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Thursday- Jr race ski demo

Hi NG and K1 coaches, please read my latest post on the parents’ blog about a race demo for JR race stock skis at GE this Thursday. Please encourage your racers to demo at least 1 pair of skis during that evening as we want to encourage the reps taking time out of their night to attend.

Thanks everyone!

Reference Materials for Coaches

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday. Too bad that the weather isn’t cooperating for more than a few days at a time. Needless to say, for those of you working this evening…please wear a rain jacket! I have attached the course CSCF Drill handbook and Course Setting info document for your use. Please refer to this document to aid you in prepping for your session night and your training session plans with your team. I will also post it under “docs to go”. cheers!

Coach of the Camp

A little delayed here… as camp ended 2 weeks ago BUT please help me congratulate Jeff C in receiving the coach of Christmas camp award! Thanks for all your hard work Jeff!

Congrats on day 1- JHL and apprentices

To everyone that was on snow today- thanks for a job well done! I know it was a chaotic day; from looking for snow to set a course, to folks setting for their “first time” this season, to late JHL assessments, to day 1 of JHL, to the warmest day ever for skiing in January…. etc…. it was a BUSY day. I know I didn’t have the chance to make it around to all the groups, but I only heard good things from parents, managers and coordinators- so thank you for keeping the kids motivated and engaged! You have all done such a fantastic job thus far and have really kicked off what is promising to be awesome season- regardless of if the weather co-operates or not! haha

To the NG and K1 coaches, I look forward to seeing you all on snow for 6:30pm on Thursday night! have a good rest of your weekend and see some of you on snow tomorrow.

Thank YOU

Good evening Coaches! Last post in 2011!

Can you believe Christmas camp has come to an end and that we are about to start the year of 2012?! time sure flies by! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for what was another successful Christmas camp. You all did a fantastic job with remembering all the racers’ names, keeping them entertained, being creative with our ever-so-changing-plans, and keeping smiles on the racers’ faces- so THANK YOU! I know that this week had its challenges but I do think that you all did a fantastic job with keeping everyone’s attitudes positive and this certainly made my job much easier.

Thanks to the K2 and J coaches for helping run a successful day of time trials at Mount St Louis yesterday. I also heard that the NG and K1’s had a good, but foggy training day yesterday. I hope you all enjoyed your day off today:) and it was well-deserved! Thank you to all the coaches who came out and coaches during Christmas camp! We could not have done it without you- thanks for all your help.

I will be working on the list of coaches for Monday Night HS as well as set-up crew in the next 2 days and emailing those who will be working separately. Please do let me know if you are interested in either one of these 2 working opportunities. I hope you all have a great week and a reminder that programs all begin the weekend of January 7th and 8th. I will ask that coaches (all league) please be on snow for 7:30am (unless otherwise noted later on this week on the blog) and JHL coaches to be on snow for 8am.

Happy new year to all and a reminder that team lists will be posted tomorrow on the parents’ blog. I’ll link the document to this blog so you can all know who is coaching what and who is on your teams.

Once again, thanks for all your hard work, it certainly did not go unnoticed.

see you in 2012.


Thanks for a successful first day

Quick note to thank you ALL…for a fantastic first day. I was busy moving equipment back into the gate cabana and putting new gear together as well as doing new racer assessments today but do plan on making my rounds to all the teams tomorrow. Great job to everyone on keeping the racers engaged and enthusiastic throughout the entire day and only using 2 runs! See you all in the clubhouse at 7:45am tomorrow morning! Looking forward to a great day 2. Hope you all get some well deserved rest this evening!


Further Coaching Education

Hi Guys!

Just a quick note to remind you all that if you are interested/willing to go courses to further your coaching education, please present me with a plan including all costs associated with the course and I will present it to the team to see what the club can help cover. I know how expensive it can be to go on courses and I don’t want this to be a make it or break it factor for you to further develop your coaching knowledge. Of course, if you go on course, we benefit from it, so we would be more than happy to help cover some or all of the costs where we can. Thanks!

have a good night!


Congrats SBX team!

what awesome results our snowboard team had at provincials! Congrats to the entire team. check out this wicked video that was put together by one of the team members! pretty cool eh? doesn’t that make you want to strap your board on and join them???

Uniform Return and Family Fun Race

Hi all. sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been trying to track down the snow school to get some information as per the procedure for uniform returns this season; it appears NOT to be finalized yet so please do keep checking the BLOG even after this weekend for an update on this. So tomorrow, if you are coming to the hill- please bring radios and chargers and keep your uniforms 😛

As for Family Fun Race, a.k.a. tomorrow… I know that the weather forecast doesn’t look all that promising BUT we will go ahead with our proposed schedule of a 10am start time. Coaches who have communicated with me (as a result of my last post asking for helpers on Sat) are: Kent, Will, Rick, Chloe & Tyler W. All other coaches are of course more than welcome to attend but will be doing so on a volunteer basis. All coaches working + apprentices, please meet at the clubhouse for 8am! Have a good evening all and hope to see many of you in costumes tomorrow! oh and bring a rain jacket… just in case!

Congrats J RED