Entry Level Course

Hi everyone!

I trust that you are all looking forward to a LONG weekend! I know I am! In the past week or so, I have been receiving tons of emails re: entry level courses. If you were an apprentice last season, you should be starting to think about registering for your entry level coaching course. you can do so at http://www.snowpro.com Please note that the certification pathway has changed many times in the past few years, therefore if some of you have older siblings who have gone through the course a few years ago, do note that the process may have changed. Please review the requirements and what you must complete here.

Remember, that it is your responsibility to register for the course. If you have any questions about the process, you are of course, more than welcome to approach me with your concerns and I’ll help you wherever I can.

Thanks and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


One response to “Entry Level Course

  1. The site seems to be having some technical difficulties with the entry level registration page, I sent an email to the national office just in case they weren’t aware. I would keep checking every day just in case they fix it soon!

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