A few details

Hi Team

Hope everyone had a great last weekend of program! This week marks the last evening training for all teams, so let’s make sure that all of the athletes have a great time! Here are a few details for this week in addition of my blog post last week with the daily breakdown for the next 2 weeks:

  • Racer Evaluations: These should be submitted to your athletes this week. Please make sure to note the ones for anyone absent and we will send these via email.
  • Mileage & Truesport: These forms will be disappearing from the site/blog within the next day or so… I should have all of your submissions by now.
  • Radio Return: Radios are to be returned on Saturday, March 2 between 9-12noon in the clubhouse. A reminder that we did rent radios this year, and it is imperative that we receive them all on time so that we are not given any additional charges. If you cannot make it on Saturday, I would recommend giving your radio to someone else that will be here and can hand it in for you.
  • Uniform Return: AJ & Jenn have agreed to host an alternate Uniform Return date for coaches given that some of you will not be back at the hill after this weekend. The date/time is Saturday, March 2 in late afternoon to guarantee that a supervisor will be present and can return it for you. If you cannot make this date, there will be alternative ones posted for all other snow school employees- be sure to keep your eyes out for this. A reminder that any uniform not returned on time will be charged to your credit card… so do your best to make this weekend’s date to get it out of the way.
  • Banquet: All coaches receive a free ticket to the banquet and I will ask that you tell your immediate supervisor if you are attending or not as we need to ensure we get the right amount of food:) Please let them know this week so that they can email me with a list of attendees from their groups.
  • MHRC Fun Race: I have all the help I need and I confirmed with the coaches that are working- please be on snow for 8am; apprentices too, if you can make it.

I think that is all for now

thanks everyone. see you soon


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