What Time should I be at the hill for?

On a weeknight, if you are coaching, you should be on snow for 6:30pm at the gate cabana waiting for instructions unless told otherwise. On an afternoon if you are doing set-up crew, you should be on snow for 4pm .
If you are working a Friday training, you should be on snow for 8am, unless otherwise told by Emilie. On a Saturday at home, you should be on snow for 7:30am, again unless told otherwise. Now if you are unsure about what time, make a friend and ask ’em!

What about for a race, you wonder? Well Good question guys, this is why you should carefully read the hosting notes for your upcoming race, find out what time the lifts open. Especially if you have a far drive, don’t make your parents and racers drive to the hill for 8am to arrive there and find out that lifts don’t open until 9am- you will have some angry looks wondering why they couldn’t catch an extra hour of sleep! So keep yourself informed and keep your team informed… oh and Hey if you have a coaching partner, might be a good idea to chat with them about this ahead of time don’t you think?


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