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Weekly Update- Jan 23rd

Good afternoon everyone!

My apologies with the delay in getting this weekly update out! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for week 3 of programs?! I have a few items to bring to your attention this week but first things first, here’s a rough outline of what this week has in stores for us:

Mon: Freestyle and snowboard development team

Tue: Adult Houseleague and Masters; we have a timing night on our schedule and we will go ahead with this plan for now. I would like to use the brower timing system and simply count this a timed training night. We will set GS Full gates on race hill (outside of the tower). Depending on conditions, we can see about setting a second course for training, but with today’s rain, I am worried about snow depth. Tuesday night certifying folks & apprentices… please meet Kent for 7pm unless you are running the session, then meet him for 6:30pm in clubhouse.

Wed: Tyler is in charge of the set as it is his night to run a session- he will be setting GS panels on OLD T-Bar Lane. Please set 2 nets for the finish area. If snow allows, I would also like to set another GS course on Boomerang since all teams are racing GS this weekend.

Thur: Snowboard race team will train. Martin will be setting for the K1s as it is his night to set, he will be setting a pannelled SL course down our normal race lane. We will also be setting a FUll gate SL course for the K1 groups who are training this so do prepare your groups for full SL gear if applicable.

Fri: extra training. Stubbie SL and full gate SL training. Please push with K1 parents who need to get their kids feeling more comfortable with training full gate SL courses.

Sat: all teams are away. JHL will be spirit day. an email to come from me

Sun: all ski teams away. Snowboard race team away. Freestyle at home.

A few other details:

  • A reminder that as an employee, if you are unsure about something relating to your employment or have a question, please inquire with your evening supervisor or myself. I ask that all coaches take responsibility for their own employment. Although as supervisors, we want to provide great customer service, we will no longer be answering about coaching and employment questions through the employee’s parents.
  • Hours are due this week. Please make sure to complete hours for the pay period ending this week.
  • Coaching conflicts: I know some of you will have conflicts for the Feb 4th and 11th weekend, please refer back to the contact list I sent you at the beginning of the season and contact coaches who are NOT normally coaching on these days to fill in for you. A few suggestions: Scott, Mike B, Danielle, Heidi, Meghan, etc….and any K2 and J coaches who normally would be free on a Sat.
  • Great job making Smurf Day fun folks! thanks for keeping in with the smurf spirit!
  • All stars- as some of you may know already; We will be hosting All stars this season again and will need all hands on deck. Please email me or let me know in person if you are available on Feb 5th and can come out to help. I will be blogging about coaching arrangements and team training for this day once plans have been finalized.
  • Mid – season is upon us. Evals are due next week. I will be posting today or tomorrow more details around mid season racer evaluations.
  • Supervisors will also be completing coach evaluations this week and next and you will be asked to meet and sit down with a supervisor to go over your evaluation shortly.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask! Have  a good week everyone!



Weekly Update: Jan 9

Good afternoon coaches!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and a great start to their week. I wanted to give you a all an update of what this week will look like. As you all know, Glen Eden is making all the efforst in the world to make snow at every opportunity that they get…based on snow availability- we will be training on one lane all week:

Monday- Jan 9–> Make sure you have submitted your hours online by end of day today. Highschool Racing Coaches- meet Emilie in the clubhouse at 6:30pm. Tonight we will be doing a ski off with the athletes and placing them in their appropriate groups- you will be free-skiing with your groups and working on ski improvement. No gates this week. Next week will be GS gates for them. There will also be a small freestyle group and the Snowboard development team in the clubhouse starting their training this evening!

Tuesday, Jan 10–> TNT night #1. Jeff will be coaching for Heidi, Tyler, Danielle, John, Rick and Will. Meet in the clubhouse for 6:30pm for a quick meeting. We will be setting a full gate GS in the outside of the tower and a stubbie SL (with lots of room) in the inside. Coaches that have signed up for the Tuesday night certifying session are to meet Kent in the clubhouse for 6:30pm.

Wednesday, Jan 11–> K2 and J teams will all be training SL. Jeff is heading up the session for this week. All coaches to meet Jeff in front of the clubhouse for 6:30pm with skis on.

Thursday, Jan 12–> NG & K1 guys- Brook will be running the session, meet Brook and Kent and I outside the clubhouse at 6:30pm with skis on. Snowboard Race Team kicks off their training this night also. Courses for the young skiers will be stubbie SL for K1’s and pannelled SL for NG’s.

Friday, Jan 13–> Friday Training for NG and K1, discipline is Super SL. I am still looking for another coach if someone is available, please contact me asap.

Saturday, Jan 14–> JHL #2. JHL coaches, please meet myself for your session at 8:30am in front of clubhouse. all teams that are at home will be training SL. All  league coaches and apprentices, please be on snow for 7:30am.

Sunday, Jan 15th–> Hosting SL for J White Team.- all league coaches on snow for 7:30am. All teams at home will be training SL in the afternoon. Thanks to Meghan and Chloe who expressed interest in helping out with the race- much appreciated!

Other business

As you all are probably aware, this week kicks off lessons for the snow school and this means that the hill will be a little busier, please use the start of the evening to remind your racers of some hill etiquette:

– making groups of 3 or 4 before lining up for the chairlift

-no horseplay in the lift lines

– in order to use the ski school line, your racers must be with a coach, no exceptions will be made for this. If you would like to have your racers cycle through fast, I encourage you to instruct them to make use of the single line.

Please also, think about where you are stopping on the hill and try your best to keep your group in one condensed line or cluster off to the side. Thank you to everyone for a great first weekend and looking forward to seeing you all on snow this week!



PDP opportunity

Here is a message from AJ with the snow school regarding some opportunities for those looking to further their knowledge and coaching education. Please contact the snow school directly if interested:



This Saturday and Sunday we have our first PDP offerings for the season.
Because we have no programs this weekend, it will be a great time to get out on snow and have some fun.
You are only able to take 1 PDP, but you may come out, and if numbers permit we will offer Session on top of these offerings.

Below is an offering of PDP’s that will be running here. Each PDP runs 4 hours and is delivered by a Level 4 course conductor.

As a CSIA / CSCF instructor & coach, these sessions are something that you are entitled to take. Your dues cover the cost of taking 1 PDP per season.  These sessions are AWESOME… you should really think about coming out.  They are FUN, and focused on helping you be your best. Even instructors who are certified as recently as this week are able to attend…. this is a great way to get ready to teach this season.

SATURDAY 7th 9:00 AM – Int & Adv Ski Improvement – SPACES OPEN

SATURDAY 7th 1:00 PM – Teaching Children – SPACES OPEN  (only 2 spots left)
SATURDAY 7th 1:00 PM – Assessment & Development – SPACES OPEN

SUNDAY 8th 9:00 AM – Assessment & Development – FULL
SUNDAY 8th 9:00 AM – Assessment & Development – SPACES OPEN

SUNDAY 8th 1:00 pm – General PDP – Ski & Teach Development – SPACES OPEN (only 2 spots left)
SUNDAY 8th 1:00 pm – Int & Adv Ski Improvement – SPACES OPEN

Emails have been sent out regarding these PDP’s.
If you wish to participate, please email AJ with your name, the PDP you wish to attend, and your CSIA #

Space will fill up FAST… please do not wait too long, as you will likely miss out


Weekly Update: December 5th, 2011

Hi Team!

Hope you are all doing your snow dance. I couldn’t believe that the weather was 8 degrees celsius this morning- let’s all hope that the weather cools off soon! Not much of an update this week but thought I would get in a habit again of writting my weekly updates on Monday, so here it is:

1. Offers of employment: you should have all received offers of employment for all programs with the exception of High School Racing on Monday nights and Friday Training. For HS, I am waiting to hear back on numbers from the school board, once I hear back, I’ll be sending out offers of employment to the number of coaches needed for the program. Friday Training, will be done a week by week basis as per last season, if you are interested in working a specific Friday Training, email me the week before, especially if it is geared towards the age group or league that you are coaching, you will get precedence over coaching this specific week providing that we have adequate numbers to run the sessions.

IF YOU HAVE NOT received an offer of employment, now is the time to send me an email and inquire.

2. Stratton: I am sure many of you have heard this news by now… unfortunately, we had to cancel the pre-season trip for Stratton scheduled for Friday-Sunday this week due to lack of snow.

3. Training Make-up: As you know, your offers of employment are pending completion of all training sessions. If for some reason or another, you had to miss training on Nov 12-13 that took place at the BARN in Milton, your chance to make it up is :

Tuesday, Decenber 6th (tomorrow night) 5-8pm  (chalet-fireplace room), RSVP by this evening for this session (December 5, 2011)

Tuesday, December 20th 5-8pm (workshop- lunch room) (RSVP by December 19th for this session)

You must RSVP by sending an email to  and to myself to let us know which session you will be attending and we will forward numbers to the trainers. A reminder to ensure that you sign-in at these sessions so we have it on record that you attended.

For those of you who missed Nov 26th training- I do not have a make-up date yet. I’ll advise you when I do.

4. Credits and liscensing: A reminder that you must complete all your required credits in order to an active coach before the start of the season- before December 26th, 2011. You must email a Print screen of you “home page” on website and if you signed-up for a course that equipped you with your missing credits, you must show proof of registration. A reminder that all this information must be sent directly to . Not to worry, Jenn will be keeping me in the loop and those of you NOT liscensed will not be working this season so PLEASE make sure that this is done asap.

5. On-snowtraining : On Decenber 17-18th, we will be holding our 1st on-snow training of the season. Please check the calendar to know when your scheduled time is for this training. A reminder that if you cannot attend, I need an email well in advance explaining why you have to miss the training. As you are all aware, training is manditory for all.

I believe that is all for now. Hope you are having a great week. For those of you in exams, good luck!

Wish for snow!


TWIST- extra dryland= amazing opportunity!

Hi guys, please read the below email/communication from Hans. This is a GREAT opportunity and an amazing price! I suggest that if you have some sort of interest in getting more prepared for the ski season- why not give this a shot???? need more info? please contact Hans himself..! cheers guys!


Hello Athletes, and welcome back to another race season!
Once again, it is time to start training during the fall to get ourselves physically race ready.  This year, we have the chance to train with Twist Sports Conditioning Centre in Burlington.  Some of you may already have heard of Twist or have even trained there.  For those that haven’t here is a little info about their type of training:
Twist’s “Smart Muscle” training improves the mind-muscle connection.  The result is stronger muscles that are more compliant to the brain’s commands, enabling skillful whole body movement.  Twist helps athletes to develop efficient, quick, powerful, deceptive, and confident movement abilities that will translate into increased sport skills, tactics, and overall performance.  Traditional exercise programs target aerobic cardiovascular fitness, linear movement, strength routines that isolate muscles, flexibility and body composition, where the goal is to change the body’s appearance.  This can lead to injury and leave the body ill-prepared for the demands of sport and life.  Smart Muscle training focuses on the development of dynamic balance, multi-directional movement and whole body strength to enhance co-ordination, body awareness, speed, agility and reactivity – all the physical tools that contribute to success in the many diverse situations life and sport bring.
For more information, please see the attached Twist brochure and information document about their programs.
We are hoping to begin the Twist program starting Thursday, October 6, 2011.  Classes will run from 1830 to 1930 hours (6:30pm until 7:30pm) each Thursday.  It will be an 11 week program and cost $100.00 plus HST.  No this is not a typo!  I have been training with Twist for the last year and have worked on a special deal for our athletes.  The first class is free and the next 10 classes will each cost $11.30 ($10 plus HST) per athlete (based on a maximum of $20 athletes).
IMPORTANT:  we only have space for 20 athletes.
At this time, the program is open to athletes 14 to 18 years old.  If space permits, we will accept athletes that are 12 to 13 years old, and are willing to give it all during the classes.
This program is being offered as additional training outside of The Milton Heights Racing Club.
If you do wish to participate, please contact Hans Schroeder,,  to reserve your spot.  Payment must be made in full for the entire program.
And yes, this training program is open to both skiers and snowboarders!
Thank you,


I want more training= SOLUTION!

Hi guys!

Me again! You can tell that we are approaching the season by the frequency of my posts! Some of you are probably aware that GE is hosting some new and interesting training opportunities for instructors and coaches- all of these training listed below are optional. But please consider as they may be good for your development or maybe be just what you need to get you ready for the ski season ahead! Please note that the fitness sessions are different and separate from the MHRC dry land program. If you have any questions about the below, send me an email or send GE an email directly!



1) Fitness Training

         These will be OPTIONAL sessions. The intent simply to get staff out, socialize, and get active pre season.  Each outing will include a run, ride, or form of team sport (Ultimate Frisbee, etc) This will be a great teambuilding option, and great way to get people motivated for the winter.

         7 sessions in total.

         Oct 1, 15, 22, 29, Nov 5, 19, 26/27

         Each fitness session (excluding the 26th / 27th) will start at 10:00 and run for 1.5 to 2 hours. The 26th / 27thwill be a final session taking place AFTER the full staff meeting.  We will meet AT the Sunset lodge…and be outside for each session.

         Staff will be receiving an invite to these sessions via the BLOG and following completing their applications online.


2)  TECH Sessions

          These will again be OPTIONAL sessions. The focus being on providing industry updates on topics such as the Technical Model, Student Progression, Equipment, Tuning, Etc.

          4 Sessions + a staff night at Corbetts

          Oct 27th, Nov 3rd, Nov 10th, Nov 17th, and a Corbetts Staff Night on the 24th of Nov.

          Each of these sessions will take place in the Sunset Lodge, and will commence at 6:00 pm

          Staff will again receive an invite to these sessions via the BLOG and following completing their applications. 







tomorrow afternoon extra SL training- interested?

tomorrow, we will set SL full gate on race hill from 1-3pm so anyone interested in some extra gate training, especially if you are involved with All Stars on Sunday- come out and enjoy!