WEEK #6 Update

Greetings coaching team

Hope everyone enjoyed the snowstorm we had at the end of last week- it is pretty obvious that winter decided that it is here to stay! Good for us- always nice to have a little powder to ski on!

We have a few things happening this week so read below for a detailed daily update:

Monday: n/a

Tuesday: Tuesday Night Adults Program. Dual SL is the plan for a set- I recommend setting down old-t-bar lane it makes coaching easier and a more consistent fall line to train on. No nets are needed at the bottom, just a banner on the side of the lane.

Wednesday: Both U16 & U18 athletes will be training Full gate GS. If there is enough snow on the ramp, I would recommend setting off it. Set-up crew, we will be setting down our regular race lane, so please set the banner and nets (bottom & Tower).

Thursday: U12/U10 racers will be training Full Gate GS whereas U14 athletes will be training full gate SL. Both courses will be set on our regular racing lane. Set-up crew, please set wide so you can fit 2 courses in.

Friday: U10 GS training at home- Extra Friday training. Please register on the website at http://www.miltonheights.com

Saturday: JHL will be having their second fun race. U10 (non-travel) will take part in the JHL race. In the afternoon, we will set  coaches’ request on our regular race lane.

Sunday: We are hosting a U12 GS race. U16 & U18 athletes will be training coache’s request in the afternoon- freeskiing in the morning. U14 panthers will also be training at home.

Wishing everyone a great week in racing!

See you on snow


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