunteers from our club, Glen Eden staff
and our partners (Corbett’s and McMaster Sports). It is our largest
fund-raising activity; without it our program fees would increase

I ask that you look at the duties and work-shifts below…. choose
something that suits you and contact Erin  by e-mail at

We will offer training on Thursday evening for those of you who have not
participated before.

Thanks in advance for your support.

SWAP Coordinator

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 3rd – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm




FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4th – 9 am to 5 pm




FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4th – 5 pm to 10 pm








SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5th – 9 am to 1 pm

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5th – 1 pm to 5 pm








SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6th – 9 am to 3 pm






SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6th – 3 pm to 6 pm


SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6th – 6 pm to 8 pm




That is all for now

I will be back with some more updates shortly so do make sure that you are checking in the blog on a daily basis as I will be increasing my posting frequency from now on! Also, if you have not already done so, you can “subscribe to the blog” which means that you will receive an email alert every time a new post has been published- this way you can stay updated ALL the time!

thanks everyone and looking forward to seeing many of you at the hill soon!



week #6 update

Hi all!

wow, what a successful week we had! Great results at races from our NG and K1 teams & fantastic successes at both ALL star races for K2 and J! For those of you involved with the J Race yesterday- thank YOU for all your help! The day could NOT have gone smoother- we stuck to schedule, courses were great, safety was no concern, racers/coaches/parents were happy, prizes were awesome, what more could we have asked for?!?! Thanks again! I know that yesterday’s successful race continues to maintain our reputation of running “amazing races”!

So what else, it is week 6 already, the season is coming to an end shortly, but not over yet! we have semis and finals coming up and your athletes still need your full attention and enthusiasm so keep it up! A few updates for this week:

Monday- Tonight, yes we have appleby racing (Ian, Chloe & Tyler W) from 5-7pm- meet at 3:30pm- SL full gate to be set. All HS racing coaches, this evening is the LAST NIGHT, and we will set FULL gate SL 7-9pm, all coaches to meet Ian at 6:30pm on snow to help with the set.

Tuesday- Adult racing- this is our Slalom night, coaches please remind your groups/coordinators that tonight’s courses will be FULL gate SL and stubbie SL (stubbies on OLD T-Bar lane & Full gates on Race HILL)

Wednesday- GS and SL (full gate training)- we have 2 lanes so let’s set SL on race hill (off the ramp) and GS on boomerang, with FULL nets on both sides. Since most groups will be training SL, if set-up crew/coaches have enough time, it might be wise to have 2 SL courses going, one off the ramp & other beside to help with line-ups during the night.

Thursday- We only have 1 LANE so I would like to set FULL gate SL off the ramp for the K1’s, since their next race is all Full gate SL and KOMBI for the NG beside.- all on race hill

Friday- so far the plan is to have adult training at GE BUT we have not received much interest so far – coaches involved with TNT please remind the adults in your groups this week of the extra training on Friday- we will make a call to go ahead or cancel on Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday- all coaches and apprentices on snow for 7:30am. We are hosting a SL full gate for the K1 cougars in the morning, race has a 9:30 am start. In the afternoon, we are hosting a GS race for another grouping. Most NG teams are home- it will be busy as most Saturdays are at the hill so my suggestion is to have your teams come for 8:30am on snow so you can spend the morning training freeskiing before lunch & maybe do some video in the afternoon. There may be an opportunity to set some brushes over on drop zone in the afternoon after JHL- coaches please think about your plan for the day and whether or not it fits your training needs.

Sunday- Only teams at home will be Freestyle and Snowboard. all other teams are racing.

That’s all for now. start thinking about your end of season evals, more details on that next week

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Oh and don’t forget the True sport tubing evening on the 13th- details about it here. see y’all on snow.


Sunday K2 and J training re-located

Hi all, see below the email I sent out to coordinators this evening with updates for Sunday Feb 6th/ plan:

Hi everyone,

First off, I want to thank you all for your patience in waiting for details. As you know, we are hosting the J All stars race this weekend which means that the clubhouse will be very busy. In efforts to continue to provide good quality training for the K2 and J athletes that are not involved with the all stars- we have decided to have a training day at Mount St Louis Moonstone. The day will include free skiing & lane space with gates (stubbies and brushes) available on the Moonstone side.  Coaches: Meghan, Kyle and Peter are expected to take on their teams as usual and plan on training at the away location. The club will pay for lift tickets for all K2 and J racers as well as for the lane space for the day. Racers and parents are to be aware that lunch and extra tickets will have to be purchased at their own cost:
youth: $36/day
adult: $43/day.
Coordinators- please send out the information to all families and athletes right away and please ask them all to get back to you confirming their attendance before the end of tomorrow, I would like to be able to arrange payment to be sent with one of the coaches for the morning.
If anyone has any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Coaches are expected to meet athletes at the Base lodge for 8:30am on Sunday February 6th, 2011, training will run from 9am-3pm that day. Racers should plan on bringing both SL and GS skis for the day (we will start off with SL and end the day with GS); please note that we will only be bringing stubbies so shin guards is all the equipment racers will need for Sl training.
Looking forward to a successful training day and a good usage of steeper and longer terrain!
Best wishes to all training and racing this weekend

Tonight’s training cancelled

Good afternoon everyone,

Based on the amount of closures today, we have made a decision to postpone tonight’s training session. I understand that the snow has stopped in some areas but is still coming down hard in others; with the understanding that folks are coming from all around Milton we want to be sensitive that it may not be in everyone’s best interest to risk a drive for a 2 hour training session.  The clubhouse will be opened from 7-9pm this evening so should you decide that you want to get some fresh powder tracks in- you will be able to use the clubhouse during the evening. I apologize for any inconvenience and wish everyone the safest travels in this “snow blizzard”. We will make plans to re-schedule tonight’s training session shortly.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Coordinators- please send out an email to all families.
Thank you all
Lastly, the scheduled meeting for this evening Re: J All Stars will also be cancelled- you should be seeing an email along  shortly with the items to be discussed ( we will converse via email) in planning for this weekend