Uniform Return and Family Fun Race

Hi all. sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been trying to track down the snow school to get some information as per the procedure for uniform returns this season; it appears NOT to be finalized yet so please do keep checking the BLOG even after this weekend for an update on this. So tomorrow, if you are coming to the hill- please bring radios and chargers and keep your uniforms 😛

As for Family Fun Race, a.k.a. tomorrow… I know that the weather forecast doesn’t look all that promising BUT we will go ahead with our proposed schedule of a 10am start time. Coaches who have communicated with me (as a result of my last post asking for helpers on Sat) are: Kent, Will, Rick, Chloe & Tyler W. All other coaches are of course more than welcome to attend but will be doing so on a volunteer basis. All coaches working + apprentices, please meet at the clubhouse for 8am! Have a good evening all and hope to see many of you in costumes tomorrow! oh and bring a rain jacket… just in case!


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