Weekly Update: Feb 6, 2012

Good afternoon Coaches!

I apologize for a delayed weekly update this week- this was a busy weekend! I hope everyone had a sucessful weekend racing and/or training and are looking forward to another busy week! Here is what it has in stores for us:

Monday– Appleby Racing (Heidi, Tyler & Jacob)- meet at 4pm, SL set full gates. HS Racing, meet Tyler at top of the race course for 6:30pm to help re-set. Evening plan: GS full gates on racing lane, Stubbie GS for snowboarders on old t-bar lane.

Tuesday– Adult Houseleague- GS full gate course on race lane & FULL gate SL on old t-bar lane for the masters training SL. Please be mindful of the lane space that we take up on either end at the top due to the narrow skieable passage that a lane on either side creates. Thanks!

Wednesday–  ALL teams will be racing SL. we will set a full gate SL course on the oustide of the tower and some FULL gate SL drills in the inside with what room we have available. All teams will be training SL. For those not racing this weekend- i.e. red team, please take advantage of this night for some free skiing, working on some specific drills to allow for others to have some time in the course prior to their race.

Thursday– We will be training Full gate SL for K1’s & GS full gates for NG team. Please note that if you are not racing this weekend, I would recommend that you spend the evening working on specific skills such as starts, etc… and take advantage of your weekend in gates.

Friday– K1/k2 and J cross block training at Home. Coaches will be confirmed once I hear on numbers- by Wednesday. If you have expressed interest, hang tight until then.

Sat– JHL, NG and K1 at home.

Sunday– J Red & K1 Make-up date for Dec 31st at home. Please let me know what disciplines you would like to train and communicate this back to your teams, remember that you will all have to share hill space this day.

Thanks everyone! I would like an email from those of you who have not yet handed out your racer evaluations this week, please let me know when they will be handed out

Thanks a bunch for all your hard work! a special thanks to: Danielle, Tyler M, Rick, Will, Scott, John, Meghan, Claire, etc… who helped making yesterday’s All star race a success! a special thanks to all the coaches for helping pinch in with Moonstone away day as well!

see you all this week



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