Saturday of J Finals/Evals/Coverage and more…

This post is to help with the million emails and questions that I have been receiving about coverage this weekend. I am working on getting some coaches to help out on Saturday with the JHL teams. If you typically coach with someone (JHL), you will most likely be coaching on your own on Sat (if you coaching partner is on the white or red team); I am focussing my efforts on getting 1 coach/team minimum and everything above that, is gravy!

K1 teams have been rescheduled for Sunday- that goes for all K1 teams- so coaches, make sure that you are available to train with your team then, and if you are NOT, then please look for coverage.

Lastly, if you are NOT going to be with your team on Sat, you need to find a way to get evals to myself and/or Will/ coach that is filling in for you (unless they are ready to hand out tomorrow at training). Emailing the evals to us would be best if you have a scanner and we can make sure that they are printed and ready to hand out by your replacement(s) on the weekend. This is very important!! I had a few questions around giving evals to racers who you haven’t seen ski/race every week, my response to that was “everyone needs to walk away with an eval”. My suggestion is that if you have a racer that falls under that category (that you feel you haven’t seen on snow enough to allow you to give a fair eval), use the same level as the average of the racers on your group and fill out what you can. Lastly, under comments, make it clear that the eval is “incomplete” due to the fact that the racer in question wasn’t out enough. Please also indicate on these evals that this is the level that racers of that age should strive to achieve; in any case it is good knowledge/information for parents and racers to know the expectations. I urge you to look to some of my previous posts on evals and look up the snowstars levels videos- these are really helpful in knowing if are placing your racers in the right levels.

So to sum up, plans for this weekend are the following:

Sat– JHL race in the morning with learn to race kids from GE that have been invited and our DD’s. Afternoon will be a course set for our DD’s. Apprentices NOT racing on Saturday are expected to be there to help out with the race.

Sun– Training for all K1 teams, K2 Alps and J Blue team. The plan for the day will be GS and using the speed GUN but the emphasis will be on fun and trying to keep the kids engaged.

Thanks to everyone for being so flexible! Oh and by the way, GOOCH training on Friday is cancelled- we want racers in tip top shape for finals so rest up on Friday night.


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