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One of my athletes/apprentice coaches asked me about the difference between instructing and coaching tonight.  I wasn’t quite sure how to best answer it aside from saying that coaches are helping ski racers improve and succeed while instructors are helping “yetis” LOOK better on tougher terrain.  This is obviously an exaggeration and a narrow stereotype, but I think it’s often true that we coaches with CSCF training look down on the CSIA.  Recently however, the CSIA has really worked hand-in-hand with the CSCF and has changed its technical outlook as to what “good skiing” really is. 

Every 2 years (I believe) there’s a big international skiing conference called Interski where the “best” instructors from all the skiing nations of the world get together and compare their nation’s philosophies on ski instructing and have some fun competitions while doing it.  This year the conference was in St. Anton, Austria.  Here’s a short video from the CSIA Interski head coach John Gillies (who recently was ski school director at Marble Mountain Nfld… ya east coast!) talking about, and showing off the CSIA technical vision: “Form Determined by Function”.  This is ski racing in a nutshell too!  We don’t care what ski racers LOOK like, we want ski performance and efficient skiing first and foremost.  Form (ie appearance) will then follow.  Watch the skiers and listen to the commentary, it’s pretty awesome.



4 responses to “CSIA vs CSCF

  1. The main difference between the CSIA philosophy and CSCF is centered around speed. The CSIA technique is designed to maintain/control speed, where the CSCF technique is designed to generate speed. The main difference is in phase 2 & 3 of the turn. In a CSIA turn you would be flexing down to absorb the energy created by bending the ski, in a CSCF turn you stay strong and move more inside to keep that energy stored and release it at the completion of the turn.

    At the lower levels, the goals are basically the same as well. Teach skiers to be stronger and more versatile.

  2. Thank god some bloggers can still write. My thanks for this writing

  3. I am in accordance completely!!

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