Award Nominations for MHRC Banquet 2013

Greetings Coaches!

As we hit the halfway mark of the season this week… it is already time to start thinking about nominations for the Awards Banquet in April 2013! For returning members, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about… for new members… You will find on the top navigation bar of the parents blog at a “new tab” titled “AWARDS”; when you click on it, you will find an online form for nominations. For those of you who visit the BLOG via your email alerts- you can also get to the form by clicking here.

Every season, we always struggle with nominations- so please help us out by submitting at least one nomination for the 2012-13 season. When you navigate to the awards form, you will notice at the top of the page a description of all of the awards and a few fields to fill out below; fields such as: your name, your nominee, the award you are nominating them for and a description. Please enter all required fields and we ask that you be as detailed as possible in the paragraph field to give the deciding committee as much information as to why you think a certain individual is deserving.

I know it is only week #4, but it is NEVER to early to nominate someone deserving!

Thank you for your help with this


P.S. I challenge all coaches and apprentices to nominate at least 1 person this year!

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