Jan 9th Update

Hi all, again my apologies for the few different emails, schedules and updates for those racing and not racing for the weekend- I am still waiting for a league schedule from AOS BUT I received an email last night confirming those who are racing this weekend and where. Coaches, you should have received this email from me last night also, but here it is for everyone to see:

K2 groups
Group 2- Rockies- SL at Craigleith

J Groups
Group 1- Red- SL at Devil’s GLen
Group 2- White- SL at HOME GE/Milton

If your team does not appear on the above list, as far as I know, you are training this weekend. Again, this is the most current schedule, so disregard any previous information you may have received. As soon as I receive the schedule I will post it on the BLOG! Reminder that if you are training this weekend, coaches, you are required to be on snow for 7:30am! thanks!
P.S. a last minute reminder about start lists- if your manager/coordinator still doesn’t have your start list… email it asap please.

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