Weekly Update: Feb 13

Hi Coaches! I hope you all had a great weekend- it certainly was one of the first that actually felt like winter! Thanks to everyone who helped out with this weekend’s coverage- I know we had a lot of conflicts and we appreciate all the help that was given. In terms of the weekly update- we are nearing the end of program, with just 2 more weeks left!

Here is what this week has in stores for us:

Monday Feb 13- Appleby racing- Full gate GS down challenger (Jacob, Heidi & Tyler). Appleby trains from 5:30-6:30pm, coaches meet at 4pm. Last night for High School Racing- coaches meet at 6:30pm- Full gate GS down challenger for skiers and snowboarders will be skiing a stubbie course down old t-bar lane.

Tuesday Feb 14- Race day for Masters & adults. Let’s set a Full gate GS on our race lane with proper netting and fencing at bottom and around tower & set a stubbie GS over on Boomerang with nets- this course will be skied as a training course and in between timed runs.

Wednesday Feb 15- K2 & J. I know you are all awaiting your schedules for semis next weekend, we should have a schedule by Tuesday and at this point, I will be posting it on the blog and we can identify which discipline we will be training then. We will be setting on our race lane so set-up crew, we will need proper nets at bottom and around tower as well as banner.

Thursday, Feb 16- K1 & NG & Snowboard. Same- as soon as our schedule is out for semis, I will share it with everyone and let you know what we are training this weekend. Set-up crew needs will be the same as wednesday.

Friday, Feb 7- NG day at Glen Eden. This day serves as the NG make-up day for Dec 31st which means that we have lots of people signed up. Coaches will be Chloe, Tyler & Dylan. Is anyone else available? we could use a 4th coach, please email me if you are available.

Weekend plans- Sat/Sun. again will be determined by the semis schedule.

I believe that is all for now. Thanks to everyone for handing out your evaluations- much appreciated. I would suggest since the end of season is just around the conner, that you start working on them right away!

Have a great week everyone!




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