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Congrats on day 1- JHL and apprentices

To everyone that was on snow today- thanks for a job well done! I know it was a chaotic day; from looking for snow to set a course, to folks setting for their “first time” this season, to late JHL assessments, to day 1 of JHL, to the warmest day ever for skiing in January…. etc…. it was a BUSY day. I know I didn’t have the chance to make it around to all the groups, but I only heard good things from parents, managers and coordinators- so thank you for keeping the kids motivated and engaged! You have all done such a fantastic job thus far and have really kicked off what is promising to be awesome season- regardless of if the weather co-operates or not! haha

To the NG and K1 coaches, I look forward to seeing you all on snow for 6:30pm on Thursday night! have a good rest of your weekend and see some of you on snow tomorrow.

Congrats J RED

Sunday K2 and J training re-located

Hi all, see below the email I sent out to coordinators this evening with updates for Sunday Feb 6th/ plan:

Hi everyone,

First off, I want to thank you all for your patience in waiting for details. As you know, we are hosting the J All stars race this weekend which means that the clubhouse will be very busy. In efforts to continue to provide good quality training for the K2 and J athletes that are not involved with the all stars- we have decided to have a training day at Mount St Louis Moonstone. The day will include free skiing & lane space with gates (stubbies and brushes) available on the Moonstone side.  Coaches: Meghan, Kyle and Peter are expected to take on their teams as usual and plan on training at the away location. The club will pay for lift tickets for all K2 and J racers as well as for the lane space for the day. Racers and parents are to be aware that lunch and extra tickets will have to be purchased at their own cost:
youth: $36/day
adult: $43/day.
Coordinators- please send out the information to all families and athletes right away and please ask them all to get back to you confirming their attendance before the end of tomorrow, I would like to be able to arrange payment to be sent with one of the coaches for the morning.
If anyone has any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Coaches are expected to meet athletes at the Base lodge for 8:30am on Sunday February 6th, 2011, training will run from 9am-3pm that day. Racers should plan on bringing both SL and GS skis for the day (we will start off with SL and end the day with GS); please note that we will only be bringing stubbies so shin guards is all the equipment racers will need for Sl training.
Looking forward to a successful training day and a good usage of steeper and longer terrain!
Best wishes to all training and racing this weekend

Update Week #5

Hi Coaches! another great and successful weekend done- congrats to all the teams who did very well at their races! Another great weekend for MHRC racers and coaches- great job to all! Thanks to coaches who helped run (Rick and Ian) a great training session last Friday at Moonstone! 52 gates were brought up and they all made it in the ground- oh the joy of having a longer run to train on! Great day- thanks to athletes and coaches for helping in the day’s great success!

This week’s update, yes I know a little late… sorry about that- weekend got away from me!

Tonight- Appleby Racing – coaches are Chloe and Dylan

Tomorrow-Tuesday- ADULT TNT race #2. Set-up crew, please set FULL gate GS on race hill and full nets (for timing) and stubbie GS on boomerang for training in between timed runs). If coaches can be in the clubhouse (TNT coaches) for 6:30pm that would be great, we can organize registrations then.

Wednesday- Training will be SL and GS for racers. Set-up crew please set SL on race hill and GS on boomerang. The brower timing system works, let’s plan on having someone set-it up for boomerang. I will be inside meeting with race committee and all involved in the ALL star race on the weekend.

Thursday evening- Training will be GS and SL, please set-up SL FULL  gates and GS full gate on race hill, one course inside and the other outside of the tower.

Friday Training- is for J and K2 racers and has been changed to our home turf- we will be training GS in the morning and SL in the afternoon. Coaches will be Rick, Ian and maybe myself depending on numbers.

Sat- The only teams home will be DD’s and JHL- this will be our 1st JHL TIMED race, all coaches (including apprentices and JHL coaches) should be on snow for 8:30am to help set for the morning. DD’s will also be participating in the race- should be a good morning:)

Sunday- We are hosting all stars for J’s this day. coaches who are scheduled to help me out for the day: Heidi, Rick, Scott, Kent, Will. If anyone else is available, please send me an email as I am currently judging how much help we need. Coaches, please meet at the top of sidewinder for 6am (I know that means we have to hike… BUT we must set all safety net before the lift opens…) I’ll bring a breakfast treat for everyone:)

That’s all folks. So have another fantastic week and thanks again for doing a GREAT job! watch out for those 30 cm of snow we are supposed to get tonight! OH and to all you HS racing coaches, last week of training is next week so remember to meet coach Ian on snow for 6:30pm! cheers!

Truesport and attitude

I want to make this brief but I have witnessed and heard of a few comments in the past week or so that lead me to write this blog post. I want to remind all coaches and apprentices that whether you want to or not, you are role models to the athletes in our club and that your attitude and enthusiasm (or lack thereof) is reflective of the coaching staff and I would go as far as saying to our entire club. Within your coaching teams, please pay special attention to any bullying, poor attitude towards other racers, coaches, GE, etc… and please make sure you address all that seems inappropriate. A reminder that if you ever feel like you need support in these situations, your team leaders, myself, race director, coordinators/managers and president are all on your side. We are all here for the camaraderies, love of the sport, etc… so please ensure that you instill these positive values in your racers and reprimend those with the negative attitude. Remember it only takes 1 bad apple to spoil the basket- negativity spreads so quickly so do your best to avoid it as quickly as possible.  Truesport, do you know what it is? remember it from seeing banners in the clubhouse? from coaches’ training? refresh your memory by checking out their website. I would like to end this post with the following quote taken directly from the Truesport website (MHRC is a member of the Truesport movement):

 “By joining the True Sport Movement, you make a powerful statement: you declare that your group stands with thousands of other athletes, coaches, parents, and community leaders in saying Yes to the principles that promote good sport and No to negative attitudes and actions such as bullying, cheating, and violence.” source via web

Together, let’s continue to ensure that all of our athletes get a positive experience by being part of MHRC. Thanks to all for your hard work and commitment to these values.

always wanted to try tubing???

well here’s your chance to try out “unlimited tubing” at GE and to help support our club, here’s the info:

MHRC, True Sport Tubing Night, at the MHRC Clubhouse

4:30pm to 8:30pm

Sunday, February 13th,2011

Pizza Dinner being served from 4:30 to 5:15

Unlimited Tubing from 5pm to 8:30pm

Cost is $30.00 per person, payment in cash only.

Tickets available at the club on the following dates

Saturday Jan 22, Feb 5

Sunday Jan 23, 30, Feb 6

Thursday Night Jan 20, 27, Feb 3

wouldn’t it be kind of fun to get a whole bunch of coaches together down the tubing runs of mount eden? 😛

Week 2- so good so far!

Hi all!
Great weekend for MHRC it was; a win for the K2 Rockies, a win for the J white and Red team! Congrats to all the racers and coaches! As the title suggests, so good so far! The fact that the season has kicked off to such a great start is really thanks to all of your coaching efforts. I know it is only week 2 but I am so pleased with all the coaches. I have seen people thinking outside the box, coaching in 3D (as I have been pushing many of you to do) setting for a purpose (train hard and race easy), and much more. I hope the results and changes that you are seeing in your athletes will be enough of a motivation to keep up your enthusiasm, your energy and your passion for the sport!
It is already week 2 folks! Boy did the time go by fast already?!! We have a few things on the go this week, read below for some insight:
–> FINAL AOS schedule- I don’t have it yet, although I anticipate to get it at some point today (fingers crossed) thanks for your patience. I have shared the latest version with the coordinators but have asked them NOT to share with the parents and coaches as I know it is NOT final and I don’t want to have 10 million schedules floating around and parents not sure of where they need to be. I appreciate your patience and cooperation on this.
–> Tonight– High school racing Night #2- if you are coaching, please be on snow for 6:30pm & look for Ian.
–> TNT tomorrow– we will be training FULL gate GS and stubbie GS, please share the word with anyone asking. Tomorrow HS race #1 (ski-side) coaches working please be on snow for 1pm and check in with Ian.
–> Wednesday- K2/J Training- we will have 2 hills, we will set GS and SL full gate, so figure out what you would like to train with your teams and share the word so your racers know what gear to bring. We also have a HS race that day- please meet me at 1pm on snow if you are scheduled to work.
–> Thursday K1/NG Training– so far, unless we are racing something totally different (which we will know when we receive the updated schedule) we will set on race hill, 2 courses Panelled SL and stubbie SL again. DD’s will set brushes or stubbies on an alternate location- we will discuss.
–> Friday Training is for JHL– coaches working are Scott, Chloe & Alex Hi- please be on snow for 8am.

What else? Wed-Friday is the K1 POD CUP- Ian will be taking 5 of our K1 racers up to Craigleith for a camp and race- good luck Ian and racers. Have fun!

–> I am asking all coaches to keep an eye out for bullying within their teams. A reminder that, it is our responsibiliy to ensure that there is a positive atmosphere in our groups at all times. Yes we are a ski racing club, but our programs also allow for socialization, confidence building, problem solving, team building etc.. and it is our job to ensure that everyone who signs up for programs- gets that same exeperience that they deserve. In all teams, you are responsible for knowing where your groups are at all times, it is your responsibility to ensure that no racer is left behind at lunch, when loading the lift, etc… If you need help on this- ask your team leader or myself; we will be happy to share some ideas with you.
–> MHRC is an inclusive club and we have many programs that some of our racers and coaches are not aware of- each as important as one another. It is imperative that as coaches we value the importance of JHL, snowboard, freestyle, etc… I have heard some comments about a few coaches and athletes making some innapropriate remarks regarding other programs: “why are they here?”, etc… There are ears everwhere, so when you think nobody can hear the comments that you are making, you are wrong…Consider this your last warning, if comments like such are made again, we will have to move towards progressive discipline. This goes for comments made towards apprentices as well, they are here to help, they are NOT here to do all the “dirty work”.

I hate to have to sound so harsh already starting week 2, but these are important issues and must be addressed. Hope you all have a fantastic week and as mentionned above, as soon as I get the new schedule, I will post it here 1st!
Let’s have another successful week at MHRC!

Ski Swap Volunteering

I know I posted about this already but we need extra helpers. please send your name to if you are able to help out. Remember, our club wouldn’t exist without all of its volunteers and the ski swap is such an important fundraiser for the club every season- so please help. Positions that we still need help with are the following: computer check in during the day and evening on Friday and floor sales/cashiers over the weekend.

Cheers guys and thanks to everyone who made it out to training last night! Only 1 person was missing a sin # and emailed it to me right away- thanks Dan. Hope for the same success on Sunday- remember what you need to bring with you coaches & remember for your proof of dues paid and licensed for the season!

Ski Swap

Heck yes, every year as you all know, this is our biggest fundraiser! is the new website for the swap. It contains all the information you need to know and need to pass onto your friends so they can all come and buy new and gently used equipment at a great price! Please pass along the link and the date for the swap to all your contacts- see you all there on the 1st weekend of November!

Ski swap is just around the corner!

Hi everyone, please read the below email that is circulating amongst the MHRC families. You will notice that there is a new website for the ski swap this year, address found below, it is now up and running:) Secondly, our board has worked hard in getting a new and improved website up and running for the season check it out, you’ll notice that it is much more user friendly than the previous. Registration is now up and running and everyone MUST create themselves a new log-in and password as it is a new system. Reminder that we will have registration in the clubhouse for the 1st 3 sessions of dryland October 17th. 24th and 31st prior to the early bird pricing deadline which is October 31st for MHRC & November 8th for Glen Eden passes! Check out the email below:


Volunteers Needed

Milton Heights Racing Club’s

Annual Ski Swap

Attention MHRC Club Members!

It’s time to start thinking about skiing again, and what better way to kick off the season than to reconnect  with old friends, find some great  bargains and help out at the Annual Ski Swap?

The Swap is once again being held at the Gambrel Barn at the Country Heritage Park in Milton from November 5th to 7th.

For more information and hours of operation refer to the following websites;

Our Ski Swap is the club’s largest fund raising event, and requires the support of a large number of volunteers to make it a success.

Please mark your calendars…….We need lots of people to help out with set-up, equipment, cash and food sales for a few hours at a time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s a fun-filled, fast-paced event that should not be missed!



Last year, many of our K2 and J racers had a great time helping out with the Ski Swap while receiving high school volunteer hours for their time.

Please e-mail or phone us if you’re able to help out and if possible, specify which day(s) you can help out.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Margaret and Tom Hayes