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Reference Materials for Coaches

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday. Too bad that the weather isn’t cooperating for more than a few days at a time. Needless to say, for those of you working this evening…please wear a rain jacket! I have attached the course CSCF Drill handbook and Course Setting info document for your use. Please refer to this document to aid you in prepping for your session night and your training session plans with your team. I will also post it under “docs to go”. cheers!

Tuesday Night Certifying Sessions

Good afternoon everyone!

A quick reminder about the Tuesday Night certifying sessions that will be kicking off on Tuesday, January 10th. For those of you needing a refresher of what these are, here’s a short and sweet description:

Who is this for? Coaches who are EL Trained (level 1), preferably coaches who have had 1 season of coaching JHL or NG under their belt but is available for all coaches who have successfully acheived the Entry Level Trained Status.

What is the committment? I know some of you are probably wondering this yourself… the committment for coaches is to attend a minimum of 5 out of 8 sessions (Note: the 1st session on January 10th is mandatory for all) . On the first night, you will be assigned to one night or half of a night that you will have to come prepared to lead a lesson to the group of your peers. At the end of each lesson, coaches will debrief on how the trainer did and recommend ways for improvement. All and all, this will be an interactive learning session.

When do I have to sign-up by? Kent will be running these sessions and you are required to sign-up via email to myself by the end of the week, January 8th, 2012…. this way Kent, can plan out the 8 week session depending on numbers.

What will I get out of it? You will get some practical experience coaching with your peers and have the opportunity to do lots of reflecting on others and your own coaching styles. At the end of the season, upon completing your book, your risk management EAP (emergency action plan) and your end of season eval- providing that you do a good job at leading your respective session, you will obtain your “certified” status. Please note, we will ONLY be evaluating those who commit to this program.

Any questions? Let me know via email or ask below in the comments section.

Thanks everyone!



Weekly Update: December 21, 2011

Good morning coaches!

Let me start off my apologizing for a delayed weekly update- I will do my best to have these up on Mondays for consistency. Hope everyone is doing well- I know many of you are done exams and hopefully almost done your Christmas shopping (as the malls are CRAZY nowadays!). A few updates for this week:

  • Opening date for Glen Eden: I know some of you are aware that GE has delayed their opening date to December 26th- this decision was made to preserve their snow making efforts. For more information on snow condition, check out their website or see my post on the “parent’s blog” for some pictures of snow coverage So what does this mean for us? Glen Eden’s snow-making crew has been working night and day and extremly hard to make snow during every possible opportunity and I am confident that we will have a fair amount of open terrain to work with on day 1 of camp. So bottom line- don’t worry… we will be skiing on the 26th!
  • Congrats! To all the newly “trained” EL coaches! Looking forward to having you as part of our team  this season!
  • Coats and Passes: Some of you have been sending me panic emails asking “when you will be getting your season’s pass?!!” No worries, Visitor’s services are printing all coaches and apprentice passes as I am typing this post and I will have them available for you on day 1. Coats on the other hand will be available for pick-up for coaches and apprentices on December 29th. I am awaiting some more information regarding times- as soon as I have this info, I’ll spread the word!
  • Licensing Credits: I received an updated file from Jennifer from the snow school with information on who is and isn’t licensed for 2011-12 season… I sent out an email last night to all of you who appear to still be “unlicensed” for the season. A reminder that you have until the end of the week to provide Jenn and I this information via email ( in order to be working this season.
  • Start time on day 1: I would like to request that ALL coaches who are working December 26th (this is all league coaches) to be in the clubhouse for 7:45am on December 26. Start time for 26th will go as follows: Assessments will take place from 8:45-9:30am and camp will run from 9:30am-3:00pm with 1/2 lunch. We will discuss who is taking lunch when,  on Monday morning during our meeting. It is imperative for everyone to be in the clubhouse at this time (7:45am)- we have a LOT of information to cover since our last time together.
  • Christmas Camp Teams: Coordinators are working on christmas camp team lists (if you are curious how the teams are formed- it is completely random using a formula) and will be emailing them to you by the end of the week. A reminder that teams will be rotating in order to provide racers the opportunity to ski at least 1 day with every coach at their league level- I will communicate to you how this change will work.
  • Your team: You are probably wondering “when you will find out which team you are coaching? ” Great question! Just as we will be posting the teams on Jan 1st at 12noon on the blog we will be posting coache allocations  at the same time. Keeping this information quiet until the 1st of Jan will ensure that all racers and coaches are treated the same during camp.   

I believe that is all for now. If you have any questions about this information, don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and see you on Boxing Day!


Further Coaching Education

Hi Guys!

Just a quick note to remind you all that if you are interested/willing to go courses to further your coaching education, please present me with a plan including all costs associated with the course and I will present it to the team to see what the club can help cover. I know how expensive it can be to go on courses and I don’t want this to be a make it or break it factor for you to further develop your coaching knowledge. Of course, if you go on course, we benefit from it, so we would be more than happy to help cover some or all of the costs where we can. Thanks!

have a good night!


Credits? what are these???

Have you been scanning my BLOG posts for the past few weeks and wondering what exactly credits are? what does it mean to be licensed? Good question… some of you have inquired re: your individual situation via email…. for the rest of you, here is in the info:

In order to be an active and insured coach for the season; you must complete a certain amount of educational and risk management credits. These credits can be completed in many ways: you can attend a course, an update(such as the coach update), you can do an online module, you can obtain credits for certifications that you already have (i.e. if you are first aid certified, send that in and you get risk management credits), you can attend officials course, you can attend the AOA coaches conference and the list goes on…. For a complete listing of courses/modules available as well as the number of credits that they will provide you with, click here.

Great things come from this new process:

1. Coaches are forced to continuously educate themselves and stay up to date on new coaching information and trends in the sport and skiing industry. More education= better coaches = stronger and more developed athletes.

2. Encourages people to take course such as the DL or PL CSCF course. Encourages folks to complete the trained-certified pathway as many steps can give you the credits you need. Did you know, that if you take the DL course, you will have credits carried over for 2 season? Why NOT go on course eh?!

3. It forces folks to get on snow- what could be better for all of us than this?!

So, what does this mean to you? Well, you can’t hide from this post or information… if you are EL trained or more as of today, this applies to you. To find out exactly how many credits you need to obtain before you can start working, check out your home page. When you pay your dues, you will clearly see if you are licensed or NOT…

Any questions? more info available here. What’s REALLY important for you all know, is that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are GOOD to go and able to work for the season. Please note that if your first work day approaches and these are not completed, your offer of employment may be revoked at this time.

If you have any more questions…as always you can contact me via email..!


Entry Level Course

Hi everyone!

I trust that you are all looking forward to a LONG weekend! I know I am! In the past week or so, I have been receiving tons of emails re: entry level courses. If you were an apprentice last season, you should be starting to think about registering for your entry level coaching course. you can do so at Please note that the certification pathway has changed many times in the past few years, therefore if some of you have older siblings who have gone through the course a few years ago, do note that the process may have changed. Please review the requirements and what you must complete here.

Remember, that it is your responsibility to register for the course. If you have any questions about the process, you are of course, more than welcome to approach me with your concerns and I’ll help you wherever I can.

Thanks and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Para Coaching Clinics- info below

In case you aren’t aware, the CSCF is using some para coaching clinics as part of the certification pathways for coaching certifications- here is some info on an upcoming one in case you are interested:
Here is the message from AOS- if you are interested, just let me know via email and I’ll send you some more information about registration:



Carving the Future Para-Alpine Events 2011

You are cordially invited to participate in and help spread the word about Alpine Canada’s Carving the Future Para-Alpine Events 2011, being hosted in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and the National Capital Region of Quebec and Ontario. The goal of each event is to create as far a reach into the disability community as can be accomplished, to increase awareness and knowledge of Para-alpine ski racing, and to increase communication among the Para-alpine community in Canada.


Participants may or may not have had previous experience in alpine skiing, but have an interest in learning more about the sport in a competition context. This includes individuals who have a congenital disability or are newly disabled, coaches, parents, health care professionals, and anyone who wants to learn about the potential opportunities and benefits that Para-Alpine racing can provide.

This year’s events are scheduled as follows:

Quebec/National Capital Event: February 12 and 13, 2011 at Edelweiss Valley Ski Resort, Quebec/National Capital Region.

Alberta Event: February 27, 2011 at Canada Olympic Park, Calgary (On-snow activities from 9:15 am until 3:30 pm)

Ontario Event: March 6, 2011 at Georgian Peaks, Collingwood, Ontario. (On- snow activities from 9:15 until 3:30 pm)

British Columbia Event: March 13 and 14, 2011 at Kimberley Alpine Resort. This Carving the Future event will run in conjunction with the Canadian Para-Alpine Championships and the CADS 2011 Festival.

For further information and details regarding any of these events, or to register, please contact Evelyn at Please note that pre-registration for each of these events is strongly encouraged.


CSCF speed module

Coaches who are currently taking the DL pathway and wish to complete this would have the option of completing it at the POD Cup next week, if you are interested, reply back to here and send me an email separately. thanks

Please pass this on to your coaches –

Coaches wishing to use this event as their CSCF Speed Module will be able to do that – they must attend all days of the camp – it is ok if they are with their athletes – there will be a daily de-briefing (apx 30 minutes at the end of each day) – they must attend all Team Captain meetings (daily – beginning Wednesday 8 am – Old South Lodge Loft)–
if they are not with athletes – we will arrange for them to accompany an experienced coach for mentoring and assist with event duties under the direction of the Chief of Race and/or TD

Cost is $25 – payable to Craigleith Ski Club – they can contact me to register

They must register and complete the online basic speed concept mode before the speed camp. Link below