Credits? what are these???

Have you been scanning my BLOG posts for the past few weeks and wondering what exactly credits are? what does it mean to be licensed? Good question… some of you have inquired re: your individual situation via email…. for the rest of you, here is in the info:

In order to be an active and insured coach for the season; you must complete a certain amount of educational and risk management credits. These credits can be completed in many ways: you can attend a course, an update(such as the coach update), you can do an online module, you can obtain credits for certifications that you already have (i.e. if you are first aid certified, send that in and you get risk management credits), you can attend officials course, you can attend the AOA coaches conference and the list goes on…. For a complete listing of courses/modules available as well as the number of credits that they will provide you with, click here.

Great things come from this new process:

1. Coaches are forced to continuously educate themselves and stay up to date on new coaching information and trends in the sport and skiing industry. More education= better coaches = stronger and more developed athletes.

2. Encourages people to take course such as the DL or PL CSCF course. Encourages folks to complete the trained-certified pathway as many steps can give you the credits you need. Did you know, that if you take the DL course, you will have credits carried over for 2 season? Why NOT go on course eh?!

3. It forces folks to get on snow- what could be better for all of us than this?!

So, what does this mean to you? Well, you can’t hide from this post or information… if you are EL trained or more as of today, this applies to you. To find out exactly how many credits you need to obtain before you can start working, check out your home page. When you pay your dues, you will clearly see if you are licensed or NOT…

Any questions? more info available here. What’s REALLY important for you all know, is that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are GOOD to go and able to work for the season. Please note that if your first work day approaches and these are not completed, your offer of employment may be revoked at this time.

If you have any more questions…as always you can contact me via email..!


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