Week #8 update

Hi everyone!

Wow, another great weekend filled with successes! Great semis to everyone who raced this past weekend! who could have ever imagined that two of our J teams would advance to Tier 1 finals?!How cool is that!? I would like to encourage as many of the racers/coaches to come out and support all teams attending finals if possible, let’s get as many cow bells in the crowd as imaginable!!

Sadly, my the title of my blog post, as all great things come to an end, so does the season… this is our last week of program. In case there was any confusion; all teams are wrapping up evening training this week & weekend training this Sat/Sunday (all teams except for the snowboard race team which extends their season until next week due to provincials). For those of you advancing on to finals, let’s keep the kids engaged and focus in training this week and for those who are just playing around- let’s do just that “play around”, use this last week to have fun with your groups. Use your creativity in setting up & planning drills, sets that will keep them engaged even if all of their races are over for the season.

A few Housekeeping things:

– Final evals are due this weekend, so please make sure that your team leader sees them either on Wed/Thursday this week so you can hand them out on the weekend. Please, I know I am repeating myself but ALL racers need to be receiving either a snowstars evaluation or one of these ( Racer evals) no later than this weekend.

– Due to Family Day this week, I must submit payroll early so please make sure that you submit all of your hours for the past 2 weeks latest tomorrow at 12noon.

Family Fun Race: This is a super fun event and all the racers sure appreciate it when coaches are present for all the fun. The race will take place on March 5th (next Saturday). I am asking for 4 coaches to give me a hand with set-up for that day- please email me if you are interested.

MHRC Banquet: Please make sure that all coaches get their tickets from their managers for this day. The magic date for this season is Sat April 2nd. Please let me know if you are not able to attend- again another great event!

Most improved racer– if you have not done so already, please email your most improved racer to your coordinator (NG- Alison, K1- Helen, K2-Steve, J-Fred, Snowboard- Kelly, Freestyle- David & JHL- Lisa) ASAP as we are working hard to get the awards ready.

As usual, this week’s plan so your teams/racers can plan ahead:

Tonight- Fun extra training to make-up for the snow day we had (a few Wednesdays back).

Tuesday- Dual SL stubbie on OLD T-Bar lane and SL full gate & GS full gate on race hill

Wednesday- GS on race hill for those training for Finals & Dual Stubbie SL on OLD t-bar lane

Thursday- KOMBI on race hill (on outside of the tower) & Dual stubbie SL in the inside of the tower (from the corner)

Friday- away training day- freeskiing for GOOCH Super G training day

Sat/Sunday- Sat is our last JHL timed race, all teams are either at home for training OR away at finals. If you are home, please let me know what you would like to train so we can plan ahead for this

Monday/Tuesday next week- GOOCH CUP- all racers attending are asked to meet coaches in the TSC chalet for 8am on Monday morning, if you have not yet arranged skis for the event, do ask your coach or myself and we will do our best to find something for you.

And, I think that is all for now. Thankfully, the weather seems to be more cooperative for us today so let’s hope this keeps up. On Tuesday March 8th, we will also be having our annual RUTS race at the hill and I invite all coaches interested to take part in it!

Have a fantastic last week everyone, I will  be at the hill on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so should be able to touch base with many of you.

Good luck to all teams advancing onto finals

Rock on MHRC

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