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Dryland & cross-training

Hey gang…

The warm weather today inspired me to go for a good run  and also made me think (perhaps prematurely) about the off-season.  Now is a good time to think about how your athletes have skied this season and to start asking questions about what they did this past off-season and how it may have affected their skiing.  For example, maybe you had some kids that just didn’t have the quickness and agility required for slalom, or you had some kids that constantly were in the back seat due to poor core strength.  As we finish up the season and start thinking about final evaluations, remember not only to give a review of this past season, but also to prescribe how they best can prepare for next season.  Think about activities or other sports they could participate in that would help their individual skiing and be sure to communicate it to them and their parents.

Here’s a good video filmed this past season by Matt Price, CAST men’s conditioning coach showing a dryland session with the men’s national team and with some good comments from the athletes about the importance of being athletic as ski racers:

Good luck at semi-finals all… let’s keep this tide of MHRC success rolling  🙂


Semi Finals

Hi Team

I did forward along groupings and hosting clubs for semi finals races this afternoon but as promised I am also posting it on the BLOG and including some additional information:

First off, please familiarize yourself with the League Rules on Semis and Finals (you can find these under the additional events/races section of the 2011 rule books).

In case you haven’t seen the hosting schedule, check out this link.

Lastly, if you are an apprentice- you should come out and help on whatever day you are NOT racing. MHRC is hosting on Sat and Sunday so we can use all the extra hands we can get on both days! Thanks all

Good luck at semis and let me know if you have any questions, etc..