Tuesday Night Certifying Sessions

Good afternoon everyone!

A quick reminder about the Tuesday Night certifying sessions that will be kicking off on Tuesday, January 10th. For those of you needing a refresher of what these are, here’s a short and sweet description:

Who is this for? Coaches who are EL Trained (level 1), preferably coaches who have had 1 season of coaching JHL or NG under their belt but is available for all coaches who have successfully acheived the Entry Level Trained Status.

What is the committment? I know some of you are probably wondering this yourself… the committment for coaches is to attend a minimum of 5 out of 8 sessions (Note: the 1st session on January 10th is mandatory for all) . On the first night, you will be assigned to one night or half of a night that you will have to come prepared to lead a lesson to the group of your peers. At the end of each lesson, coaches will debrief on how the trainer did and recommend ways for improvement. All and all, this will be an interactive learning session.

When do I have to sign-up by? Kent will be running these sessions and you are required to sign-up via email to myself  emilie.cote@me.com by the end of the week, January 8th, 2012…. this way Kent, can plan out the 8 week session depending on numbers.

What will I get out of it? You will get some practical experience coaching with your peers and have the opportunity to do lots of reflecting on others and your own coaching styles. At the end of the season, upon completing your book, your risk management EAP (emergency action plan) and your end of season eval- providing that you do a good job at leading your respective session, you will obtain your “certified” status. Please note, we will ONLY be evaluating those who commit to this program.

Any questions? Let me know via email or ask below in the comments section.

Thanks everyone!



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