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Hi Coaches.

We ask that you please take a few minutes and complete our online nomination form for our end of season awards. You can find the link here.

Thank you in advance for nominating someone who you think is deserving! This is a very important part of our season and all athletes look forward to the banquet and the awards!


Your awards committee

Award Nominations for MHRC Banquet 2013

Greetings Coaches!

As we hit the halfway mark of the season this week… it is already time to start thinking about nominations for the Awards Banquet in April 2013! For returning members, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about… for new members… You will find on the top navigation bar of the parents blog at a “new tab” titled “AWARDS”; when you click on it, you will find an online form for nominations. For those of you who visit the BLOG via your email alerts- you can also get to the form by clicking here.

Every season, we always struggle with nominations- so please help us out by submitting at least one nomination for the 2012-13 season. When you navigate to the awards form, you will notice at the top of the page a description of all of the awards and a few fields to fill out below; fields such as: your name, your nominee, the award you are nominating them for and a description. Please enter all required fields and we ask that you be as detailed as possible in the paragraph field to give the deciding committee as much information as to why you think a certain individual is deserving.

I know it is only week #4, but it is NEVER to early to nominate someone deserving!

Thank you for your help with this


P.S. I challenge all coaches and apprentices to nominate at least 1 person this year!

Most Improved Racer

Hi again Coaches,

At the banquet, we present an award for the most improved racer (for each league and team)- this is including JHL. I would like to request that you chat with your co-coach, if applicable and submit your most improved racer via the form below  and prior to March 1st, 2012 so we have enough time to get the awards engraved.

Thanks so much

MHRC awards and nominations

Can you believe it is already Feb 7? Whether you refuse to believe it or not, we are passed the mid-season point and are starting to plan for end of season. As most of you know, the end of the season is marked at MHRC with an awards banquet, this year scheduled for March 31st, 2012. At this banquet, we recognize and acknowledge members, racers, coaches, volunteers etc.. that have made an impact on our season and our club over time. The banquet is an excellent opportunity to celebrate success and without all the wonderful people that our club is filled with, this success would not be possible. What we ask is that every member takes the time to submit a minimum of 1 nomination for an award. We have different award categories and surely you can think of at least one person deserving for the recognition.

Every season, we usually struggle with gathering nominations for these award. With the success of the blog as means for communication within our club for the season, we decided to utilize it as a medium and to create an online nomination form. So here it is, you can find our online form under “awards & nominations”- a new tab found at the top right hand corner of our parent’s blog or here.  It is as simple as it seems, you enter your information, click submit and the form is directly sent to our awards coordinator for compilation and consideration. We ask that you complete a separate nomination form for each nomination you put forward. If you have any questions about this process or the form in general, please leave us a comment in the appropriate section below.

Thanks in advance for all your nominations!

Coach of the Camp

A little delayed here… as camp ended 2 weeks ago BUT please help me congratulate Jeff C in receiving the coach of Christmas camp award! Thanks for all your hard work Jeff!

Congrats SBX team!

what awesome results our snowboard team had at provincials! Congrats to the entire team. check out this wicked video that was put together by one of the team members! pretty cool eh? doesn’t that make you want to strap your board on and join them???

award nominations

Every year, it is always a struggle to get award nominations for all awards being presented at the banquet. I strongly believe that us coaches have a better eye for noticing these athletes that are deserving of a nomination since we see them all in action as coaches, volunteers and racers so I encourage all coaches to complete “at least” one nomination this year. Please do your best to accomplish this. It is rather hard when meeting with the awards committee to decide on award winners without enough nominations so your help would be most appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions around this but you can find all the information here on the main page under Feb 12th’s post. Thanks y’all