Training Questions: Answered

Coaches and apprentices,

For the past few weeks, some of you have been inquiring about training and what the timing is for the mandatory dates, finally, I have this information for you! wohoo!

So here it is:

Training session #1 (choose one of the following):

November 12th- 8am-1:00pm @ Museum Barn (directly across from the hill)

November 13th- 10am-3:00pm @ Museum Barn (directly across from the hill)

*For these 2 training dates, your snow school application should have prompted you to select one of the two dates. If not, please email as son as possible to let them know which dates you would prefer to attend.  You will also be reminded by a mass email next week which date you are registered to attend. This is an ALL staff training date, when you arrive, please make sure to sign-in, if you don’t, then I won’t know you attended and I won’t be able to pay you! Apprentices, unfortunately, you won’t get paid this year but this is also mandatory and please do sign-in as well this way I know you were there! Do make sure to indicate when you sign-in that you are with MHRC, as you can imagine, there will be a long list of attendees and this will make it easier for me to scan the list to identify  MHRC folks.

Training session #2

November 26 10:30am start. I will be able to provide more detail around the timing for this day. we will start off with the snow school instructors to cover off mandatory information for everyone and then break off to do our own MHRC training. More details to come.

Uniform Pick-Up & Passes

You will be picking up your uniform on the weekend of the 12th and the 13th in Sunset Chalet- after/before training (times TBA). Please make sure that you have a credit card available for your cleaning $10.00 deposit. I have not received any more information about this, as soon as it comes in, I’ll share updates on the blog.

Passes– I do not have details so far. I will post as soon as I do.

Missed Training or Make-Up Training

If you are away at school or just unable to make the training date on the 12/13 or 26th. You should email me to let me know. We will be putting in place a few alternate training dates so do keep your calendar fairly open the last week of December prior to the holidays as it will most likely be scheduled for one of these days.

Lastly, just a reminder, that attending training is mandatory and a part of your condition of hire, so if you do not fulfill this requirement, your offer of employment will be revoked.  For those of you, who are new coaches or have not yet received your contract, you should be receiving it early next week.

A reminder that contracts are due at the latest next weekend! If you will be around the swap this weekend, you can drop it off to me then!

thanks everyone!




One response to “Training Questions: Answered

  1. the email i received said the training will be in the gambrel barn. you should confirm.

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