Truesport and attitude

I want to make this brief but I have witnessed and heard of a few comments in the past week or so that lead me to write this blog post. I want to remind all coaches and apprentices that whether you want to or not, you are role models to the athletes in our club and that your attitude and enthusiasm (or lack thereof) is reflective of the coaching staff and I would go as far as saying to our entire club. Within your coaching teams, please pay special attention to any bullying, poor attitude towards other racers, coaches, GE, etc… and please make sure you address all that seems inappropriate. A reminder that if you ever feel like you need support in these situations, your team leaders, myself, race director, coordinators/managers and president are all on your side. We are all here for the camaraderies, love of the sport, etc… so please ensure that you instill these positive values in your racers and reprimend those with the negative attitude. Remember it only takes 1 bad apple to spoil the basket- negativity spreads so quickly so do your best to avoid it as quickly as possible.  Truesport, do you know what it is? remember it from seeing banners in the clubhouse? from coaches’ training? refresh your memory by checking out their website. I would like to end this post with the following quote taken directly from the Truesport website (MHRC is a member of the Truesport movement):

 “By joining the True Sport Movement, you make a powerful statement: you declare that your group stands with thousands of other athletes, coaches, parents, and community leaders in saying Yes to the principles that promote good sport and No to negative attitudes and actions such as bullying, cheating, and violence.” source via web

Together, let’s continue to ensure that all of our athletes get a positive experience by being part of MHRC. Thanks to all for your hard work and commitment to these values.

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