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Uniform Return and Family Fun Race

Hi all. sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been trying to track down the snow school to get some information as per the procedure for uniform returns this season; it appears NOT to be finalized yet so please do keep checking the BLOG even after this weekend for an update on this. So tomorrow, if you are coming to the hill- please bring radios and chargers and keep your uniforms 😛

As for Family Fun Race, a.k.a. tomorrow… I know that the weather forecast doesn’t look all that promising BUT we will go ahead with our proposed schedule of a 10am start time. Coaches who have communicated with me (as a result of my last post asking for helpers on Sat) are: Kent, Will, Rick, Chloe & Tyler W. All other coaches are of course more than welcome to attend but will be doing so on a volunteer basis. All coaches working + apprentices, please meet at the clubhouse for 8am! Have a good evening all and hope to see many of you in costumes tomorrow! oh and bring a rain jacket… just in case!

coaches that can set on Thursday night?

is anyone able to make it to the hill for 5:00pm on Thursday night (NG/K1 coaches) to set the course? I can have 2 people to set one for Gs and the other for SL. Reply back here and the first 2 to do so will be the lucky ones! thanks guys!

Bootfitting step 1

step 1 is analyzing the problem, can you tell what is wrong with the skier in each of these videos?


let me know what you think?

Update, start of week 4

Hi everyone

Congrats again on a job well done to all the MHRC teams this weekend- we again achieved some pretty amazing results! Hats off to coaches and athletes for doing such a great job! Keep it up guys. So we are hitting the mid point- this is usually when we start getting tired and start “slacking off” so let’s keep up the momentum. Please continue to email your coordinators/managers your start list way ahead of time (i.e. latest on Monday evening of the week before) to spare them the energy and effort of going after you. Continue to keep your teams informed of what equipment to bring for training during the week as well as details for the weekend’s race. A reminder, that evals are due this week, they MUST be looked at by your team leader before being handed out (NG- Kent, K1- Brook, K2-Ian and J- Rick). If you need help with these, look at my previous post for more info.

Here’s this week’s udpate:

Monday night (tonight)- Appleby College Training (Ian, Scott & Connor?)- Full SL course from 5-7pm on race hill. Coaches interested in some extra training, please meet me on snow for 7pm at the top of the race course for re-set and please stick around until the end to help with teardown.

Tuesday night- TNT- Full gate SL on old T-Bar Lane and GS full gate on Race hill, set-up crew- Ian, Kyle and Scott?

Wednesday night- K2/J Training- SL and GS full course on race hill

Thursday night- K1/NG Training- 2 hills- GS on Boomerang (FULL Gate) & PAN SL and stubbie SL on race hill (2 HILLS)- set-up crew Chloe, Tyler + Scott?

Friday– away training- SL for K2/J. If you are registered please meet at the chalet at the base of Moonstone for 8:30am. we need to arrange lift tickets, etc… Training will wrap-up around 3pm. Coaches are myself, Rick and Ian.

Saturday- the only groups home is JHL- coaches and apprentices meet Will and I at the gate cabana for 8:30am for set-up. We will also set full gate SL for JHL coaches and apprentices interested in some extra gate training:)

Sunday– White team is home and we are hosting a K2 GS for group 7- if you are available and would like to come and volunteer yourself to gate keep that day, we would really appreciate it as we are low on helpers with all other teams away racing.

That’s all folks and to wrap-up; I leave you with Developing GS turn technique using S Turns that Rick sent us, enjoy.  Oh and a gentle reminder that I will be entering payroll tomorrow evening so please make sure it is all in for the past 2 weeks of pay! thanks!

always wanted to try tubing???

well here’s your chance to try out “unlimited tubing” at GE and to help support our club, here’s the info:

MHRC, True Sport Tubing Night, at the MHRC Clubhouse

4:30pm to 8:30pm

Sunday, February 13th,2011

Pizza Dinner being served from 4:30 to 5:15

Unlimited Tubing from 5pm to 8:30pm

Cost is $30.00 per person, payment in cash only.

Tickets available at the club on the following dates

Saturday Jan 22, Feb 5

Sunday Jan 23, 30, Feb 6

Thursday Night Jan 20, 27, Feb 3

wouldn’t it be kind of fun to get a whole bunch of coaches together down the tubing runs of mount eden? 😛