week #6 update

Hi all!

wow, what a successful week we had! Great results at races from our NG and K1 teams & fantastic successes at both ALL star races for K2 and J! For those of you involved with the J Race yesterday- thank YOU for all your help! The day could NOT have gone smoother- we stuck to schedule, courses were great, safety was no concern, racers/coaches/parents were happy, prizes were awesome, what more could we have asked for?!?! Thanks again! I know that yesterday’s successful race continues to maintain our reputation of running “amazing races”!

So what else, it is week 6 already, the season is coming to an end shortly, but not over yet! we have semis and finals coming up and your athletes still need your full attention and enthusiasm so keep it up! A few updates for this week:

Monday- Tonight, yes we have appleby racing (Ian, Chloe & Tyler W) from 5-7pm- meet at 3:30pm- SL full gate to be set. All HS racing coaches, this evening is the LAST NIGHT, and we will set FULL gate SL 7-9pm, all coaches to meet Ian at 6:30pm on snow to help with the set.

Tuesday- Adult racing- this is our Slalom night, coaches please remind your groups/coordinators that tonight’s courses will be FULL gate SL and stubbie SL (stubbies on OLD T-Bar lane & Full gates on Race HILL)

Wednesday- GS and SL (full gate training)- we have 2 lanes so let’s set SL on race hill (off the ramp) and GS on boomerang, with FULL nets on both sides. Since most groups will be training SL, if set-up crew/coaches have enough time, it might be wise to have 2 SL courses going, one off the ramp & other beside to help with line-ups during the night.

Thursday- We only have 1 LANE so I would like to set FULL gate SL off the ramp for the K1’s, since their next race is all Full gate SL and KOMBI for the NG beside.- all on race hill

Friday- so far the plan is to have adult training at GE BUT we have not received much interest so far – coaches involved with TNT please remind the adults in your groups this week of the extra training on Friday- we will make a call to go ahead or cancel on Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday- all coaches and apprentices on snow for 7:30am. We are hosting a SL full gate for the K1 cougars in the morning, race has a 9:30 am start. In the afternoon, we are hosting a GS race for another grouping. Most NG teams are home- it will be busy as most Saturdays are at the hill so my suggestion is to have your teams come for 8:30am on snow so you can spend the morning training freeskiing before lunch & maybe do some video in the afternoon. There may be an opportunity to set some brushes over on drop zone in the afternoon after JHL- coaches please think about your plan for the day and whether or not it fits your training needs.

Sunday- Only teams at home will be Freestyle and Snowboard. all other teams are racing.

That’s all for now. start thinking about your end of season evals, more details on that next week

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Oh and don’t forget the True sport tubing evening on the 13th- details about it here. see y’all on snow.


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