How do I submit my hours???

Great Question!

You will notice that under the blog header- there is a newly added tab labelled “Payroll”. Once you click on it, you will notice a form that you will be required to fill out at the end of each pay period. Under Docs to go, you will notice a schedule of when each payroll is due and must be submitted. I will be posting some reminders through the blog and through my weekly updates but please remember that it is your responsibility to submit ALL of your correct hours on time. If you have any questions about the form or the process, let me know.




One response to “How do I submit my hours???

  1. I have received a few emails asking if you have to submit hours for Christmas camp? please do. I have already submitted hours until the 28th of December due to Head Office’s holiday schedule…but if you could still submit your hours, this way I can double check with what I have submitted and have your submissions on record. thanks for your help with this

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