This week & weekend

You are all probably wondering what you are training on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and what races, if any will be schedule for the upcoming weekend. I have not yet received an updated schedule from AOS for the league races, however we have been notified that most likely what appeared on the schedule for the upcoming weekend, most likely would not be changing. Here is what this weekend has in store:

J Red- SL at Devil’s Glen (Jan 9)
J White- NOT racing, training at home
J Blue- SL hosting at home (Jan 9)

K2 Rockies- Training at home, not racing
K2 Alps- Training at home, not racing

It appears that for K2 and J, the 1st races will be SL which means that we will be training SL this Wednesday. Please spread the word within your teams. I will also be sending a contact list for all league coaches via email. If you are missing email addresses for some of your racers, I suggested chatting with your coordinator as they should have everyone’s contact information.

Lastly for K1, it appears that your 1st race will be stubbie SL and for NG, your first race will be panelled SL, we will be therefore training these two disciplines on Thursday evening and on Saturday.

APPRENTICES- a reminder that you should be on snow for 6:30pm tomorrow evening to help set-up and then in a session with Ian from 7-9pm. You will also be required to be on snow for 7:30am on Saturday morning to help set.
Have a good week all and see some/if not all of you at the hill.


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