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Weekly Update: Jan 30

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a great racing weekend. We have lots going on this week so please pay special attention to this week’s weekly update.

Monday, Jan 30: Appleby Racing (SL full gates): Heidi, Jacob & Tyler to meet each other at the gate cabana at 4pm. Please set on our regular race lane: SL full gates, banner and 2 nets at bottom. There is no high school racing this evening, so please tear down after their regular training time 5:30-6:30pm.

Tuesday, Jan 31: TNT. Pending snow condition, please set GS on race lane with 2 nets and tower net & SL full gates on old t-bar lane with banner, no nets but make sure that the course ends before the banner at bottom. Evaluations due to Will P at beginning of the night, He will re-distribute at the end so you can hand out to racers.

Wednesday, Feb 1: Same set-up as Tuesday’s TNT. Racer evaluations due to Emilie at beginning of the night- they will be handed back to you at the end of the night for distribution to your racers.

Thursday, Feb 2: Same set-up as Tuesday’s TNT and Wednesday training except for Full gate SL on old t-bar lane, please set stubbie SL. Is anyone available to come out and help with set-up crew this day? please email me asap! thanks! Racer evaluations due to Kent/Emilie at the beginning of the night- we will hand them back to you at the end for distribution to your racers.

Friday, Feb 3: K2 & J training day at Moonstone- GS. Coaches confirmed so far: Rick & anyone else wanting to work, please email me. Do note that the preference for coaching will be awarded to coaches who coach K2 and J first.

Saturday, Feb 4: JHL race #1- DD group will be fore-running. Teams training at home will be free skiing in the morning during the race and training in gates in the afternoon.

Sunday, Feb 5: Away Training day to Moonstone for racers not attending All stars: includes Snowboard, Freestyle, K2 and J racers: coaches confirmed: Kent, Heidi, Tyler, Dylan, Hans? and Dave? Please note that MHRC will be absorbing the cost for tickets and lane space for this training day.

Hosting J ALL stars: so far coaches confirmed: Rick, Meghan, Will, Emilie. if anyone else is available to work this day, let me know- I’ll be sending an email to the coaches working with a timeline for the day’s events.

And that is all, so like I mentioned, we have lots on the go this week! A reminder that when you are getting your shift covered due to a coaching conflict or other, you must email myself letting me know of the switch- thanks.

If you have any questions. let me know!



Coach Assignments

Good morning coaches!

Something that Will, Kent and I wanted to implement this season was an opportunity for “ALL” coaches to set and run a session during the 8-week program. I have completed a tentative schedule for league coaches for Wednesday and Thursday evenings, please read: Coach setting assignment 2012- updated Jan 2, 2012.

Let me explain further:

1. Set-up crew works from 4:30-6:30pm to set-up the banner, netting, etc…

2. Coaches who’s name appears for that night will be responsible for:

– Sending me via email your lesson plans (including the set you will be doing) by the due date indicated in the attached file above. Please make sure that you chat with all the other coaches training that night and incorporate their training needs into your plan.

– Coming at least 1/2 an hour early (6pm) to set the course with the help of the set-up crew.

– Run an on-snow session with all the coaches from 6:30-7:00pm where you will be explaining the focus for the evening and where your set fits in.

– Responsible for running a debrief session at the end of the night (9:30-9:45pm) in the clubhouse while folks change to head home. Please cover how your plan was executed, its success, comments on how teams and coaches were doing with the set… any changes you made or would have made throughout the night, etc…

And that is all.

Pretty simple right? This way, everyone has the opportunity to set and run a session which will help with your coach development. If you need any help with developping your lesson, please make use of the reference materials in the clubhouse (on the shelves near the projector screen) or ask myself, Kent or Will for assistance. A reminder that your lesson/plan for the night including your discipline of choice must be emailed me to by the Sunday night prior to your week assigned- this way I can compile a training plan for the week and include it on the weekly update both on the coach and parents blog.

Any questions, please ask? if you are unavailable for your week, let me know and I can make some changes. Please note that any further changes to this document will be made and the most current version will be saved under the “docs to go section”.




Entry Level Course

Hi everyone!

I trust that you are all looking forward to a LONG weekend! I know I am! In the past week or so, I have been receiving tons of emails re: entry level courses. If you were an apprentice last season, you should be starting to think about registering for your entry level coaching course. you can do so at Please note that the certification pathway has changed many times in the past few years, therefore if some of you have older siblings who have gone through the course a few years ago, do note that the process may have changed. Please review the requirements and what you must complete here.

Remember, that it is your responsibility to register for the course. If you have any questions about the process, you are of course, more than welcome to approach me with your concerns and I’ll help you wherever I can.

Thanks and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


There was an injury on my team… am I going to get in trouble if I report?

The answer to this is NO! You will NOt. In fact, you will be in trouble if you DON’T report it! Don’t worry, Myself, parents, other coaches et all… understand the risks involved with the sport that we take part in. Of course in some cases you can do everything in your power to ensure that your racers are safe but someone still gets hurt- does it mean that you aren’t as good of a coach as the other who finishes the season with all athletes injury free? NO it does NOT. All I care about is that you took all the pre-cautionary measures to ensure that you and your athletes are safe at all times- this includes: where you stop on the hill, where you take them skiing i.e. in the glades at away races, how safe your courses are, if there is/isn’t someone on corner during training, etc…  Second, how you handle the incident is what makes defines you:

1. accident reports are  a must/ this is even for an away race- you should ALWAYS and I mean always send me an email letting me know what happened if I am not there so you can tell me. I really do not want to be hearing about a broken arm through the racer’s parents the following day when I have no idea what happened. I am always on your side but it makes it hard to back you up if I have no idea what happened and I don’t have your side of the story.

2. Follow-up with the parents on the day of is a MUST

3. Follow-up with the racer/parents the day after or a few days later (this can also be at your next training session depending on severe the accident/injury was). This shows that you care:)

so in conclusion, please don’t be afraid of telling me an accident happened, of course I would rather that we have NO accident BUT if it was out of your control, you have no worries. just follow through with the procedures and make sure everyone that is supposed to be in the know is. That’s all.

Update Week #5

Hi Coaches! another great and successful weekend done- congrats to all the teams who did very well at their races! Another great weekend for MHRC racers and coaches- great job to all! Thanks to coaches who helped run (Rick and Ian) a great training session last Friday at Moonstone! 52 gates were brought up and they all made it in the ground- oh the joy of having a longer run to train on! Great day- thanks to athletes and coaches for helping in the day’s great success!

This week’s update, yes I know a little late… sorry about that- weekend got away from me!

Tonight- Appleby Racing – coaches are Chloe and Dylan

Tomorrow-Tuesday- ADULT TNT race #2. Set-up crew, please set FULL gate GS on race hill and full nets (for timing) and stubbie GS on boomerang for training in between timed runs). If coaches can be in the clubhouse (TNT coaches) for 6:30pm that would be great, we can organize registrations then.

Wednesday- Training will be SL and GS for racers. Set-up crew please set SL on race hill and GS on boomerang. The brower timing system works, let’s plan on having someone set-it up for boomerang. I will be inside meeting with race committee and all involved in the ALL star race on the weekend.

Thursday evening- Training will be GS and SL, please set-up SL FULL  gates and GS full gate on race hill, one course inside and the other outside of the tower.

Friday Training- is for J and K2 racers and has been changed to our home turf- we will be training GS in the morning and SL in the afternoon. Coaches will be Rick, Ian and maybe myself depending on numbers.

Sat- The only teams home will be DD’s and JHL- this will be our 1st JHL TIMED race, all coaches (including apprentices and JHL coaches) should be on snow for 8:30am to help set for the morning. DD’s will also be participating in the race- should be a good morning:)

Sunday- We are hosting all stars for J’s this day. coaches who are scheduled to help me out for the day: Heidi, Rick, Scott, Kent, Will. If anyone else is available, please send me an email as I am currently judging how much help we need. Coaches, please meet at the top of sidewinder for 6am (I know that means we have to hike… BUT we must set all safety net before the lift opens…) I’ll bring a breakfast treat for everyone:)

That’s all folks. So have another fantastic week and thanks again for doing a GREAT job! watch out for those 30 cm of snow we are supposed to get tonight! OH and to all you HS racing coaches, last week of training is next week so remember to meet coach Ian on snow for 6:30pm! cheers!

Truesport and attitude

I want to make this brief but I have witnessed and heard of a few comments in the past week or so that lead me to write this blog post. I want to remind all coaches and apprentices that whether you want to or not, you are role models to the athletes in our club and that your attitude and enthusiasm (or lack thereof) is reflective of the coaching staff and I would go as far as saying to our entire club. Within your coaching teams, please pay special attention to any bullying, poor attitude towards other racers, coaches, GE, etc… and please make sure you address all that seems inappropriate. A reminder that if you ever feel like you need support in these situations, your team leaders, myself, race director, coordinators/managers and president are all on your side. We are all here for the camaraderies, love of the sport, etc… so please ensure that you instill these positive values in your racers and reprimend those with the negative attitude. Remember it only takes 1 bad apple to spoil the basket- negativity spreads so quickly so do your best to avoid it as quickly as possible.  Truesport, do you know what it is? remember it from seeing banners in the clubhouse? from coaches’ training? refresh your memory by checking out their website. I would like to end this post with the following quote taken directly from the Truesport website (MHRC is a member of the Truesport movement):

 “By joining the True Sport Movement, you make a powerful statement: you declare that your group stands with thousands of other athletes, coaches, parents, and community leaders in saying Yes to the principles that promote good sport and No to negative attitudes and actions such as bullying, cheating, and violence.” source via web

Together, let’s continue to ensure that all of our athletes get a positive experience by being part of MHRC. Thanks to all for your hard work and commitment to these values.

Bootfitting step 1

step 1 is analyzing the problem, can you tell what is wrong with the skier in each of these videos?


let me know what you think?

Safety First

and foremost. It is super important and everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all of our athletes. I have stressed this during  many training nights/days and I will continue to stress this that there MUST be someone on corner at all times to ensure that the course is on HOLD when needed. Much like course maintenance is everyone’s responsibility (and not just senior coaches’) this is also. I know that standing on corner is not always the best job ever but you can also have someone at the top and at the bottom this way the whole course is covered and you can manage safety from both points. Please, please and please make sure that this happens. I heard that we had some pretty big falls last night- coaches on Wednesdays- please make sure this is happening even if I am not there to nag about it! 😛 thanks guys