Week #3 Update

Hi coaches!

wow, week 3 out of 8 already! Time sure flies by REALLY fast! What another great weekend it has been, from great at home training for some of the K1, NG and K2/J teams to some more AMAZING race results! Congrats on another great weekend coaches! Next week, is- YES “evaluation week”. For all NG & K1 coaches, please take a look at the Snow Stars information- as of now, we have not yet received booklets so you should all plan on printing your own evals from the website. These evaluations are extremely important and I am asking you all to put some effort into them. A reminder, that they should be reviewed by your team leader next Wed/Thursday before going out Jan 26 & 27th, 2011. K2 and J coaches are to be using the following evals found final evals. Please use the sandwich approach when formulating evaluations (areas of strengths/improvement/strengths). If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact your team leader or myself. JHL coaches will also have to complete snow star evals and should be handed week #4 as well.

A few things happening this week:

Monday– Appleby Racing 5-7pm- GS course down race Hill (Scott/Ian); HS Racing, GS course down Race hill, Snowboard course down Boomerang 7-9pm- all coaches on snow for 6:30pm latest.

Tuesday– TNT race #1- coaches on snow for 6:30pm- bibs will be handed out in the clubhouse from 6:45-7:15pm. 7:30pm inspection and 8pm start (2-3 runs depending on time). GS for the race down race HILL & SL stubbies down boomerang..

Wednesday– GS & SL training down race hill- K2/J racers

Thursday– GS & SL course down race hill- K1/NG

Friday– Stubbie SL training for NG & K1 at GE. Coaches, if you are interested in working, send me an email.

Saturday– JHL timed race #1, RUTS race (Race under the stars) at night- if you are interested in working, send me an email.

Other than that, thank you for doing a great job as always. I know we are approaching mid-season, so let’s keep up the enthusiasm!

Have a great week guys




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