Bootfitting step 1

step 1 is analyzing the problem, can you tell what is wrong with the skier in each of these videos?


let me know what you think?

One response to “Bootfitting step 1

  1. Hi again all,
    OK so I thought I would make this another “question of the day” with you guys telling me what was wrong with the skiers posted in the videos until I realized that the answer was visible in the title of each video! OOPS. needless to say, hope you can all get something out of watching these and seeing if you think you may have some athletes who may be in need of some equipment adjustments? I’ll be at the hill on Wed and Thursday and would be happy to take a look at any athlete that you’d like to have a second opinion on… I’ll also bring some mat’ls to play around… cheers..
    p.s. last video is just for fun… good breakdown of each phase (similar to the previous video posted by Ian).

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