There was an injury on my team… am I going to get in trouble if I report?

The answer to this is NO! You will NOt. In fact, you will be in trouble if you DON’T report it! Don’t worry, Myself, parents, other coaches et all… understand the risks involved with the sport that we take part in. Of course in some cases you can do everything in your power to ensure that your racers are safe but someone still gets hurt- does it mean that you aren’t as good of a coach as the other who finishes the season with all athletes injury free? NO it does NOT. All I care about is that you took all the pre-cautionary measures to ensure that you and your athletes are safe at all times- this includes: where you stop on the hill, where you take them skiing i.e. in the glades at away races, how safe your courses are, if there is/isn’t someone on corner during training, etc…  Second, how you handle the incident is what makes defines you:

1. accident reports are  a must/ this is even for an away race- you should ALWAYS and I mean always send me an email letting me know what happened if I am not there so you can tell me. I really do not want to be hearing about a broken arm through the racer’s parents the following day when I have no idea what happened. I am always on your side but it makes it hard to back you up if I have no idea what happened and I don’t have your side of the story.

2. Follow-up with the parents on the day of is a MUST

3. Follow-up with the racer/parents the day after or a few days later (this can also be at your next training session depending on severe the accident/injury was). This shows that you care:)

so in conclusion, please don’t be afraid of telling me an accident happened, of course I would rather that we have NO accident BUT if it was out of your control, you have no worries. just follow through with the procedures and make sure everyone that is supposed to be in the know is. That’s all.

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